Hanna and Ike

By: jonelu, 7:15 PM GMT on September 04, 2008

So we managed to dodge Hanna and Ike is out for blood. Watching closely and trying my best not to be aggrevated by the doomsday bloggers at present. Not looking good for us Floridians at present...but you never know. Im waiting for the HHs to get some more data before I make my plans.The waiting is the hardest part (Tom Petty)


By: jonelu, 6:07 AM GMT on August 22, 2008

Well Fay paid us a visit. What a tracking nightmare. The shutters never went up...but we were fine...lots of rain (8inches)and 40mph winds. It was the tornados that we feared most...but it wasn't in the cards. All in all not to bad for us here in Jupiter.


By: jonelu, 6:54 PM GMT on October 31, 2007

Jupiter, FL here...just came back from beach....well whats left of it..the waters have litterally taken all the sand away and the roots of the seagrapes holding the sand dunes inplace are exposed. Its definatly sustained winds @ Tropical force right now...There are buildings evacuated and a public bathroom that is about to fall prey to the waves. And if you go to the inlet...the "surge" if you can call it that, has the tide so far up that flooding is accurring and s...

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