New Website, Same Great Stuff

By: kylejourdan2006, 8:59 PM GMT on July 29, 2006

Okay, I wasn't getting the options to customize exactly how I needed to on my blog, so I moved to my own website. It's just an "overnighter" job (website that I threw up overnight). So, all your comments would be appreciated! The new website Blog TutorialsNow, if you can't access that link, just go to this address:http://www.wundergroundblogs.comHope everyone finds this useful and I am looking for volunteers to assist in writing ...

Tutorial #4: How to Bold Fonts

By: kylejourdan2006, 6:57 AM GMT on July 29, 2006

How to Bold FontsBolding an Area of TextFotunately, the Blogs post entry area makes it very easy to make fonts bold. Now, you can easily use one of the two features, and I'll be sure to carefully explain both options.Option #1: The "Easy" Way------------------------------------------------Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the easy way. In fact, I highly recommend it. Here's what to do:1. Once you have entered the text and/or links a...

Tutorial #3: Starting Your Own Blog

By: kylejourdan2006, 5:31 AM GMT on July 29, 2006

Starting Your Own BlogThis article is for all ye new-comers (if that can be considered correct). Getting your own blog is really quite simple. Of course, I'll be sure to add in a few pictures to make it more friendly to those of you who are "computer-literately challenged", a term I believe a few are classified as.Signing Up for an AccountOkay, so signing up for an account could be classified as pretty easy. Just click here (Related...

Tutorial #2: Posting a Helpful Entry

By: kylejourdan2006, 4:22 AM GMT on July 29, 2006

Posting a Helpful EntryOkay, in this article I'll be explaining some basic etiquette on posting a good blog comment and/or entry.For the most part, people use blogs to find information about a topic. For example, in Jeff Masters' WunderBlog, people come to leave and/or get information about the tropics during hurricane season. Posting useful information that has not been previously posted is very helpful, as it makes more room to post comments.1-2-3 Rules for Etiqu...

Tutorial #1: Adding Pictures to Your Entry

By: kylejourdan2006, 3:20 AM GMT on July 29, 2006

NOTE: MANY PEOPLE USE DIAL-UP, WHICH MAKES IT HARD TO POST A LOT OF PICTURES, SO PLEASE TRY NOT TO POST A LOT OF THEM, ONLY IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! THANKS!Adding Pictures to Your EntryIn this article, I will explain how to add pictures to your entry, as well as how to change the size to make them larger or smaller.Step 1: Adding a PictureAdding a picture is quite easy once learned. In fact, I'll give you the code to do it, and all you have to do is enter it into yo...

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