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What I Know For Sure....Healthy Cats Adapt

By: osdianna, 3:54 PM GMT on April 15, 2013

A bit more on their behaviors; Joe had said Fluff was shy, but she was the first to approach me and offer me her trust maybe because she has been in strange situations before. She likes to sit and watch my cats and dog from the safety of the doorway of "their" room, tail switching back and forth.

She also hisses at Maggie, although not as ferociously as before. Maggie actually got to within a foot of Fluff last night, so the hissing isn't serious any more...or Maggie would stay back. She's a smart dog, and such a sweetie.

Dutchie is a petite little thing, very active, jumping up onto the window sills to follow the sunshine, while Fluff lays in the pools of sunshine on the floor. I have come home from errands to see Dutchie lying on the upstairs window sill in the sun; I showed her that spot first thing, because she can not only bask in the sun (when it's out) but she has a great view of my very birdy yard..the trees have bird feeders, the ground has scattered seed and corn for the ducks (mallards), there are passing grazing deer, migrating geese, and even rabbits.

Each day brings new experiences for the girls, and each day they get closer to acceptance by my cats. There is still some stiffness between my older cat Rose and the visitors, but they are now touching it will come.

They are eating well, eliminating well, and seem pretty content. I am still hesitant about allowing Dutchie to go outside...ever. There is a healthy population of coyotes right in the neighborhood having pups right about now, as well as some dogs that run loose, though not on my street. Plus all the birds...I really don't want her outside, but if she is used to it in Dutch, she may demand it here, and that changes everything.


Growth in the family

By: osdianna, 4:47 AM GMT on April 15, 2013

Responding to JoeAlaska's plea for cat caretakers for a while I knew I could do this as well if not better than most, as I have done it before. They joined my own two cats and a big yellow lab on April 2nd, and I have promised to show photos and keep their many fans up to date with their life in my home.


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