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By: joealaska , 4:06 PM GMT on May 09, 2014

I checked the weather radar for the greater Taylorsville area, as well as the surrounding countryside. It is just a matter of time before the rain starts. A wall of precipitation is heading right for us. No big deal. Right now it is overcast and breezy. Very comfortable.

My big entertainment lately is to listen to internet radio. It is interesting to hear people from assorted locations. I had a station from Guam on recently. Right now I have on Wyoming Public Radio. Today it is 40 degrees in Jackson, with snow and rain. How do you like it there OGAL? What is the latest on that pending landslide?

The internet remains spotty here. At times it works just fine, other times it does not work at all. I assume it will probably get worse when I hit the road, so I better get used to it. I had another blog written a few days ago but was unable to get my laptop to hook up online and post it. The Dell Dinosaur will be phased out of operation with me. With Dell abandoning me, as well as Internet Explorer having issues, it seems unavoidable.

The cats are adapting nicely. They know LEGGS is their home. Earlier this week I heard the cats wanting in, so I opened the screen door. It was dark outside, but I was able to see a third cat with them. Mostly white. That cat seemed to have an issue with Dutchie. While Fluff came right inside, Dutchie stayed underneath the RV trying to keep away from White Guy. Then there was a noise somewhere and everyone stampeded. Dutchie tore off into the gloaming toward the woods with White Guy right on her tail. They got out of sight then I heard a huge cat scream. Probably Dutchie. I went and looked for them with a flashlight, but gave up when I did not see them in the grass area.. I had seen enough of that forest.

It was a nice night, so I just sat outside and scoped out the area every once in a while with a scan of the flashlight. I soon saw a pair of glowing eyes in the distance. Later I saw it was White Guy, as he was stretched out on the road and the white color shown like a beacon. No sign of Dutchie. Every few minutes I would whistle and call for her. Then one time I called for her and she stepped out of the nearby dark and walked right up to me. I think she was nearby all along, just keeping a distance from the White devil cat.

The rain has arrived. Now inside. Some heavy stuff heading in, then it looks like there will be a break for a while. Wondering how the rain will affect the weekend camp rush. Everyone usually arrives around 2 PM or later. Last weekend one camper stayed into Monday before leaving. Normally I am all by myself during the week. But Wednesday a camper arrived and parked at the other end of the loop I am on. He came by and we talked for a few minutes. He said he was going to stay until the rain due in a couple days arrived. Today.

Last night he was walking his dog and stopped by just as it was getting dark. Dutchie was laying on the picnic table about 40 feet from where he stood and we talked. The dog was a big black guy, but he was getting old and had trouble with his rear legs and hips. So he and Dutchie just looked at each other, and there was a peace.

LARRY was a nice guy, and he liked to chat. After a while he sat down and I knew the evening was booked. We talked until about 11 PM, although at the end it was mainly him. He covered a lot of subjects, occasionally getting into religion which I am not comfortable hearing from strangers. But he never quite got to asking me if I had been SAVED...

Thank God.

Finally he decided to head back to his camper. I stayed up a while. Dutchie had retreated into the RV when Larry sat down at the picnic table. Now that he was gone she came out and headed off into the dark. I left a light on and went to bed. She lets me know she wants in when she gets back, I can hear her through the screen door or a window. That came around 5:45 AM. The temperature at night has been PERFECT for sleeping with windows wide open. Last night it got to the low 60s. I checked the long range forecast and there is a chance of rain and storms through next Wednesday. But what I hated to see was the night time temps are forecast to be in the 40s the last half of next week. I do not want to fire up a furnace just for a day or two. Cat pile.

I have a bunch of windows in the RV, some with screens, some not with screens. Dutchie found one open a couple nights ago and went out for a night cruise. I heard her crying outside and wanting in, which surprised me as I did not know she was out. It is about an 8 foot drop from that window. I was not sure if somehow she was left outside when I went to bed that night, even after I saw the open window. But next morning she used it again to jump out as I watched her. Working on rigging up some way she can jump back in on her own.

Since the fight with the White Guy, who came back for more next day, she has chosen to stay inside a lot more.

