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Summer Arrives

By: klamping, 3:52 AM GMT on June 22, 2013

The past week has been much more summer like than most of June, with clear skies providing plenty of sunshine and heat for my summer garden. For several weeks in early June I had no need to run my hose, but this past week's sunny days sure have taxed my plants.

Forecast shows the high pressure sticking around, so it'll be at least a week before any change in the weather pattern that South Texas is so known for. I'll need to get back to daily watering to make sure I don't dry out my more susceptible plants.

Unfortunately the two broccoli plants I had growing just didn't sprout in time, and now the hot weather has them shooting up well before the full head of broccoli could form. The only good thing is that the broccoli flowers should help attract bees, which hopefully also visit my tomato, cantaloupe and watermelon plants to help grow some summer treats.


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