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By: marsHen , 10:11 AM GMT on June 24, 2012

05:40, 76F, raining. occasional gusts of wind. enough to get the bamboo wind chimes clunking. roosters up. not looking forward to doing chores in rain. radar shows no break so will just forge ahead.. checking CK site in a minute.
08:40, high tide at CK. water to within a foot of the causeway, but it's supposed to be retreating if the wind lets it since low tide is due around noon.
waves and breakers at the swimming beach. wind SE, 20-25 knts. with gusts up to 29 knts. choppy at the sandspit, which faces west. mid 70's.
our lesson in church today revolved around Jesus calming the storm, altho we really want this rain and so will put up with a little wind. business as usual at CK. we've seen storms before ...
11:00, tide about the same at #4 bridge leaving the island. all the back creeks and spartina and little black mangrove islands are flooded. no birds anywhere. thinking they all went inland.
11:40, 74F, south breeze with occasional gusts. dogs under house. sheep in barn. donkeys getting a good wash.
16:30, 73F, raining. almost at 5" in the rain gauge. might have to go out and empty it. puddles all over and small limbs coming down. windy at tree-top level. slight breeze on the ground. everyone taking a nap.
21:20,74F, raining hard. working on 8". have work clothes drying all over the house. got soaked feeding sheep. donkeys hiding in SW woods. frogs carrying on! aside from the usual croaking, one does a loud trill! there's a waxing crescent moon up there somewheres.. rain really coming down! seems like it's been ages since it rained like this. good sleeping tonight. might even shut most of the ceiling fans off.

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