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By: marsHen , 12:16 PM GMT on January 12, 2012

06:40, 49F, foggy. big moon peering through the donkey lot oaks. carolina wren belting out a tune,
rooster doing backup. yellow dog at back door.
10:00, 65F, clear. moved 2 oldest ewes, old one- eye and tuna hedy, to the corral by the horse barn so I could give them extra feed and some tlc. one eye's lamb came along. one eye is unhappy. tuna is apathetic..
yellow jasmine blooming in the lane! going to mend the trawl we tore up on tuesday when we trawled over oysters on limerock in east pass.
low tide going into CK, high tide on the way out.
a pleasant day, low 70's, partly cloudy, just enough breeze to keep the bugs down. it's going to take me several days to mend that trawl - many ragged holes and the chain on the mouth pulled loose in several places.
19:00, 65F, overcast, no stars showing. breeze from the SW. guard dog disliked her dinner and covered it in leaves and sand. but tomorrow the yard dogs will probably eat it. they eat anything almost. I found half of a pumpkin cheesecake slice from thanksgiving in the back of the fridge, threw it into the compost pile, and 5 minutes later bruiser was lying in the back yard, daintily demolishing it..
one-eye is unhappy in the horse barn. I might have to move her back with the flock. tuna doesn't seem to care and is eating the extra rations. so is one-eye, but she stands at the fence and baaas and is grumpy with her lamb. and that's the long and short of it..

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