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MORE updates for FELIX

By: moonlightcowboy, 5:55 AM GMT on October 03, 2007

Please STOP, take about TWO minutes and read of what our fellow blogger and his family are doing!
You'll be glad you did!


WU's own Katadman (Scott) sent me this info at my request and agreed to let me post it. His family is making an extensive effort to help with FELIX relief, including an extended visit there! They leave for Nicaragua on October 6th. Below is an appeal letter for help from Rachel, his daughter. Scott himself did considerable relief work there following Hurricane Mitch which killed 1,000's. He says it's a very poor area, and that they desperately do need help. He's also speaks very highly of the Miskitos as being a friendly, humble, caring people.

Felix's death toll is believed to be around 200 from sketchy reports, but there has been considerable additional loss to property and crops. And, the reports of death and devastation keep climbing. The country's native Miskito Indians were also hit particularly hard. Devastated terrain has hindered relief. Over 8,000 homes are believed destroyed, 18,000 believed to be in shelters, churches and schools destroyed, over 7 million acres of forests lost, and many accounts of people still missing. HELP IS NEEDED! Please read the following and support them in this very worthwhile, noble effort.

It's good to know that there is such great efforts made by individuals outside of governments and that bureaucracy which often prevents getting help to people that truly need it and as quickly as it's needed!

Scott and his family live in sTexas, so please be COURTEOUS with your communications and GENEROUS with your contributions! NOTE, TOO, that "Missions of Grace" is a [501(c)3] and donations can be tax-deductible.

I personally applaud this momentous effort by them and hope that WU bloggers, our friends and neighbors can also be helpful. Please, let's do what we can to help make this helpful mission extremely successful!

Thanks, TONS in advance!!!


Hello Friends!!!

The (document below) is a flyer for an upcoming trip to Nicaragua that my mom, Cheri, will be making on the 6th of October. I am sending it out in an attempt to collect items and monetary donations for the hurricane victims. Thanks to everyone for reading it and for the help and prayers. If you can please send it on to friends, families and co-workers...print it out and post it on the wall! Please help us get the word out, because as the number grows of people involved so will the numbers of lives being changed...

Thank you so much!!!!
Rachel L. Mauldin

Missions of Grace




ABOUT GRACE MISSION: (RE: Scott Mauldin, or Katadman) Missions of Grace does not retain any portion of donations given for relief work. 100% is passed on to those for whom it is intended. All funds go to their designated purpose.

MLC's Felix blog of pictures, stories, links

FELIX - Miskito Community loses forestlands; over 7 million acres estimated

MORE INFO forthcoming! And, I've asked Scott to give us as much info for posting as possible. I'm hopeful that their trip is a safe and fulfilling one! Thanks, all for helping!

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Reader Comments

Thanks for posting this, though I can't really deal with reading the 'details' right now...You and a few others know why...

Prayers for these people, even though I don't know the exact 'details'!!!

Nite all!!!
SL, get some rest. God's light will shine for you. That much I'm sure!
Here for you SL
Thanks for doing this M - this really has touched my heart.
Emmy, thanks for stopping by. Such a great effort they are making to help people there. I hope and pray for a safe and successful journey for them, and comfort to the Nicaraguan people from the aid they bring.

--btw, you have WUmail, too! Nite, Emmy!
I hope to be able to donate, you are doing a great service moonlight.
Groundman (Teresa), that's terrific!!! Somestimes, a little bit by even just a few, makes a TON of difference for people in need. Thanks!
One really good thing is, they'll be there, have contacts and can personally help some that are truly needy, without all the red-tape encountered in some of the other channels. I think it's absolutely great!
Good Morning {{Cowboy}}. :-)
Wow, good for them! I wish I was able to go and aide them....
BF, yep, me too! But, I am planning on putting a pkg together and a donation. If everyone helps a little, great things can happen for folks in dire straits!

--love the avatar! Does that mean we're related? lol
Not sure about the relations.... Its the one I use on another Weather site! A friend found it for me! LOL Maybe we both were stuck on the same deserted island for a bit! LOL

Yes, I will have to put together a pkg. or send a donation. Been neglectful in not doing so before now.

Really, I would love to go and volunteer for about a month! I think it would be such a rewarding experience... maybe someday I will have more time to live some of those dreams of volunteering in other countries....
Agreed, BF! Would like to be able to do that, too!

This mission group, do you know their reputation well?? As far as % of dollars that actually go to the needy??
BF, I knew some of these questions would come up. Talked with Katadman, several times, exchanged emails. He strikes me as a person of great integrity and genuine desire to help. BUT, having said that, I'll get more info and post later today, too! GR8 question, thanks!
I have found that so many charities use a larger portion for advertising and board members pay than actually goes to the "causes' they contribute too. Therefore, my question!

Maybe long lost cousins??? LOL
Good Morning {{Cowboy}}
ABOUT GRACE MISSION: (RE: Scott Mauldin, or Katadman) Missions of Grace does not retain any portion of donations given for relief work. 100% is passed on to those for whom it is intended. All funds go to their designated purpose.
Good Morning {{Cowboy}}!
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Have a Great Weekend. :-)
Good Morning {{Cowboy}}.

Good morning MLC hope you have a great Saturday.

I have nothing to say but have a great day!
Have a great Sunday.
MLC-I finally had a chance to read your header. It says they are going back in December. Since I am late to help with this trip I would like to help with the next one. Please let me know if they will be taking donations for the December trip.
It is pretty simple to account for your income and outgo. We've been doing it in our relief efforts for Dean at http://www.hopalog.com/donations-for-majahual/

Every time I spend money, I take a photocopy of the receipt and post it along with a summary of the items purchased (in English) which is pretty easy to correlate to the receipt (in Spanish).