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By: marsHen , 11:01 AM GMT on May 13, 2012

06:30, 66F, clear. waning half/crescent moon over house to the ESE. roosters up. yellow dogs on guard. golden to the east.. big rain event in gulf petered out overnight. hoping to get some wet, though.. too dry here!
08:50, 3 adult turkeys on the side of 345. picking their way through a barb wire fence.
high tide at CK. low 70's, wind E, 10-12 knts. overcast. wore my jacket in church. priest said he saw 7 turkeys on the shoulder along SR24, coming into otter creek.
sandspit, light chop, high tide.
11:50, high moon tide, white egrets scattered through the spartina. imbibed some high-test coffee with a friend and I'm going home to mend fences..
15:00, 80F. overcast. good breeze from the west. mother's day call from son.. mended 130ft. of fence in scattered sections. back hurts. hands hurt. but happy about it getting done. sandspurs in the pasture already.. definitely not good.
did chores. got 4 eggs.
21:30, 76F. overcast although some of the brighter heavenly bodies show as faint smudges..

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