Fog, Snow, Cold, Snow, Fog (Rinse and Repeat)

By: juslivn, 4:05 PM GMT on January 26, 2012


February 6, 2012: Going to use the lull in the weather (all winter) to bring attention to The Great Central United States Shake Out (preparation) tomorrow, February 7, at 10:15 am CST.
More in the body of the blog.
(This has been a public service announcement, lol--no it's important in light of the fact we've seen 7.1's, 6.8's various 6's, 5.7's all over the world in recent days--a lot of shaking going on. Prayers for all affected.
oh--and a weeee lil 2.4 right here in N. IL, lol)

Cold front comes in tonight, may be flurries. Stronger cold front could come in over the next weekend (that one will be a shocker for us if the models pan out) Pattern change, :) Be safe all ships at sea, and in port, or wherever you may be.

January 25, 2012

Actually the title sums it up pretty good for a week. Maybe some flurries tomorrow, then down to 20 degrees for a high Saturday. Then we watch for the next system to come in (Weds?), but looks like it will be warmer, with just short bursts of cold. I can live with this! Take care all.

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Windy, then getting calmer but cold

By: juslivn, 12:30 PM GMT on January 11, 2012


January 23, We could really get rid of these winds now! Just saying...I was a bit nervous driving even, with these strong winds blowing limbs around. However, the discussion has us coming out of this ever-so-eclectic patter of ups and downs, to a bit calmer weather starting tomorrow. We could all use a few days of calm. Stay safe all. I'll try to update in more detail if work permits.
Prayers for all who had damage and horrible loss yesterday, last night and today during this unusual tornado outbreak of January 2012. Candle lit!

January 22, 2012 - Tracking the storms, but not posting as much. There are many resources being given on the main here at WU and on other great weather information sites. Be safe all ships! Yikes, it's a very scary January, and very early to have all these Spring-like storms.

January 18, 2012 - Ok enough silliness in my blog. (naaahhh)
It took a while to rev up, but winter has us in its sights with an on again, off again pattern
which is a bit more consistent with what we are used to.
Bitter temps tonight and tomorrow. Serious coooooold,
like lose a limb cooooold if caught out tonight or tomorrow unprepared
(well, cold could do that anyway, but a high temperature of 12 degrees is nothing to fool with).
Then add a quick clipper dropping an inch or two,
negating the salt or road prep,
with winds, no less,
and we've got Northern Illinois nasty January
on hand (actually worries are more South of the city,
at this point, we'll see).
We stall and recover, then raise the temp a bit and
the next system comes in on the heels Friday and
Friday night and could pack about 6 inches up here,
but that's my opinion.
Not sure if this is the system the GFS had in its
sights last Monday.
If so, it looked bigger, but to me, the timing is early.
I pegged it for Saturday.
I digress...
These systems seem to go in and out every other day
now (that would be normal in a normal year).
But temps have fluctuated so much to the high side
this year, and the models and forecasters are
just grappling with what to believe? Mia copa.
So...it is day by day, juslivn. Stay tuned!
(well, maybe check another blog, and w/your local experts here and there) but stay tuned anyway ;)
Be safe all ships! (yes, I'll change the dog pics in the blog in the morning, for now we'll just smile :)

************************************************* *****

January 13, We ended up with about 3 or 4 inches here, so not too bad on the system which moved through yesterday. Tomorrow, we may see a 1/2 an inch and the City could see some rain? Could freeze up late. Monday, it appears we may be in the fog. Kind of like my head still with this cold/flu. Take care all ships.

January 11: Hard to believe this is our first storm of the season (except the little ice clipper the 29th of December)
The system is coming in on a more traditional Winter track, too. The forecast continues to change as it nears, and snow (over 6 inches?) is now expected to begin Thursday afternoon. This spares the mid-west rush hours Thursday morning issues, if the timing stays on track. But causes that ever so difficult problem of: How will it be for buses after school? etc...
No one is quite used to these decisions, lol. Not this year, anyway.
Be safe, don't drive if you don't have to. Winds may cause a real mess.

Alerts will be in the posts. Snow picture will follow tomorrow, or Friday to brighten this entry.

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Snow Weds/Thurs--How much?

By: juslivn, 6:19 PM GMT on January 01, 2012


************************************************* ****
January 10 - Differing predictions for Late Wednesday and Thursday into Friday, as this system is still developing North West.

I did see one prediction it would stay North into
Central Wisconsin with 6-10 inches up in Central WI???
But other maps are showing a long period of
snow for us here in Illinois, too.

The official alert is posted in my blog below and is just a 'statement' so far, not really a warning, yet.

NWS precipitation forecast maps show it snowing, beginning on the 1 am
map early Thursday morning, then going all day and all
night into the early morning hours of Friday.

LINK to Map:

So, we have FAIR WARNING...brush the dust off the
snowblowers and shovels, get the salt ready, and let's
try to drive like we know what we're doing
We should monitor the weather for Thurs morning rush hour...If it is bad and we don't have to drive, consider staying home.

Most of the model runs continue this more Wintery pattern in the future, as well. Get ready cause here it comes-- Maybe????

************************************************* *******

January 5: Another mild day and weekend ahead with no snow in the forecast. Hard to believe it will be 47 degrees today AGAIN. It is turning out to be the year without a winter for Chicagoland. Enjoy it while we can!

Happy New Year to all! The wind alerts continue for Chicagoland and the temperature is steadily falling. It will drop almost 20 degrees by tonight. Winter has really begun. This is not a drill, lol!


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