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The Andy Griffith Show

By: palmettobug53, 2:26 AM GMT on July 18, 2006

Barney, Opie and Andy

This classic TV show is one of our most enduring favorites from the 60's. Who can forget Aunt Bee and Clara? Floyd's barbershop? Otis, the town drunk in a dry county? The Darlings? Ernest T. Bass and his rock chunkin'? Goober and his cousin, Gomer? Andy and his son, Opie? And of course, Barney Fife, deputy sheriff extraordinaire.

This show aired for 8 seasons and it never dropped below a 7th place ranking. It was one of the first "spin offs", coming from The Danny Thomas Show, and generated two spin offs of it's own: Gomer Pyle, USMC and Mayberry, RFD.

The show has even been used in Christian discussion groups:
The Gospel According to Andy and The Bible According to Barney Fife.

What was your favorite episode? Who's your favorite character? Let's take a stroll back through a simpler time, when a big night out was taking your date over to Mt. Pilot for dinner and a movie and when a picnic and an afternoon of fishing, was all you needed to relax on a Saturday afternoon.

The Andy Griffith Show

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On The Threshold Of A Dream.........

By: palmettobug53, 3:31 AM GMT on July 12, 2006

Dreams: Thoughts, visions, and other sensations that occupy the mind in sleep.

Henry Fuseli's Nightmare: The Incubus

Dreams occur during REM (Rapid Eye Movement)sleep. We normally have 3 - 5 periods of REM sleep per night. About 20% of sleep is REM sleep. If you sleep 7 -8 hours a night, approximately 90 minutes of that will be REM sleep. REM sleep is characterized by rapid, low-voltage brain waves on an electroencephalographic (EEG) recording, irregular breathing and irregular heart rate and involuntary muscle jerks.

Dreams are penetrable; you can can communicate with a person who is dreaming.

Children with bipolar disorders have been found to frequently have nightmares. Especially lucid dreams are a side-effect of certain medications. These clues indicate that chemicals in the brain, as well as life events and our own preoccupations, influence our dreams.

Dreaming is not uniquely human. Cats and dogs dream, judging from the physiologic features. So apparently do many other animals.

From ancient times, it has been thought that dreams could be interpreted and used to foretell the future, determine if an enemy was working against you or help you make decisions about your personal life.

What were your earliest dreams? Do you have recurring dreams? Have any of your dreams come true? Have you had a dream help you make a decision in your life?

New Age Dream Dictionary

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Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams

The Purpose of Dreams

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The Cookbook Blog

By: palmettobug53, 1:11 AM GMT on July 02, 2006

From the old "housewife's" to the modern day cookbook, the new bride or the just plain old cooking-impaired have relied on these manuals to help prepare and serve meals.

The early cookbooks were household manuals, and contained everything a woman needed to know about running a household, not just recipes. They make fascinating reading, if you can get your hands on a reproduction copy. Windows into a different era, you might say. Recipes were not precise; measurements and directions are vague and confusing to a modern day reader. The recipes are generally for huge amounts, since they were usually geared towards entertaining. Not very suitable for today's cook.

Everyone has their favorite cookbooks. You know the ones. They're the raggedy, stained up volumes, that are almost falling apart. The ones you pretty much know by heart, after all these years.

So, this edition of The Bookworm Blog is for the discussion of the history of cook books and modern day cook books.

Which ones are your favorites? Why?

Here are a few interesting links:

Not by Bread Alone

Acanthus Books

Old Cookbooks

The British Housewife (reproduction)

The Virginia Housewife (reproduction)

A comprehensive site for the history of cookbooks This is very detailed, with titles, authors, websites, etc.

Don't forget to say a prayer for our troops, no matter where they are on this anniversary of our independence. They're the ones who keep us free.

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