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You Say You Want A Revolution - July 4th

By: palmettobug53, 1:47 AM GMT on June 30, 2008

As most of you know, my brother Larry (my Bubba) participated in the BackCountry Days living history weekends held thrice yearly by the Sumter County Museum. Dad and I had requested that, in lieu of flowers at the memorial service, to make a donation to a favorite charity or organization. Of course, then everyone wanted to know which one we preferred.

Since all of Larry's friends kept telling me how much he enjoyed doing those weekends, the museum is what I started suggesting to anyone who asked. I located their website and contacted the director, Ms. Richardson, for information on donations. I received a very nice reply from her and thanking me for suggesting them. She stated that many of their programs relied on donations, including the BackCountry Days, which Larry participated in.

She suggested that I stop by sometime and take a look around. By that time, we had been contacted by the funeral home to let us know that his ashes were ready to be picked up. I made arrangements to go up to Sumter on May 10th. I had several stops, one to see his friends/landlords, stop by the funeral home, go by to see Miss Judy (who was going to take Larry in and take care of him, if he had lived) and I also decided to squeeze in a visit to the museum.

I let Ms. Richardson know that I was going to be in town on the 10th. She repeated her invitation to stop by and look around.

I'm glad I did. The main Museum is in a grand old house, once owned by leading citizens of Sumter. There are several other buildings on the property and the BackCountry Homestead is there, as well. Those old houses were on huge pieces of property. The museum is very lucky they were and that this particular piece was not divided up. I was even able to meet Ms. Richardson, when she stopped by to pick up something while I was there. A very nice lady.

Since you, my friends here on WU, have been so caring and kind enough to make a donation to the Museum, on top of everything else you have done for me, I want to show you where your donation went. I think it was a good choice.

I want to try to get there in October, if possible, for the next BackCountry Homestead Days and see just what they have going on.

I'm posting a few pictures below but there are more in my photos.

The Sumter County Museum

If you click on "Outreach" and then on "Museum Tour", you can get information re: the buildings on the grounds, including the various structures at the Homestead.

They hold three Homestead events during the year. In April, it's the Carolina Backcountry Springtime. In October, it's the Carolina Backcountry Harvest. In December, it's the Carolina Backcountry Christmas. All three sound interesting.

They have various other events on the schedule, as well.

History of Sumter County

Happy July 4th Eve, everyone! I thought about changing my entry but something like the Carolina Homestead personifies the what we celebrate tomorrow for the Fourth. I am posting a few more links here to highlight the War for Independence here in South Carolina:

South Carolina - The American Revolution

South Carolina Society - Sons of the American Revolution


More info on SC and the American Revolution

The US Constitution

There were four delegates from South Carolina, who signed the U.S. Constitution:

John Rutledge

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

Charles Pinckney

Pierce Butler

For a little 4th of July fun, here are the Lady Liberty Fireworks. They're interactive, so have a good time!

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