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Lhokseumawe is the second largest city in Aceh Special District, in the north of Sumatra, Indonesia. The city covers an area of 181.06 square kilometres. Being between Banda Aceh and the large southern city of Medan, the town is a key regional centre important for the economy of Aceh.

The name of Lhokseumawe came from word "Lhok" and "Seumawe". Lhok means deep, bay, ocean trenches and Lhokseumawe means the swirling water in the sea along the offshore of Banda Sakti and its surroundings. The city was formerly part of North Aceh Regency, The existence of this region can not be separated from the emergence of the kingdom Samudera Pasai around the 13th century, the area later became part of the sovereignty of Kesultanan Aceh since 1524.

before the 20th century, the country was ruled by uleebalang Kutablang. 1903 after resistance fighters against Dutch colonists weakened Aceh, Aceh began to master. Lhokseumawe be conquered areas and from then on the status of Lhokseumawe be Bestuur Van Lhokseumawe with Zelf Bestuurder is Teuku Abdul Lhokseumawe subordinate Controeleur aspirants and also domiciled in Lhokseumawe and assistant resident district officer or Regent.
Street scene in Lhoksuemawe in the Dutch colonial period

In the second decade of the 20th century, among the entire mainland of Aceh, a small island about 11 km ² widely separated by Krueng Cunda River. filled buildings General Government, Military, and Transportation Railway by the Dutch government. Small islands with villages of Aceh Keude, Kampung Jawa, Kutablang, MonGeudong, Teumpok Teungoh, Hagu Kampung, Uteuen bayi, and Ujong Blang are entirely new 5,500 are plural in Lhokseumawe call. Building by building fills this land until the city has realized embryos harbor, market, railway station and the offices of government agencies.

Since the Declaration of Independence, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has not established systemic to this district. At first Lhokseumawe combined with Bestuurder Van Cunda. The mainland population increasingly crowded coming from surrounding areas such as Buloh Blang Ara, Matangkuli, Blang Jruen, Lhoksukon, Nisam, cunda and Pidie.

In 1956 the Emergency Law No. 7 of 1956, the autonomous regions formed districts within the region of North Sumatra province, where one of them is the North Aceh district with its capital Lhokseumawe.

Then In 1964 the Decree of the Governor of Aceh Special Region Number 34/GA/1964 dated 30 November 1964, it was determined that Kemukiman Banda Sakti in Muara Dua, the District used its own under the name of the District Banda Sakti.

Based on the Act No. 5 of 1974 on the Principles of Regional Administration, Lhokseumawe be likely to improve the status of the City of, on August 14, 1986 with the Regional Regulation No. 32 of 1986 Establishment of the City of Lhokseumawe signed by President Suharto, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Roestam Soeparjo country on August 31, 1987. Given that it is de jure and de facto Lhokseumawe has become the City of the area of 253.87 km ² which includes 101 villages and 6 urban villages in five districts, namely: District of Banda Sakti, Muara Dua, Dewantara, Muara Batu, and Blang Mangat.

Since 1988 the idea of improving the status of municipality began Kotif Lhokseumawe be pursued so that he went on to Law No. 2 of 2001 on the establishment of Lhokseumawe dated June 21, 2001 signed by the President of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid, whose territory includes three districts, namely: District of Banda Sakti, Muara Dua and Blang Mangat.

In 2006 districts Muara Dua splitting into two number of districts, Muara Dua and Muara Satu, so Lhokseumawe have four sub districts.


Lhokseumawe set the status of a city based on Law Number 2 of 2001, dated June 21, 2001 with the boundaries of the area:
Direction Location
North Selat Malaka
South Kecamatan Kuta Makmur, Kabupaten Aceh Utara
West Kecamatan Dewantara, Kabupaten Aceh Utara
East Kecamatan Syamtalira Bayu, Kabupaten Aceh Utara
Administrative divisions

The city is divided administratively into four districts (kecamatan):
Kecamatan Area
(km²) No. of
Banda Sakti 11.24 18
Blang Mangat 56.12 22
Muara Dua 57.80 17
Muara Satu 55.90 11

list the name of the village (Gampong) is in the town Lhokseumawe
1. Districts of Banda Sakti