After I woke up and let Dutchie in this morning I went back to sleep. At 8 AM LARRY is back like a bad dream. My windows are open and I can hear him like he is standing in front of me. JOE? You in there Joe? JOE!? Judas Priest. Not the way I want to wake up. We had a short conversation which I hardly remember, something about him walking to get loosened up in the AM. I tried to close my eyes again, but I was up for good. I guess he wanted to say goodbye, because I looked up and he was driving out.

The rain was moving in and he left just like he said. Easy to do that in an RV.

Big Mothers Day weekend coming up. Have fun.

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35. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
3:20 PM GMT on May 18, 2014
joealaska has created a new entry.
34. dotmom
8:29 PM GMT on May 16, 2014
UK might be right you know. Just ask Cyberspilz and she wasn't even on a road!
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33. insideuk
11:59 AM GMT on May 16, 2014
One of the commentary team for the Tour of California mentioned the story of the everlasting ancient light bulb at Livermore Fire House. His colleagues sounded as if they thought he'd been duped because it couldn't possibly be true. Or alternatively that they couldn't believe he'd done THAT much research into stories about the towns they were passing through!

The brown grass certainly looks different to what I'm used to, but the lack of rain during the CA tour is blessing in disguise. In the current Giro d'italia race they started out in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic for the first 3 days last weekend (tours often start on foreign soil) and it POURED with rain almost the entire time. The riders then transferred to Italy for the rest of the stages and took the wet weather with them. The difference being that in southern Italy they don't get much rain (normally) and it has made for treacherously greasy roads. They might as well be riding on ice.

Yesterdays race was a mountain finish, but at the foot of the climb – some 7 miles short of the finish, there was carnage - 10 men toppled over each other at speed as the rain started to fall and just yards later another 25 hit the deck. One was stretchered straight to hospital. The rest knew they had to finish the days stage to be in with any chance of continuing for the next 2 weeks of the tour.

To be fair, most had to get to the finish to get urgent medical help. One who completed the climb did so with 2 broken ribs and a fractured thumb. Another had broken his thigh bone.

To see those poor men desperately trying to haul their broken bodies past the finish line with badly torn cycling suits hanging off and severe road rash, bleeding from every limb, was a bit like watching a living dead zombie movie...on bikes.

Cyclerspilze would doubtless empathise.

This, ladies and gents, is why road race cycling is the toughest extreme sport on the planet.
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32. DHaupt
8:25 AM GMT on May 16, 2014
I missed all the excitement in my own backyard! I've driven to the top of Mt. Diablo several times. The view is incredible. The base of the route winds through some of the priciest real estate in the world. I decent house with a swimming pool and landscaping is going to set you back at least $900K. Wander up to Blackhawk and you can buy in, minus a pool in the low millions! Most of those people could water their lawns with Perrier if the city cuts them off. I fellow I knew who lives up there was complaining about his $3000 water bill for one month during a previous drought! I struggle along on about $35/month.

There is an interesting and somewhat surprising fact about those brown hills. They would be brown even if we had had three feet of rain this winter. All the grasses are annuals and die off around June 1, regardless. That's true of the California coastal regions from San Francisco clear down to Santa Barbara. The only advantage to this drought is that in these grassy regions, the fire season might not be so bad because there is nothing much to burn. My guess is that you might mow 500 pounds of grass per acre right now. Makes a nice bonfire without very many embers. In wet years, the are many tons per acre of fuel and the fires are proportionally greater.

Southern California is another story. There is just tons of flammable brush, grass and houses nestled in them ready for a match. Lots of fuel; oxygen supply, given and driven by the Santa Anna winds; ignition source: one paper match will do the job. There is a lot of juniper and manzanita which are infamous for burning hot, full of oils and throwing off embers like Roman Candles. If it weren't for the swimming pools, there would be little water to put out any sort of fire. It is an environmental disaster.

One big advantage to going bald, Joe, is that it makes it easy to apply fluorouricil (Efudex) to your scalp to kill the keratoses and little skin cancers that might develop. Wear a hat and sunscreen!
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31. dotmom
1:21 PM GMT on May 15, 2014
JoeA is brave. He thought we might do a cleaner job with the haircut than he normally does. Dad said he used to shave his Dad's neck (with a straight-edge razor) and that was good enough for JoeA. The only shaving I've ever done is with a little Bic on my legs, so I didn't feel qualified. It all turned out great. And UK is right - there was much grey matter around for the birds to make nests with - but most was picked up and trashed. Couldn't resist asking UK to post the photos (since I am too dumb to do it). A 91 y/o dad shaving his son's head seemed a bit unusual. The last time I saw a "homemade" job on JoeA's head was when he was 9 months old and my brother thought he looked like a little girl with his blonde, curly locks and he got the scissors and shaver and made him into a little boy.

