Summer Days in Chi Heating up by Fri

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June 28, yes I know...I'm getting corny. However, I can't say it going to be too hot because so many places are like hades right now and we have it pretty good up here. Next chance for storms looks to be Sat. (but I thought I read something about Thurs being ify in the discussion?)
Prayers up for all who are being tormented by rain, no rain, flooding, storms and events around the country.

June 27, 2011 - There is some question about where these storms will fire up this afternoon. Posting SPC and local discussions below. But there are a lot of areas (very populated areas btw) in the severe zone today and tomorrow. Feel free to post below if I'm on appts. Stay safe.

June 15: I will be away from the blog during the next week or so to concentrate on some changes at work. Will leave this up for anyone who wants to stop by, or post anything of interest or importance, but can't promise a reply.
The Chance of Thunderstorms seems to be for about the next week. Discussion says while we may have 'chances' for thunderstorms and heavy downpours again, the week should not be a complete wash-out.

Take care all ships and stay safe. Thanks for the views, links comments on the last blog about Piedmont OK. It will still be in the archive if anyone would like to re-visit.

For now, have a strawberry from Northern IL ;)

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Link to Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service IL:

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Piedmont Tornado Pics (Daughter's Boyfriend and family were safe)

By: juslivn, 10:03 PM GMT on June 14, 2011

This is a blog of photos I just received from my daughter's boyfriend in Oklahoma about the May 24th Piedmont Oklahoma Tornado.

Barefoot on The Rocks, posted on WU the updated tracks of the storms last Sunday. It was only last Saturday that my daughter had told me how close this was to Steve's home. After Barefoot's post, I quickly sent him a note on Facebook, and included the new information links, and tracks, thinking he'd be interested.

Only a few days before, on the 22nd, we had been discussing, and tracking storms the entire day when we were all together in the Quad Cities for Dau's graduation (The day of Joplin).

What I received in his reply to my note today, was just shocking.
Previously unpublished (except on Facebook), here are his photos from 10 minutes after the tornado hit to about dark on the 24th. And a few from his land a few days later.

(You can stop the slideshow with the arrows down in the lower right corner, to view specific photos)


(I have lightened some of the pictures up)

His experience happened only 2 days later in Oklahoma on May 24, when he returned from his trip to IL.

Some of these photos are hard to look at, knowing now what we know about the fate of the Hamil family children, and others.

His {FB}letter to me is below with a little description of his personal experience. (I believe he is 25? and has his own home not far from his parents in The Village)
His family lives in Piedmont. They were all safe, thank goodness.
God Bless the people recovering from this horrible outbreak in Oklahoma and all those who died, or were injured, and their families.

A Special Prayer for the Hamil family, who lost two of their children. They are with the angels. (the reference to 'Ryan' is 3 year old Ryan Hamil, a little boy who was lost in the storm, and found later in a pond) There are no words.

(Used with permission)
From Steve:
"Hi there and I'm sorry I didn't write back sooner, I've been far too busy recently.
I actually got back to Oklahoma the day before the tornadoes and ended up at my parents house in Piedmont that evening of the 24th. After hearing about the tornado when it was still in El Reno, I took off for Piedmont to be with them.

The F5 was tracking right at their neighborhood but skipped slightly east about a mile and a half south.
We came out of the storm shelter and didn't have any damage near us but we could see the storm just northeast of us.
My dad knew the Falcon Lake edition where Ryan lived was probably hit pretty bad, he landscapes there and knew several of the families so we headed over there with boots and gloves.
I've never been in any sort of disaster especially so soon after something so tragic.
It was like something out of the movies with power lines down everywhere and a medi-flight helicopter landing by our truck.
My dad and I walked the bank of Falcon Lake before helping another party overturn Ryan's house searching for him.
At the time we were shown a pic of a girl and I realize now just how disorganized everything was.
We stayed until dark and eventually the state troopers took over and had search dogs.
We were told the dogs couldn't work with so many people around so we walked to other houses and made sure everyone was ok.

It's amazing how people were willing to help anyone with whatever they could afford to give.
I went back that Saturday to check on some land I own that was in the F5 track.
Some of the neighboring houses were slightly damaged and a few were also leveled.
My neighbors helped clean up the 5 acres and there are a few truck loads of debris piled up on what was vacant land to begin with.
I'm glad I bought the land for investment and never built on it, it was nearly ground zero.
There was even a ford truck on my street from 4 miles southwest, I have a hard time believing it blew all the way there but it sure looks the part.

In any case, words and even pictures can't put it into perspective until you see it first hand, and I really hope I never do again.

On a positive note, people here are strong willed and have been seemingly unscathed,
the cleanup is in full swing, houses are being fixed and there is a fresh foundation poured just to the west of my land.
I made an album of storm pics on my Facebook of some of the damage in Piedmont if you have time to take a look.
Thank you for the links, I have always been crazy about storms as well as my sister, she moved here just to attend the Meteorology courses at OU.
Take care and enjoy the warm weather there,

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And Cooler By The Lake

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June 12, 2011 - Quiet weather for a few days ahead. Thank Goodness! We went from high 90's to 48 degrees last week! While there are some chances for rain, the forecast really doesn't show much until we get another unsettled weather pattern mid-to late week. Temps look to be amazingly comfortable in the 70's but cooler by the lake (a bit low for June). Enjoy it while we can N. IL! Hope my corn grows now. No luck so far with germination. Planted May 18, starting to wonder??? Have a good week all ships.

June 10, 2011 - Rain and flash flood watches and warnings. But, weekend looks ok, sort of on the cool side though. If the waterway changes, I'll re-post. Something tells me the Chain will be closed for weekend boating, but it is not yet. Have a good day and weekend all! TGIF!

June 8, 2011 - Will post discussions, some maps and more information in the blog. Could get dicey around here this afternoon and tonight and again on Friday.

For now, have a strawberry from Northern IL ;)

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Link to Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service IL:

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