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Moving right long.

By: osdianna, 5:49 PM GMT on August 24, 2013

Here it is, the next-to-last weekend of August, and it rained most of yesterday! I am glad I don't have to water for another week.

The bucks are going to be losing their velvet soon, but for now they are still hanging around the houses where people feed them. The one in the photo here is walking towards the side yard with two others, and when I pulled even with that side yard there were seven more of these big guys...big for here that is...and four adult humans on the deck feeding the guys. Quite a bit of nature in this small town; some feed them, some don't.

I spent Wednesday afternoon out on the jetty watching the glassy conditions of the sea, the fishing boats coming in to beat the approaching wall of fog, the brown pelicans in groups of 10 or more gliding just above the surface of the ocean, the seals feeding, and the sooty shearwaters in their huge numbers just offshore. I need to do that more often; I forget I can spend time at the beach without the dog!

Today I will head across the harbor to the south side and do some fall migration birding with a friend. I hope to find another life bird, a Hudsonian Godwit. Two have been seen there the past week...hope they are still there.

When I return, I will take the dog to the beach and even let her go in the water...she deserves it.

Updated: 5:51 PM GMT on August 24, 2013


Is it October yet?

By: osdianna, 7:03 PM GMT on August 18, 2013

Our summer continues to be elusive, with periods of fog, followed by clearing to sunshine and muggy conditions, then a day or two of rain, then back to clearing, and now we have had light rain so far this morning and now lightening overcast.

I finally picked the one tomato that managed to turn the right color...almost there so it is on the shelf until tonight when I will see if it is good. Not even the demonstration garden tomatoes at the county fairgrounds in Elma look right.

Speaking of the demo garden, I volunteered there during the fair on the 8th. The day began with real clouds out here on the coast, not just the marine layer, so I was hoping for sunshine inland and got it. It was warm and sunny, perfect fair weather! The flowers were blooming, the blueberries were looking great, but there were no sugar snap peas climbing the chain link fence this year. The vegetable beds are looking really good, and the bed of Ozette Potatoes are nice and green, about 18 inches high. There was one plant mislabeled as an "Orange Cosmos" when it is clearly not a cosmos, but a marigold....lots of difference in the greenery between those two plants.

My favorite was the white hydrangea, commonly called a PeeGee, for paniculata grandiflora, named "Limelight". It has huge cone-shaped flower masses that starts off white with a tiny point of pink in the center, and as they age on the stalk they turn pink, then darker and finally rust-colored. They don't change color with the soil ph but with age, and they can grow to 10 feet! ml
I have posted four photos from the garden.

This being August, the very best viewing for fall migration of shorebirds out at he Oyehut Wildlife Area, I had planned on being out there. My plans have not worked out. I wanted to take a few days off, not do anything but read, but that didn't go as planned either. I did get to read for a good long while, though, and finished another Thomas Perry book...only one left to read, and it is checked out right now. Good thing the former librarian is a fan of his...she had every one of his books! I was able to read all of the Jane Whitefield books, then on to his "stand alone" books.

I have managed to get to the beach with Maggie and she comes home totally soaked, sandy, and very happy. Lots of people here this weekend enjoying the sunshine (we also had an awesome sunset last night) so we didn't take a long walk but she just chased the ball into the surf. She likes that better anyway.

So that's about all that's fit to print, for now. I am anxiously awaiting the outcome to Joe's job search...North Dakota winters don't seem cat-friendly to me and I think about Dutchie being cooped up inside...not that it would kill her. But he has a few options. I just wish I had reliable transportation; I would gladly do some driving.


Paddle to Quinault

By: osdianna, 4:57 AM GMT on August 03, 2013

I have not been up to Point Grenville to see the spectacle of the ocean-going canoes paddle into the beach, nor have I attended any of the festivities so far. I had every intention of going, but the idea of taking a shuttle bus for an hour and a half ride to mingle with thousands is a bit daunting right now; I find the spirit craves peace and quiet and solitude more than the hoards of tourists. If I could drive up there myself and stay as long as I wanted, I think I would enjoy it. But the last shuttle leaves at 8pm or so, and that is when things are just loosening up. I was at the last Paddle to Quinault, in 2002, and we were allowed to drive up there (to Tahola)ourselves.

I understand about the parking nightmare, but I also understand they really would rather this were an Indian thing, or they would figure out a way to let us stay longer.

I'll try to get up there Monday.


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