Thanks UK for posting.
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30. insideuk
11:20 AM GMT on May 15, 2014
I like to think of all those birds nesting on soft fluffy greyish bedding in the trees around a certain KY golf course. It makes up for all the times a miss hit ball has threatened their prized perches, doesn't it Joe?

Having a new ipad has enabled me to lie in bed watching my skinny cyclists competing live in the Tour of California at silly o'clock via a whizzy tour app from the race sponsors.


On Tuesday night I got to view the streets to the east of Livermore in all their straight lined bone dry glory, although strangely that didn't prevent several nasty accidents occurring amongst the peloton. Much ripping of skin tight suits was going on in the carnage, along with the skin underneath. I'd imagine they had to swill the roads down after they had passed by the route between Livermore and Mount Diablo, there was much blood spilt along with buckets of sweat. It certainly got very hot and sticky - far too hot to even think of racing up a mountain. But they did it anyway.

The brown grassland all around was certainly indicative of the terrible drought conditions in that part of the world. Though the strikingly colourful golf courses, coiffured lawns and the huge number of swimming pools on offer showed that some water was still getting used in little pockets of green oasis. Some very nice housing stock to be had along those roads, and all with a perfect vantage point for the cycling race.

Almost as perfect as my vantage point tucked up in my own little nest thousands of miles away!

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29. DHaupt
8:03 AM GMT on May 15, 2014
as ever behaves rather unpredictably -- 
  • Has anyone besides me tried out Rich Text?
  • It 
  • Oh what a bother!
98 in Livermore this afternoon. Tied the old record from 1972. The real shocker was that Santa Cruz broke the old record of 80 by 16 degrees. Likewise Monterrey!
Go away. Oh good, bullets went away. I can't get rid of Bold though. Go away, 
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28. Arbie
3:42 AM GMT on May 15, 2014
Hm. Let's see. Who is not in the picture?

Sorry to hear about your pup Rotty. Was it the one with the tumor?
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27. Rotty3
1:25 AM GMT on May 15, 2014
Thank you UK. Much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing the pix of JoeAK being almost electrocuted by OJ aka JoeKY.

Dotmom: sounds like JoeAK screamed lol. Funny how age and hair are inversely proportional ;)
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26. insideuk
8:43 PM GMT on May 14, 2014
Sorry for the loss of your pup Rotty.
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25. insideuk
7:55 PM GMT on May 14, 2014

If this doesn't frighten the horses...

....nothing will!

I'm afraid I cannot reveal my source Pud.
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24. Rotty3
6:34 PM GMT on May 14, 2014
Lotis: i lost another pupster... No, you didn't miss it. I didn't bring it up since it should have been a happy occasion for many.
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23. lotis2
4:15 PM GMT on May 14, 2014

Rotty: Did I miss something? Why was Sunday such a sad day? Or would you rather not say?

What ever it was, hope you are feeling better now.
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22. cybersuze
11:14 PM GMT on May 13, 2014
I'm telling you, who needs Snowden when you have Inside UK?
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21. Rotty3
9:07 PM GMT on May 13, 2014
UK: 'fraid ain't no other equine behind that one. But thanks for the smile ... I need it. House is a bit more quiet since Sunday. :(
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20. insideuk
5:31 PM GMT on May 13, 2014
Quoting Rotty3:
osdianna: yes, that's a Union Jack on the top right. Methinks UK doctored that one in ;)

UK: The large sized equine image might not be youth rated. Take a closer look :P

Thanks for giving me something to smile after a sad Sunday.

That's another horse stood behind isn't it?! I'm an innocent in such matters.

