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By: marsHen , 11:59 AM GMT on June 16, 2012

06:50, 66F. roosters crowing. cool, clear morning. yellow dogs under grapefruit tree. putting dogs in pen to keep them out of the way of the lamb sale. need to lock sheep in barn. raisin bran for breakfast..
12:50, 88F at the back door. 85 at the front door under the porch roof. NE breeze. partly cloudy, partly sunny. a lovely day!
tagged and sold some ewe lambs. (a friend helped.) they're heading for the panhandle with 2 bags of fleece. the lady who wanted a ram bailed. not uncommon.. at least she called to cancel.. 2 deer and 1 pileated woodpecker in the donkey woodlot. newdog observed the proceedings from the tire swing and made proper barking noises.. afterwards, she treed a racoon in the lane. a busy day for newdog..
15:30, 80's, a breeze. mowed front and west lawn. clothes on line are dry. got 2 eggs.
20:50, 78F, mostly clear. NE breeze. stars coming out..

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