Running and the weather

End of summer...

By: knightridge, 12:49 PM GMT on September 30, 2012

Well after last Monday's light frost it continued to rain. Over 7 inches for the month now. A very wet and cloudy September with mostly overcast runs, but warmer temperatures. I'm still running in my summer gear and still haven't run on a morning under 50 degrees since late April.

Saturday's run was interesting...the sky was clear 45 minutes before sunrise, but once I got out there, about 7:20 am, fog had rolled in and dropped the visibility. It stayed foggy/overcast until noon. Another cloudy run.

Today this morning was fog free. Looks warm this week with more showers, maybe a frost by next weekend. All the plants are still outside and the garden still has peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos and collards, so we'll see how many more days we can get.


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Running and the weather

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