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Perfectly Plum

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John Held, Jr.

(Picture by John Held, Jr)

He put the good old cup of tea softly on the table by my bed, and I took a refreshing sip. Just right, as usual. Not too hot, not too sweet, not too weak, not too strong, not too much milk, and not a drop spilled in the saucer. A most amazing cove, Jeeves. So dashed competent in every respect. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I mean to say, take just one small instance. Every other valet I've ever had used to barge into my room in the morning while I was still asleep, causing much misery; but Jeeves seems to know when I'm awake by a sort of telepathy. He always floats in with the cup exactly two minutes after I come to life. Makes a deuce of a lot of difference to a fellow's day.

Excerpt from Jeeves in the Springtime - P. G. Wodehouse

Most of you may be familiar with Plum (as he was known to family and friends) from the various BBC offerings on PBS, such as Wodehouse Playhouse, with John Alderton and Pauline Collins, and the Jeeves and Wooster series, with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. While not technically an American humorist, Wodehouse did spend the last 28 years of his life in the U.S., becoming a citizen in 1955.

What I like the most about Wodehouse is the incredibly comic situations in which his fictional characters find themselves. The predicaments just steamroll along, getting bigger and bigger and going from bad to worse. Somehow or other, everything works out for the best at the end. He, like Thurber, can have me literally rolling on the floor and howling with laughter, much to Hubby's consternation. And fears that I have, at last, completely lost my mind!

And the characters' names! I LOVE them! LOL

Gussie Fink-Nottle (He was nuts about newts!)

Pongo Twistleton

Tuppy Glossop

Claude Cattermole "Catsmeat" Purbright (So quirky that it's one of my favorite Wodehouse names!)

Lady Cynthia Wickhammersley

Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge

Madeline Bassett (She terrified Bertie!)

Sir Roderick Spode

Wodehouse's reputation in his native country is rather tarnished. Partly because of his injudicious behavior during his internment in France by the Nazis during WWII and partly because his portrayal of the English upper class as rich, idle, empty headed twits was not particularly appreciated. Nevertheless, he is an author that is still being read more than 30 years after his death, which can't be said by some.

Wodehouse wrote magazine articles and was a theatre critic for the New Yorker. He collaborated on Hollywood musicals with Cole Porter and Jerome Kern. But, in my mind, he is most memorable for having created a fantastical world with his tales of Jeeves and Wooster, The Drones Club, Psmith, Mr. Mulliner and his clan, the denizens of Blandings Castle and all the golf stories.

So, go ahead.... read some Wodehouse. But, be careful. You may just get an uncontrollable urge to steal a policeman's helmet on Boat Race Night. Just don't get caught and have to spend the night in the chokey!

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