north florida - wet florida - TS debby, cont.

By: marsHen , 12:41 PM GMT on June 26, 2012

05:30, 75F, the calm woke me up.. not raining so I ran out and walked all the inside dogs. walked new pup who helped me feed the chickens and the parrot. did not give sheep hay to encourage them to get out of the barn and walk around some and forage on the leaves, branches, and moss blown out by the wind. some good pecan branches with young nutlets on the ground.. finished the first round of chores just in time. it began raining just as I was removing my boots. got 1.7" rain last night which makes the total rainfall for the farm in 2 days = 1 ft. after all the rain we've gotten , there still was no standing water in the ditches alongside the road.
downtown CK was flooded at high tide between 2nd and 4th streets.. and "the dock" and most, but not all, of the restaurants are closed. "annie's" was open yesterday, betting it's open today, too...
08:30, 77F and raining. crows calling, roosters crowing. sheep disgruntled.
11:00, high tide at CK going out - not. upper 70's. south wind, 25-30 knts. with gusts. partly cloudy to overcast with sporatic showers. white caps and choppy in the back creeks. egrets taking shelter on the edge of the marsh at the mainland.
frigate birds. wrack line on edge of road.
14:30, very high low tide. rain and gusts. deputy comes into the market where I was purchasing some supplies and says the storm's moving into dixie co. and CK should expect flooding at high tide. back at the lab, the 2:00 bulletin says the storms speeded up and expect flooding.
15:20, super high tide. heading back to farm. swallow-tailed kite. 2 turtles crossing 345. cows lying down. very breezy. sprinkles.
15:50, 80F, south breeze. walked all the dogs except the ones hiding under the house. got 0 eggs. frogs carrying on.
20:20, 77F, overcast, NE wind. drizzling and misty. gusts. miss seeing the moon. but very glad for the rain.

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