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By: osdianna, 4:47 AM GMT on October 24, 2013

Two friends and their dogs joined my dog and me out on a foggy beach last Friday, Oct. 18th. One of the friends has two dogs, a young Brittany named Libby and a Brittany/Springer Spaniel mix named Sarah. The black dog in the photo is a Puli named Luca; Puli's are Hungarian herding dogs, so it was appropriate that Luca tried his best to keep all dogs and people within his jurisdiction, to no avail.

Libby and Sarah are not usually allowed off-leash, so this was a real test of their ability to stay in our general vicinity. They did fine...but gave their owner some moments of fear they were gone for good when they absolutely disappeared from view. Fortunately Luca's owner is also the main trainer for the two runners, so she had a handy supply of treats and words of great approval when they stopped by during their periods of running off into the distance.

My dog Maggie, being a lab, is all about the ball. She loves to play with Libby and Sarah, but the ball is the focus of her beach time...and so she stays pretty close, because I am the tosser of her ball.

At one point the two runners paused to roll in a dead bird carcass, then they ran off and were observed positively wallowing in some fresh horse poop!

That pretty much ended the party for the day, and they went home to baths while Maggie and I went home to dinner...and a long nap for my tired but happy dog.


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Beach Time

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