Joy into the New Year. Chance of Light Snow

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You just never know where you will find your 'Joy'.
Today after a busy Christmas weekend, I was doing what many Moms do, piling a few items on the stairs for the rightful owners to conveniently find (or trip over) and take to their rooms.
I happened to glance up.
There in front of my eyes, was a message in shadow on the wall, reflecting in from our front portlight window.
The window has always been decorated with a little light up 'Joy' sign for the holidays, where it reads outward.
Today, the sun had cast its shadow perfectly. The shadow message inside left me stopped in my tracks when I least expected it...

Feel free to post throughout the year, whenever you are stunned by a little moment of 'Joy' which just happens to catch you out of no where, and we'll remember those moments and this little blog together!

Onward to a Happy New Year everyone,and may you find your 'Joy' when you least expect it!

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Peace All Ships at Sea, or in Port...

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I am adding the videos of TWO REALLY BEAUTIFUL segments from Chicago Tonight Dec. 22, 2010. These were soooo special, I think they deserve a spot here at the top for the holidays because of their messages.

Vivian Maier - Street Photographer Uncovered
a href="" target="_blank">Link

The Pope's Maestro

a href="" target="_blank">Link

Dec 23: Tonight, it is late, but it appears the next wx system will go South, but cold will not escape us. Our warmth will come from within. Be safe all ships at sea, or in port or wherever you may be these blessed holidays! More importantly, all our best from Chicago to all our friends on WU around the country and the world! Peace!

Dec. 19: Guess we get into the mix soon, Mon/Tues alert posted:

Dec. 13 - Kind of bitter like that Bears game yesterday. Messiah sing along in my blog. What a beautiful concert while near blizzard conditions raged in Kenosha, WI. We traveled main roads to get there because many East/West routes were closed. I'll start a new blog soon. This one is getting long. Be safe all!

Dec. 10 - Watches have been issued for many Illinois Counties now, and Blizzard warnings in MN. Winter storm warnings have now been posted as well in Wisconsin. I'll post the IL warning here, and please check the 'Severe Wx' Section of WU for MN, IA, WI and all of the other states affected. Be safe all, these temps are more concerning for Sunday with winds up to 40 mph. Frost bite can set in within 10 minutes for exposed skin. Take care of animals, the elderly and each other...especially teens!!! and check your local municipalities for alerts.

Dec. 10 - Yesterday, our discussion actually stated, "if we drank the koolaide of the earlier models" we would have thought the storm was headed south. But, the models shifted way north and it appears they have come into agreement, but still changing a bit as it gets closer. If I'm reading today's discussion correctly and the maps, it appears we will be right on the edge of the rain/snow line here in N. IL. This will make a big difference between 1 or 2 inches, and 10-12 inches all around us. A tad worried about the freezing rain, and 10-20 mph winds. Warnings are already up for many mid-west states. Stay tuned! Have a great Friday all! TGIF!

Dec. 9 Rush hour this evening could be quite messed up by this little clipper system we have coming through. Although the accumulations don't look bad, the ice and visibility issues may cause troubles. They have issued a warning for us here in Northern IL.

The storm setting up for Saturday and Sunday is still a bit confusing on the track. Regardless, it looks to be substantial for us and then leads to high winds and bitter cold temps behind it. Wishing everyone safe travels as we head to kids concerts, family parties, business events for the holidays. Will try to update as warnings or events happen.

We have our first discussion indicating several inches of snowfall possible. I'm just thankful it is coming on the weekend, and not when all the commuters have to deal with it. I don't think it will be anything we Chicago/Illinois Winter veterans can't handle!

We have not put up the tree here yet (pic is from last year, but it makes me smile) Maybe we'll do the tree Saturday morning? If flakes are flying, it may just be 'the right time'.

I'm finding it a bit hard to get in the spirit with work and juggling several balls in the air. But, I hope anyone else who is having a hard time this holiday season will know...just know you are not alone, and find peace in your efforts.
Stop every once in a while, just for a second, and catch a snowflake, or a glimpse of a Winter sunrise or sunset, or a bird flying free...
Post a pic or thought of anything that made you just stop and relax for a moment and breathe...
My moment today wasn't captured in pics, I didn't have time. But I did notice the simple light dusting of snow on the ground and big flakes falling as I opened my eyes reaching for the coffee, and it was a quiet retreat in solitude, between kids and meows, and barks and, and, and...howling wolves at the door... metaphorically speaking...

Usually I post as a rant late at night in my comments...but will leave this as a blog.
When you are so moved...to your moment, just say Hey and hang out...
If you read my blogs--this will eventually get interesting or nutty, or sappy, or we may be buried by a snowstorm or ??? Bring it on!
Whatever it brings, Happy Holidays!

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