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More September heat.

By: osdianna, 5:15 AM GMT on September 22, 2013

Another surprising day, a reprieve before another round of rain. Each succeeding storm cools us off a bit more, turns a few more leaves the yellow of fall, and drops the brown ones to join the gathering pile on the ground under the trees.

So after a damp morning, we turned sunny and warm (a high of 68), and everyone headed on cue to the beach. It was such a gorgeous day! I literally live for these September days...the last days of summer. Tomorrow will be the first day of fall, and is expected to roar in with heavy rain, wind, and cooler temps. What a contrast after today!

I got the front lawn mowed...probably the last mow for the season. It would take a goat or two to get the back "lawn" down to an acceptable level. I'm just glad I got it done. New line of rubber insulation around the door jamb to keep out the cold air when it shows up, trimmed back the honeysuckle...just odds and ends type stuff, what we call puttering around. It was a good day.


September heat

By: osdianna, 5:06 AM GMT on September 11, 2013

The high today hit 75, it says; I was inland about 35 miles and it was mid-80's there. I was glad to get back out to the coast where the ocean breezes were much more comfortable for my taste.
Tomorrow will be the hottest, and I will be staying near home, visiting with a friend up in Copalis Beach for the mid-morning to early afternoon time frame, then taking Maggie for a romp in Conner Creek, a shallow, tidal creek that empties into the ocean just south of the Copalis River. She will get to wash the salt water residue off of her body...and cool off a bit. I need to remember to take towels.
The yard and container plants need watering, so I will do that first thing, then plant a tree someone gave me...a Corkscrew Willow (Salix matsudana). We have a few more days of no rain (hopefully) so I can get the yard mowed and weeds pulled, etc. I have a chance to get some real yard work done this weekend, with a couple of new garden areas to plant evergreen huckleberries that have been in pots, get my fern garden spot ready for planting, and thin out crocosmia corms; I have promised several people some of the's the Lucifer, the red one, and the first of the three crocosmias to bloom.
While I am at it, I will print off two copies of my usual calendar templates (One for a friend) and begin filling in planting dates for all the seeds I buy then never get around to planting...sweet peas, nasturtiums, sugar snap peas. Gotta get organized!



By: osdianna, 5:33 AM GMT on September 03, 2013

Today was the official end of the tourist season and being Monday, it was also the day I normally shop for a woman who has medical issues preventing her from driving. She pays me to get her groceries and her mail from the P.O. box, lives about 15 miles north of me, and I usually enjoy the trip. Not so much today. I had two issues going; the get-out-of-town traffic and the noon, first-Monday-of- the-month, emergency network testing of the tsunami warning siren.

There is a tower containing the loudspeakers about 100 yards from her home, and the noise is enough to deafen one. I try to arrive well before noon, and get out before it goes off. If I time it just right I can arrive at her home at 11am, deliver her mail, go over the grocery list, and get out before noon so that I will be on the road when the sirens go off, avoiding the ones in my neck of the woods also.

There was a constant stream of traffic leaving the coast, headed towards the more populated areas of the state...many RV's, campers, and pickups with the obligatory giant BBQ grill in the back, sharing space with the dog kennel.

After delivering her groceries, I stopped in Ocean City so Maggie could get her ball time in while I walked. I got to watch a flock of about 12 dowitchers fly in and feed for a brief time before a German Shorthair galloped up and flushed them. She had a big smile on her face while doing so and I didn't have the heart to feel badly about the interruption. Dogs need beach time too; I just wish they weren't allowed to continue the chase! Those birds have a long journey ahead of them and fewer places to stop and refuel.

When I got home and put Maggie in her yard to dry off, the families in the vacation home down the street were loading up their cars, and as they drove off a deep silence settled over the neighborhood. It is the sound of the town settling back into the rest of the year, what's left over when the tourists leave.

Having lived most of my life in large population centers, and deliberately chosen a place that was literally at the end of the road, and anything BUT a large city, I look forward to this peace and quiet again each September. Yes, it is one of the best times to be here and a lot of retired people spend September here for that reason, and the weekends are still a great draw, but it's a noticeable change, a slower pace...and one I look forward to each year.

I guess that means I am an old fogey; so be it.


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