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Sun, Surf, and Harley's

By: osdianna, 6:22 PM GMT on July 27, 2013

The last weekend in July is devoted to Harley's, with a parade, a breakfast, booths of hog stuff, and lots of roaring, rumbling bikes tooling through the streets. It isn't cheap to buy or own a Harley, and they no longer are just a Hell's Angels type of crowd, but more of the anybody that can afford them.

I see a lot of guys with long (mostly gray) beards and pot bellies, but I also see a lot of men and women with expensive full leather outfits, younger, professionals, dare I say well-to-do?

Anyway, I slept in today, and awakened at 8:20am to the sound of the bikes and lots of sunshine, then spoke on the phone to an old friend in the Bay Area and watched as the fog came in. But it's thin, and I think it will burn off...we can hope.

As usual, I tend to stay home and avoid the crowds on the weekends we have big events; I got enough of that in my previous lifestyle. So I will once again be pulling grass and weeds, trimming back the blackberry vines, making myself useful...and a time set aside for reading, too. My only car trip will be to the post office to mail a bill...should have done it yesterday but they assured me I would be able to do it via computer once they sent me a password via didn't happen. grrrr....

Rose caught a juvenile robin yesterday and brought it to me still alive. It bit me, so I had hopes it would survive. I put it in a carrier with a small dish of water, then set it in the tub and covered it. It was still alive at midnight, but dead this morning. I just HATE that. I will not have any more cats rescued from the wild; all future cats will be indoors-only. My fault.

Summer is here


2013 Garden Tour - Hoquiam

By: osdianna, 4:31 AM GMT on July 23, 2013

The Grays Harbor & Pacific County Master Gardener Garden Tour is thankfully a thing of the past to the joy of those who planned it. The gardens were in good shape and everyone had a great time.

Those of us fortunate to be docents in the Kessler Garden were enjoying a fairly mild day until sometime around 3pm when the marine air and wind descended upon us. It got pretty chilly very quickly.

My favorite thing was the Japanese Maple next to the pool. I also loved the Joklo...the Indonesian room. The most common word we heard was "peaceful".

I also liked the Parson's house and garden. It is a 1920's farmhouse with wonderfully colorful raised beds full of mostly flowers, but also berries and veggies. The property is on a hillside and has been terraced for easier (safer) access.


Sunny and warm

By: osdianna, 4:32 PM GMT on July 16, 2013

I have been staying up late reading and sleeping in until after 8am...very unusual behavior for me for the last several years, but it's the way I used to be, that is, I used to be a night owl until I got a dog.

Early morning wake-up was reinforced when I moved from SoCal to the PNW, and became aware of what is called the "morning chorus", the sounds of birds...many birds...are more noticeable here than in the noisy city.

Anyway, I have been reading Thomas Perry's series about Jane Whitefield, a woman of Seneca descent who has helped people disappear from their normal lives. She faces down killers and bullies and rescues their victims, giving them new names, new locations, a new way of living. She also seems to have a limitless amount of cash with which she buys houses, complete home furnishings, cars, guns, clothing...anything necessary to help these people assume a new life. Talk about escapist drama!

We are having a really nice stretch of summer weather; too bad Joe missed it. Temps are in the high 60's/low70's, so yesterday after grocery shopping for my MS client, I took Maggie to Conner Creek and let her fetch her ball in the creek. She spent about 40 minutes, got thoroughly soaked, and wore herself out. She had her dinner then went right to bed. I had put a clean blanket on her bed and knew it would be wet...labs fur is too thick to dry quickly...but it's a king-size folded into quarters and it's her "blanky".

Today is the pre-garden tour walk-through of the Kessler garden, where I will be a docent this Saturday for the annual Grays Harbor Master Gardener's Garden Tour. We have perfect weather for it right now, but possible thunderstorms forecast for later...and the tour is at 1pm. Uh, oh. I see clouds moving in from the south. DRAT!!

Well, we shall see...


Driving day

By: osdianna, 4:35 PM GMT on July 12, 2013

I did a 6-hour drive yesterday, taking some people to Burien. They went on to the funeral of a friend while I brought her father's van back to Ocean Shores. Sadie stayed inside the house for those 6 hrs and actually used the litter box...something she rarely does.

When the Alaska guests left, I pulled up the throw rug to wash and two litter boxes to empty, and found a puddle of cat urine...probably from Fluff. I think Joe knows to prepare for accidents...but it meant the floor had to be thoroughly washed to prevent my cats from marking/reclaiming the area.

Joe took one box, so I am back to one big litter box and one backup, and I actually threw away the other two. It felt good to get rid of the extra stuff, just as I did before they got here to make way for a "safe" room. Now if I can just keep that momentum going....I think I will be able to keep it up as I seem to have the desire to finally make this house a home.

Back to the involved several freeways and many packed intersections on surface streets, emergency vehicles caught in the intersections too while everyone jockeyed to get out of their way, and the exciting part of driving an unknown vehicle. As soon as I pulled out of their driveway I realized I had not gotten her cell number, and the engine was sputtering and missing, but I figured it was still a cold engine, so I continued on, and got home safely.

