A repeat of last summer!

By: klaatuborada, 10:57 PM GMT on July 09, 2010

The answer is yes, it's a repeat of last year. Remember that huge line of rain and thunderstorms to the west of old Cape Cod? Well if you look at the radar, it's dissipating prior to arrival. I was so looking forward to some rain! We had a short shower yesterday, but it just made everything worse. To the West, going North, dying before it arrives. Perhaps the action out to sea will get us, let's hope!From yesterday I said....It looks like Cape Cod's micro-climate is...


By: klaatuborada, 9:08 PM GMT on January 09, 2010

cold, cold, cold

Wacky weather then a rainbow

By: klaatuborada, 1:56 AM GMT on June 25, 2008

Here on Cape Cod we had thunderstorms, hail, flooding, you name it, and then the sun came out with a brilliant yellow sunset on the west and a rainbow with a faint double to the east. My camera couldn't do it justice, but I tried. It was quite beautiful.

Cape Cod Ma battoning down the hatches

By: klaatuborada, 8:28 AM GMT on April 15, 2007

9:10pm and the winds are really picking up. Down on the docks the Nantucket ferry is about even with parking lot where the boats line up, and high tide around 11:28 has not occurred yet. Winds are any where from ESE, S, E, you name it, with gusts around 37 mph so far. I'll check in later with more info. 8:20 am and light rain has started, but it's scary to look at the radar and see what's coming. I'm getting ready for work... will check in around 4 pm when I get bac...

Hey! It's not rain, it's snow!

By: klaatuborada, 12:30 PM GMT on December 04, 2006

Big wet puffy flakes falling as I type, and the weather underground says RAIN. Hah, I love the weather, especially here. Few ever get it right.Also, it's sticking and coming down fast. Hee hee.

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