Gampong Tumpok Teungoh (postcode: 24311)
Gampong Simpang Empat (postcode: 24313)
Gampong Lhokseumawe (postcode: 24314)
Gampong Pusong Baru (postcode: 24314)
Gampong Kampung Jawa Baru (postcode: 24315)
Gampong Banda Masem (postcode: 24351)
Gampong Hagu Barat Laut (postcode: 24351)
Gampong Hagu Selatan (postcode: 24351)
Gampong Hagu Teungoh (postcode: 24351)
Gampong Kampung Jawa Lama (postcode: 24351)
Gampong Keude Aceh (postcode : 24351)
Gampong Kuta Blang (postcode : 24351)
Gampong Lancang Garam (postcode : 24351)
Gampong Mon Geudong (postcode : 24351)
Gampong Pusong Lama (postcode : 24351)
Gampong Ujong Blang (postcode : 24351)
Gampong Ulee Jalan (postcode : 24351)
Gampong Uteun Bayi (postcode : 24351)

2. Districts of Blang Mangat

Gampong Alue Lim (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Asan Kareung (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Baloy (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Blang Buloh (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Blang Cut (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Blang Punteut (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Blang Teue (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Blang Weu Baroh (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Blang Weu Panjou (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Jambo Mesjid(postcode : 24375)
Gampong Jambo Timu (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Jeulikat (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Keude Punteut (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Kuala Meuraksa (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Kumbang Punteut (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Mane Kareung (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Mesjid Meuraksa (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Mesjid Punteut (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Rayeuk Kareung (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Seuneubok (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Teungoh (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Tunong (postcode : 24375)
Gampong Ulee Blang Mane (postcode : 24375)

3. Districts of Muara Dua

Gampong Alue Awe (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Blang Crum (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Blang Pohroh (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Cot Girek Kandang (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Cut Mamplam(postcode : 24352)
Gampong Keude Cunda (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Lhok Mon Puteh (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Meunasah Alue (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Meunasah Blang (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Meunasah Manyang (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Meunasah Mee (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Meunasah Mesjid (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Paloh Batee (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Panggoi (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Paya Bili (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Paya Punteut (Punteuet) (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Uteun Kot (postcode : 24352)

4. Districts of Muara Satu

Gampong BatuPhat Barat (postcode : 24352)
Gampong BatuPhat Timur (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Blang Naleung Mameh (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Blang Panyang (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Blang Pulo (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Cot Trieng (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Meunasah Dayah (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Meuria Paloh (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Padang Sakti (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Paloh Punti (postcode : 24352)
Gampong Ujong Pacu (postcode : 24352)


Health facilities are available in Lhokseumawe :
Health Facilities Total Unit
Puskesmas 6 Unit
Puskesmas pembantu 12 Unit
Puskesmas keliling 5 Unit
Polindes 32 Unit
Doctors Practice 85 Unit
Dentist Practice 9 Unit
Drug store 77 Unit

The number of available health workers is:
Health Workers Total Unit
Doctor 60 People
Dentist 5 People
Medical Servant 399 People
Nurse 194 People
Midwife 151 People
Pharmacy personnel 9 People
Nutritionist 4 People
Sanitation expert 7 People

note : does not include private companies, Only Goverment

Religious facilities are available in Lhokseumawe :
Religious facilities Total Unit
Mosque 118 Unit
Mushala 76 Unit
Church 1 Unit
Monastery 1 Unit

Some attractions are rated strongly support the ability of future Tourism Sector is:

Ujong Blang Beach
Rancong Beach
Seumadu Island
Reklamasi Pusong Beach
Meuraksa Beach
KP3 Beach
Krueng Cunda River
Waduk Pusong
Riyadhah Park
P. Ramlee Village (seniman besar Malaysia, asal Aceh).

Source :
Bappeda Kota Lhokseumawe

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Kota Lhokseumawe

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Lhokseumawe is the second largest city in Aceh Special District, in the north of Sumatra, Indonesia.

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