Time for a Cool Change

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August 8 - Apologize for not being on top of the Central IL storms today, or the weather in nearby states. It was one thing after another.
It will be welcome to dry out later in the week, and actually even if it goes to 50 degrees, it will just be a relief when it is dry. The extremes in our weather have just tested all of our structures, trees, plants, animals and infrastructure to the point of literally 'what will happen today'. The mosquitoes are insane, too. I'm sorry to complain about something so small, but they are simply unbearable to a degree this veteran mid-westerner has never, NEVER, seen before. Will post some of my gardening tribulations in the blog...Not an easy year to have begun the community garden.
Anyway, Be well all ships at sea or in port or wherever you may be. Lots of prayers up for the world.

Aug. 1, 2011 - So, tomorrow looks like we get to be in the thick of things. I'll reserve my comments, due to 'Emily', but we will potentially have some convection flying with this heat and humidity and August coming in strong.
Posting Installment #3 of Summer here in N. IL. Good day and night all ships, and be safe where ever you shall be. We will be on Sturgeon Bay, Lake MI, and Green Bay bout the 15th, and watching all.

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July 29, 2011 - Appears to be shaping up to be a bit hot, but a heck of a lot drier then last weekend. So--enjoy Chicagoland!!!
(insert sappy song here, lol)

July 27, 2011 - As if we needed an encore performance, mother nature decided to dump another 2" on us up here in the Far Northern edge of the State. This new rain (7/27/11) most likely will push us into record July precipitation territory.

Chicago and Cook County only needs .52 inches of rain in what is left of July to break the all time record of 9.56 inches in July 1889. Most of the rain this July 2011 fell in only a 7 day window at the tail end of this month.

Re-capping July: July 11th we had a tremendously destructive derecho event where over 850,000 lost power. Immediately following that, we entered a heat wave where indexes reached 111 degrees or more for days, and now major rainfall and flooding. July has been like being at an amusement park on a fast wicked roller coaster-- up, down, whipped around and then plunged in water.

I will welcome August, but it better behave!!!

(Prayers up for our coastal cities as we enter what looks to be an active hurricane season, too. Be safe all ships in port or at sea, or where ever you may be)

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Record Rainfalls Hit Chicago 7" in 3 hours unofficially in Des Plaines

By: juslivn, 2:27 AM GMT on July 08, 2011



July 23, Record rainfalls hit the Chicagoland area in the early am today (after substantial amounts yesterday as well) The total rainfall at O'Hare in the past 24 hours was 8.20 inches as of 8 am this morning.
6 to 7 inches fell in less than 3 hours early today. This caused a very bad flooding situation in and around the city as the aging infrastructure of sewers, roads, viaducts and highways just couldn't keep up with that quantity of rain.
Emergency managers, public works employees and engineers were all called back to work about 4 am to deal with the unfolding situation. They were aware and prepared through the night. Most Dept. heads get alerts and advice from a private weather subscription services. However, when it comes this much, this fast, there is only so much the Public Works and Emergency crews can do.
More rain is heading in (11:05 am), only to make matters worse. It appears this band of rain on the way has the potential for another 2" which could lead to unbelievable 10" totals, shattering the old record at O'Hare of 9.35" back in August of 1987 in a 24 hour period.

July 20, 2011 - Well by now everyone pretty much knows most of the country is in a terrible heat wave, and it is moving East very gradually. Cooling centers are opening throughout Chicagoland and even at the Cubbies game today, they had some help keeping cool. Stay safe all ships!

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July 10, 2011
Just changed the header. Poor ND/SD, but it is moving on into MN, WI and IL is in the 'slight risk' area for tomorrow and Tues so far.
As I said earlier, noaa radios on for us here.

Be safe all ships. (Music by 'The Movement' Set Sail)

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