Thank God for relief!

By: nobyter , 6:51 PM GMT on July 11, 2012

As a believer, I think God sends us trials to let us know that we don't control everything.

On June 30th, I left for North Carolina for July 4th at 6 pm. At 9 pm, roughly, we had the derecho come through and knock power out. The next morning I woke up in NC thinking everything was okay. Then I checked the weather station at Rockfish and found it was out for a while... I tried to contact people in the area and wasn't even getting a ring before the automated voice said "this number is no longer in service". I had to stay in NC till Monday the 2nd of July to get the front glass replaced on my car.

On Sunday, the 1st of July, they had a hail storm with hail bigger than golf balls. I thought it was exciting until I found out that it broke the rear windshield and really broke the front more. I got the front replaced and headed back to the hills of Va without rear glass and a new generator. The dog didn't like sharing with the generator in the back seat and the heat...

When I got back in Va on the 2nd of July, the power was back on and everything seemed to be okay. I always fill the empty space in my freezer with water bottles, but forgot to put some of the frozen ones in the frig, so I lost everything in the fridge and some in the freezer.

Tomorrow I will get the back glass replaced and hope that the cooler weather will last for a while so I can do clean up of debris from the storm without heat stroke.

All in all, I say that I was lucky. Some people I know JUST got their power back after 10 days. Now that would have shaken my sanity. I guess we can't control everything but being prepared for next time definately makes me feel better.

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