The missing engine only manifested itself when accelerating and we eventually settled down to an uneasy truce, "Just get me home." I left her a note telling her about the engine and she thinks it may be the result of the gas sitting in the full tank for three months, maybe moisture from condensation?
(They drove it home from Arizona with no sputtering at all.)

I was glad to get out of there; while we never really got caught in any work traffic until the very last mile as commuters made their way into Bellevue, it was still a stressful experience. The feeling of relief as I made that turn off southbound I-5 onto the 101 west is just enormous! I made one stop soon after, hitting the Barnes & Noble and Trader Joe's next door, then on to home.

While I enjoy road trips too, I don't enjoy city driving; too many cars wanting to go way faster than the speed limit, and the drivers are all distracted or in foul moods...oh, and the competitiveness! NUTS!

Updated: 5:12 PM GMT on July 12, 2013


Bck to normal

By: osdianna, 3:43 PM GMT on July 10, 2013

As the girls and I adjust to life without Joe's cats, we are returning to what we consider normal; cats eating upstairs on the kitchen floor, Sadie coming into the house to eat and going to sleep on the bed much earlier (she had been coming in just before I went to bed), hanging around with me in the house instead of outside, and following me around outside when I play ball with Maggie.

I wasn't interested in the news last night, too depressing, so I turned it off and we all went outside to enjoy the late afternoon clearing. The sun was out but the wind was blowing hard enough for me to put on a I smell cedar?... (our high Tuesday was 61 degrees), and as I stood in the street chucking the ball for Maggie, the fog began to blow in again and pile up on the south side of my horizon.

The PNW version of summer is a day of warmth, followed by a day of fog; the warm air of the interior hits the cold water temps of the beach...fog forms. It can be 80 degrees just inland, but I go out on the beach and the fog is forming right on the sand, sometimes so thick it obscures the oncoming cars (Washington state allows driving on the beach...a stupid law, I think), so I try to stay in the areas off-limits to driving between April 17th and Labor Day.

One of the sights I never get tired of is the fog blowing down the street; this wasn't at ground level, but more 500 feet above, so there was a lot of movement, then the sky was really blue in was lovely. The dog was enjoying the company and the ball, Sadie was running up and down and around us, tail all fluffed up, arching her back, and prancing sideways in imaginary battle with the grasses. Rose was quietly watching from her favorite perch on the arm of an Adirondack chair.

All is well in our little corner of the world.

Updated: 3:45 PM GMT on July 10, 2013


Gone but not forgotten

By: osdianna, 7:07 PM GMT on July 08, 2013

Hi all...I tried to figure out how to change from no comment on the photos to allow comments...and gave up. The new photos are of Fluffer on the bench and the two of with Fluff and one trying to coax Dutchie to come out of the brush.

As you can see in the one with Fluff, Joe is happy to have her in his arms...her, not so much. "Who IS this guy?" I was afraid we were going to have to go to Plan B...Joe goes to hit a few golf balls at the local course while Dutchie makes up her mind to finally come out.

As it turns out, Joe was patient and Dutchie finally got within reach, and they left very close to the original planned time to leave. I would NOT want to listen to the complaints he must be hearing!

I am sorry to see the girls gone, especially Fluffer. She is a delight to hold and allowed me to spend as much time petting her as I wanted...much more of a lap cat then the younger and squirmier Dutchie. Once Dutch discovered the outdoors, that was her primary focus. Fluff just liked to hang out with me, so I made time for us, getting a lot of reading done...which I loved. I will really miss her.

Updated: 3:07 AM GMT on July 09, 2013


4th of July, 2013

By: osdianna, 6:14 PM GMT on July 04, 2013

Well, here it is the 4th of July at the beach...where fireworks are still allowed. Last night we had some real boomers, right here in the neighborhood. They finally quit at 2am. If I could find who is doing it I would have to retaliate at 6am! We allow people to come to this town and enjoy the fireworks, only asking they safely shoot them off at the beach. That isn't good enough....they need to do it right in among the houses and empty camping lots with high grasses. I am NOT looking forward to tonight! Luckily Joe's cats seemed to be OK with all the noise, though I did go around shutting all the windows except those in my bedroom; can't sleep with the windows closed.

Sadie is afraid of the noise and just goes into hiding somewhere she considers safe; she doesn't come home except to eat until it's all over.

I decided to volunteer on the beach from 2-4pm, handing out garbage bags at the beach access closest to home; I can walk there...and walk home. I may even go out tonight and watch...lots of colorful fireworks all up and down the beach, and I haven't been out to watch since July of 1999, my first 4th in O.S. It beats sitting at home complaining about the noise.

I'll be glad when it is all over...say in mid-October! The kids are back in school, the snowbirds head for Arizona, and life on the beach settles down again...although each year there are more people settling into this little corner of paradise. Oh well....


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