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Summer at last

By: osdianna, 9:48 PM GMT on August 22, 2012

This barely qualifies as a blog, probably write too many other places to be a blogger on my own.

We are enjoying what loosely passes for summer here in Ocean Shores, Wa. High reaches 70 degrees if we are lucky, and not likely to last more than an hour or so. I'm not complaining...the rest of the country would love to have our summers...maybe.

Trouble is, when we do get one of those warmer-than-usual days, it is immediately followed by really foggy days...cold ocean meets hot land/air = fog. With the temps in the I-5 corridor, everyone decides it's beach time...and our weekends get a bit crazy. A friend who works at McDonald's said the hot weekend...91 in Seattle...translated to their biggest weekend ever...even bigger than 4th of July, or the Harley weekend!

Had to take the dog to the lake and actually found a quiet place where she could get a fresh-water bath for a change; after all the beach time she gets a bit itchy with the salt-water immersion, I am sure. She loved it! Kept going back in and high-stepping through the shallows with the ball in her mouth.

I'll see if I can upload some new photos from the last few days...sunshine rather than marine air.


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Beach Time

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