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What kind of weather/webcam?

By: nobyter, 5:53 PM GMT on January 21, 2014

I was asked by a fellow weather watcher, what kind of weather station and/or webcam to buy... Here was my reply:

Depends on what you want to spend. I chose the Davis Vantage Pro because I wanted the solar and UV sensors... The Vantage Vue is what a lot of people get... Some use a USB camera inside for webcam as a cheaper alternative.

I also use a weatherplug network computer to store and forward information to Wunderground, CWOP, and APRS FTP servers. It is easy to have this little device to run 24/7 and take care of uploading the data without using my computer. It also uses very little wattage, so it's green. is the link.

I also have a Panasonic wireless outdoor webcam and it was chosen again for the minimum needed watts to run on solar power system.

If I had to replace my system, I would buy the gekit.html station with a camera and it would do weather and webcam together for a cheaper ($420) price than my present camera.

There are cheaper ways of doing this and you would do better to call/email or and ask them for a configuration with all of your wants. Do you want to install it near your computer (Wireless or wired)? Do you want to use your computer or a separate data logger? Do you want your computer or the camera to send pictures to Wunderground? How much money do you want to spend? You need to answer those (and probably more) questions before you call.

Oh yeah, I also have a power backup that powers the weatherplug and the satellite Internet connection in case of power outage... I'll bet my system costs around $1500.00 without the cost of the solar power system which was another $3500.00... I don't think I would spend that much again... Call the sites and get a list from both in your price range. Then check prices against other sites.

Hope this helps…

Webcam Weather Station

Polar Vortex creeping in

By: nobyter, 9:43 PM GMT on January 06, 2014

Bring in your dogs, check outdoor spigots, cover well heads, check vehicle antifreeze, and get the firewood! This is going to cause problems we haven't seen in a while... I'm thinking of leaving a drip just so the line from the well doesn't get frozen. A lot of people will have busted pipes and frozen radiators with this chiller. I just wonder if we'll break the "zero" barrier. I remember having a "frost free" spigot that had a hose attached and it backed up into the spigot and cracked it...

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