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By: marsHen , 1:25 PM GMT on January 21, 2012

07:15, 55F, fog out on pasture. pink sunrise. no moon that I could see. pink azaleas blooming. red bud blooming. yellow jasmine blooming. red bud is early.
shots from north of the farm. I worry about the does. those rednecks will shoot anything.
08:10, 57F, sunny. bacon, egg, and toast for breakfast. all dogs in yard. rooster still hooting.
13:10, 70F, overcast, stiff breeze from the south, 10-15, gusty. clothes on the line, sheep in the yard. dogs locked up. tuna-hedy is not well - weak and unsteady on her feet and locked in a stall. she is eating. she was born on Christmas Eve, ~1999, which makes her an old girl. might give her some antibiotics. got 2 eggs. need to work on the fences but my back is really sore today. damn.
16:10, 68F, partly cloudy, sunny, wind died down some. got another egg. pileated woodpecker in cabbage palm by house eating berries. guard dog and I put sheep back in the fold. I took in the wash.
19:30, 60F, clear. stars out, venus blazing. wondering if the coronal ejection has reached the earth yet?

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