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Challenging Days

By: lilwoof, 12:29 AM GMT on June 18, 2013

Daily living is a challenge for me. The simplest tasks become and are complex for me. Everything takes me so much longer to do and it seems I never get anything completed. Due to my inability to do repetitive motions I am forced to have at least three or four different tasks going on at one time just to try and keep myself free from pain. Some days it works, but most days it does not. I become so darn frustrated at times that I just want to give up, but what would that accomplish? Nothing...absolutely nothing. So I try my best to do what I can and have learned to accept that if I do not complete a task at the end of the day...It is okay. It will be there the next and I can finish it then. Although I have difficulties in completing my daily activities, I am truly Blessed and thank the Dear Lord for each day he has placed before me.


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