Bye Friends

By: juslivn , 2:09 AM GMT on February 16, 2013

Leaving friends here is hard. But, you all know how hard it has been for me with these trolls and finally I just don't care anymore. Being called out on the main and in the new Moderator blog was just too much today. Why me? go figure.

I will re-post my first blog ever as I go. I tried, I really tried.

First and Last Blog Juslivn - 2009- 2013

1. Don't play with trolls. (I am now using this theory in all I do lol and giving this advice to kids and husband when they encounter a trouble maker...'troll'!)

2. "Link please" Shuts up a know-it-all in their tracks without being mean...

3. "poof" very empowering! I use it often in my head dealing with unruly people...

4. The essence of being quiet and listening. Hard for me because I'm so curious...and not so quick to catch on to scientific stuff. But, usually if I wait, and watch (listen) the answers show up.

5. "You go now! You been here tooo long." WU, like anything else, can be addicting. Easy does it.

6. There are soooo many smart and hysterically funny people on the blog.

7. I am not alone in my fascination with weather. And, I'm feeling good because on WU I'm in the company of so many rich and caring, fascinating people around the world.

These are my first season observations...who knows if I'll write again, or if anyone will ever read. But, that's ok. It's been very cool. Trying to think of a better ending, joke, or etc...but bfn.

BFN Be safe all ships at sea or in port or where ever you may be. Trains are going to bed now. Candles lit. Prayers up.

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