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December 9, 2012 - The storm to our North rages on. Minneapolis set a record for 10.2 inches of snow on this date and broke the record of 7.4 inches in 1964 (per WeatherUnderground tweet).
Our discussion indicates we are dropping in temps and could still see some minor accumulations around 1/10 of an inch, but maybe more in some areas.

Seems today was the HUGE shopping and preparation day in Chicagoland.
Even I ventured out to one of those big box craft stores, and it was soooo crowded, someone was screaming "Marco!!!" and their lost friend on the other side of the store was screaming "Polo!!!" back to them! LOLOL.
I promptly turned around and walked out when I saw the lines!
I simply said, "I'll make due with what I have for decorations, and make it work".

So, this becomes 'A Simple Christmas Blog'
Post something which is so simple and says 'Christmas' to you. (Or, which ever holidays you celebrate--EOHB --Equal Opportunity Holiday Blog here LOL! Just post a simple thought, picture, poem, memory, smell, sight--and we'll KISS the holidays together!
Keep It Simple Stupid...and be reminded we don't need anything more than the laugh of a friend or child, or a snowflake on our tongue, or (add your thought please _______?

So--This is my tree, it has lots of lights
And, this is my dog who sleeps here at night
And these are my stairs
I wrapped them in green
and lighted the path for my Mother the queen
She's coming to visit and that makes it special
To see all the Grands
Who've grown like the devil
And we'll make some quaint cookies
And sing in the choir
With family and friends we'll sit by the fire

Surrounded by children yewts puppies and kittens
We'll go through the bins and find the lost mittens


Yeah..Okay! I go now!!! Stay safe all Ships ----
OHHH That reminds me of one of my favorite SIMPLE Christmas Carols---
"I Saw Three Ships"...(Will post the link below when I find just the right -simple- video ;)

Here's the simple slide show of our decor this year...Truly be safe all ships at sea, or in port, or wherever you may be these holidays! We'll leave the lights on for 'ya!


(candle for all those struggling to recover from storms, troubles, or loss)

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