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By: moonlightcowboy, 1:13 AM GMT on September 13, 2009

BLOG RULES: Simple - Keep it absolutely civil towards fellow bloggers.

And, don't get heavy on the partisanship - it's quite obvious that corrupt, petty, inept, greedy, power-lustful politicians are plentiful on both sides of the aisle. It's ok to take jabs at them - either party, any official or candidate; but, leave the total "blame game" out of this - it's ALL of them, everyone! If you think otherwise, then you probably don't want to bring it in here!


Newcomers are welcome to this blog but are scrutinized more heavily until I discern the nature of their posting habits. Regulars have more leeway even with large and differing opinions, provided their posts are not made with any personal attack or similar innuendo. Otherwise, those who have not proven themselves to me (and that's all that matters) may be considered pot-stirrers, trolls or ban circumventors and are subject to being banned without warning. The ban may be relieved at anytime at my discretion pending review of the blogger's posting history and perspective in other blogs - should I see them.

This is an adult blog for the maturely vested, not a juvenile hall or playground. Adults who act like young, irresponsible children will be asked to leave or be banned - all others are VERY WELCOME! :)

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