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By: nash28, 12:24 AM GMT on June 13, 2008

This morning the NHC put 97L back on the map. The original sfc low has become detached leaving behind what appears to be a mid level low centered near 19N 41W, which is the fix the NHC has. As of now, I wouldn't worry about this one gang. Subsidence will most likely keep this one in check, and unless the sfc low DOES regenerate to the SW, this one will most likely curve (not recurve) before reaching 55W.

The 12z runs are out. The BAM family all take this one well out to sea before 55W. The GFDL doesn't even recognize it, and the HWRF does develop it as it gains latitude before getting caught up in the Westerlies...

Do NOT be afraid to ask questions or to admit you did not know something integral in the conundrum known as the tropics! As I have previously noted, I used to be too "big" to admit I did not know something, or I thought it wasn't important in the "grand scheme of things." One word for that mindset...


We can learn something new everyday from our bretheren here. Open your mind, your hearts and for GOD SAKES be humble! You will become a better person, as well as adding a few points to your IQ:-) So with that, I would like to say thank you to the folks who have enriched my mind, and by proxy, my life. You know who you are. Never stop learning. Never.

Wednesday, July 9th-

Chips, dips, salsa (from scratch), veggies.

Main Dishes:
Burgers, Hot Dogs, Ribs, Chicken Breasts.

Side Dishes:
Homeade Orzo, Baked Beans, Potato Salad.

Homeade brownies, mixed fruit, ice cream.

Beverages: (Yeah, I know y'all were waiting for that!)
Hurricanes, Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Tequila, Soda, Water.

Howdy! Ok, one month until party day. Now it's finalization time gang. Orders from the wife:-) What I need you all to do is even if you have already said you are coming or you are "thinking about coming", I need all of you to send me WU mail saying so. Bob, you are exempt from this because you already did, so your formal invite is coming tonight:-)

Guys and gals, I am gonna have EVERYTHING a party needs, so if you really want to just let it all hang out and have a really good time, come to Nash's August 9th!!!! Get those emails to me!

FINAL DATE- SATURDAY, August 9th I am settling on this date! Gotta start planning and getting the house ready for the wave! Yeah, pun intended:-) PLEASE!!!! RSVP as soon as possible, so my wife and I have a clue as to how much food, drink and sitting apparatuses to aquire! I would also like to know your poison of choice if you drink. Soda requests are also wanted. I am also going to provide entertainment via guitar and song!

If anyone has a camcorder, and you are coming...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND HUMILIATION FOREVER CAUGHT ON TAPE, BRING THAT BAD BOY!!!

Fine. You all have me on my knees! I am a broken man. I am a desperate man. My shield has been shattered. I can no longer ask nicely. I am forced to beg.....

Please! For the love of all WU geeks, can we PLEASE find a way to have a mass get together with each other????? I am tired of knowing y'all by a keyboard! I'll bring the booze! Promise! Hell, find me a big enough smoker or grill and I'll do the cooking!!!!

Please do not make Nash cry...:-(


If you can swing the gas to Apollo Beach, FL 33572 then you are cordially invited to my humble abode for fun, frivolity, kick ass barbecue, beer, wine, liquor, etc...

IF the amount of folks seriously coming exceeds what my house can hold without the SWAT team showing up, then we'll have to do a "restaurant and bar rental".


If you want a pasta dish, I can whip up a ton of homeade spaghetti as well!

We may also need to start a foundation of sorts. If we're gonna have a party and do it right, then we MUST have the Scotsman and Pat here as well!

One last thing, and this is very important so pay attention..... I will not allow anyone to come into my home and cause a scene with anyone who they may not like. If you believe you cannot control yourself, put the bullsh*t aside to have a good time and make new friends, then stay home. There comes a point in life where you put the bullsh*t aside. I have. I have had my battles with several people on here over the past four years. Some of those were vile nasty emails, posts, etc... They cut, they hurt. But ya know what? I have since forgiven and actually forged friendships with them. We all have issues in our personal lives. We all have our whackanut moments. But we are all here for one common purpose. That is passion. We have a passion for weather, and that is a common bond that can never be severed by words, anger, drunken stoopers or stubborness. I am proud to call those I have fought with my friends and my family here.

Those who have confirmed they are coming:


Buddies from work (2)
OSHNBLU- (Not confirmed...)

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Updated: 1:08 AM GMT on July 27, 2008


On my knees now BEGGING!

By: nash28, 10:52 PM GMT on June 02, 2008

Dear God-

Please, if you have the time in your busy schedule hear my prayer. I have tried everything. I tried the rain dance and looked like I was having a stroke while doing it. I have tried washing the cars until I had 40 year dishpan hands. I have tried meditation. I have tried.......

All I ask is one favor. PLEASE!!!! Make it rain here!

That is all.

Oh, one more thing.... I know there are many people who say they love it hot and dry or even hot and humid! Could you relocate these folks to Busted Whistle, AZ then please? If they like feeling like a TV dinner, then Lord, grant their wishes and give them the Allmighty Foot in the rear end!

Thank you.

Updated: 10:55 PM GMT on June 02, 2008


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