UPDATE: Typhoon Haikui .. churning up

By: ofieldstream , 6:53 PM GMT on August 06, 2012

-- UPDATE: Wednesday 08.08.12 --
It appears Typhoon Haikui came ashore to 'do serious typhoon business' !

According to reports from Chinese and World news agencies, Haikui came ashore with wind speeds of 110 km per hour (68mph).  Yes, the speeds were barely up to hurricane force (74mph for both hurricane and typhoon on the Saffir-Simpson scale), there was widespread damage.  This was the third such storm to hit China this week. 

The winds may not have been terribly high-speed, but the rains have been torrential.

This is a very densely populated area. Haikui came ashore, with it's counter-clockwise winds just south of the city of Shanghai (population: over 9.8 million), 155 miles south,  in Zhejiang province (popultion: over 45 million!).  So any kind of wind and rain event will bring widespread trouble. And Haikui did just this.

Dumping rains; over 16 inches in downtown Shanghai alone; and many tens of inches all over the wide spread area of the storm as it came on land. As most typhoons are, Haikui was a very large storm, in terms of  area, and will remain so until it diminishes over land in the coming days.

Meanwhile it is expected to dump a lot of water where ever it goes.

Typhoons are major weather events that bring a huge recharge of water to the Asian landscape, much in the same way hurricanes do here in the Western hemisphere.  Water-recharge, brought in by a typhoon, is quite important to the ecological, social and natural environments.  Immediate needs for water are met, as well, the long-term needs of water are redressed by the recharge of the groundwater storage.  But there is a cost.

Huge amounts of rain, in populated areas equal flooding, loss-of-life and property.  When the land is populated by only plants and animals .. it's not such a big deal.   Humans always ad a complicated mix to the equation.

I'm glad Haikui wasn't any stronger than it is.  There would have been more damage and likely a greater loss-of-life.

Until the next  Weather Haiku .. stay safe, stay peaceful and stay in the know with weather - stay in touch with WUnderground!

les O'fieldstream

-- Monday 08.06.12 --
I opened up the WU this morning and noticed there was a very interestingly named TYPHOON humming off the Chinese coast. The name caught my attention because it's one letter away from my favorite form of 'verse': the HAIKU.

Haiku is a Japanese form of verse - that can be written to sound like poetry, but it's more of an unfinished thought on which the writer wishes the reader to think about and finish with their heart. Yes, it's heady stuff. But fun, too.

So, wiped out from all the earthquake recordings I was doing, I'm going to work on a something a bit less tedious: writing and illustrating, a series of  WEATHER HAIKU

I stopped - about 2 months back - collecting and building maps of the daily earthquake records here on WU: just too many to record. It's surprising there's not more surface damage from all the continual rocking and shaking planet earth goes through!

I did, however, find an interesting series of correlations. I doubt that any among the community of seismology would agree with my postulations. Their community is, for the most part, very unconvinced about the theory that earthquakes beget earthquakes. But, the evidence would appear quite otherwise.

Oh, well. My weather haiku shouldn't raise any scientific hackles. I might ruffle some literary feathers .. but hey, that's the beauty of the art form.

Reaction:   it's the name of the game.

If my offerings are deemed any good by y'all, I sure would appreciate a quick comment to let me know. And if you don't like 'em .. you can voice that, too.

Either way, I'm going to do -at least - one a week and post them here.

I shouldn't run out of material for a while. Eh? ".)

Take care. Stay cool (for all my fellow swelters of this horrid heat wave); stay warm for all you in the land of the Northern Cross, who have been shivering under a cooler winter than usual. Is this the new 'normal'. Oh dear sweat'n'freeze! - I hope NOT!

To all my WUfriends, be safe, at peace and enjoy life. It's far too, short to do otherwise!

Best to all -

les O'fieldstram


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