Besides, I was too busy questioning how come that horse (far right) appears to have a rechargeable power point on its arse to notice anything else...
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19. Rotty3
5:14 PM GMT on May 13, 2014
osdianna: yes, that's a Union Jack on the top right. Methinks UK doctored that one in ;)

UK: The large sized equine image might not be youth rated. Take a closer look :P

Thanks for giving me something to smile after a sad Sunday.
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18. osdianna
3:58 PM GMT on May 13, 2014
Do I see a British flag in that inside photo? It's all very cozy-looking. Also...thanks for the explanation UK; I will print it out for future use/reading. It makes my brain tired before I have had my obligatory two cups of coffee!
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17. insideuk
10:38 AM GMT on May 13, 2014
You can still attach photos and create links in the new WU. What this new 'blank page' design system has done is remove what was once obvious but unstylish and made it trendily obscured.

In Classic WU you have, above the comment box, a choice of BOLD, ITALIC, LINK & IMAGE. These are laid out for you in little boxes with the actual words written inside the boxes so that they appear like they might actually do something if you were to click on them. And they do.

In new GlowyWU they have moved these options to just below left of the comment box, and have changed them into symbols without boxes. Also without any explanation of what they mean / can do.

So you will see a capital 'B' for bold, a slightly sloped 'I' for italic, a picture of a coupled chain link for link and finally a picture depicting what one assumes is 2 triangle mountains and a circle for a sun within a photo frame shape – and that is now your insert an image option.

You see what they did there?

They made it much more user friendly didn't they...


If you haven't used such gimmicks before then here is how they work. To either embolden or make into italic your typeface you need to first highlight the chosen word you have typed within your comment box. To achieve this you click your mouse at the start of that word and holding down the left button of your mouse you can drag a blue 'highlight' over that word. That is called selecting.

Once a word, (or a whole sentence or paragraph if you wish) is 'selected' (highlighted in blue) you can then click on the 'B' underneath the comment box. This will add some odd looking coding around your selected word (sentence or paragraph) which will look like it has made a nonsense of it all to you, but if you now click on the 'PREVIEW COMMENT' button you will see exactly how your comment will appear once it is finally posted to the website. So you should now see your word (sentence or paragraph) in BOLDER TYPE.

Ditto with the italic option. After you have selected the words, click on the sloped 'I', click PREVIEW COMMENT and your words will have developed a slant.

With links here is what can be done.

If you wanted to direct your reader to a different webpage of interest, say a BBC news site, then open up that page in a separate tab. Tabs are the things that allow you to have open more than one webpage within your browser at the same time, and are located at the top of every browser, resembling an old fashioned index tab in an old fashioned paper filing system.

Now you need to copy the address of that webpage from the address bar (the bit that says www.bbc.co.uk/news at the top of the screen). To do this hover your mouse over the address bar and then RIGHT CLICK on your mouse. An option list opens up and you need to select (by left clicking) the COPY option.

Now go back to your comment box on the blog and click on the comment box at the place where you would like to insert the link, so that the cursor is blinking just where you want to put the link. Next, click on the coupled chain links icon beneath the comment box. A new small box will open up, hold your mouse over the blue box and RIGHT CLICK on your mouse, select the 'PASTE' option and the box will be filled with the address you had previously copied. Now select 'OK' from the small box, then select PREVIEW COMMENT beneath the comment box. Now check to see that your LINK has appeared.

If you want to get really whizzy you can select some of the actual words that you typed into your comment box, by highlighting them with your mouse as before – then click the COUPLED CHAIN LINK ICON and enter your copied address. Click on OK. Then PREVIEW COMMENT. Now your link is made up from the actual words you have typed (as opposed to just saying LINK).

for example: www.bbc.co.uk/news

For inserting an image into a comment.

Importantly the image needs to be one which has already been uploaded to a website. Take for instance one of Joes images from WU. Select any photo from Joealaska and leave that on an open WU tab. On another tab have open the blog and the comment box page. Now RIGHT CLICK your mouse over the photo you wish to copy, and select 'COPY IMAGE URL' by left clicking that option from the list.

Now go back to the blog page and left click your mouse on the comment box to put the blinking cursor in the place where you would like the photo to show up. Then click on the small icon that looks like 2 small triangle mountains with a circular sun inside a photo frame (located beneath the comment box). A new small box will open up, inside this blue box you should RIGHT CLICK your mouse and select the 'PASTE' option. Then left click the 'OK' button.

Now click on PREVIEW COMMENT and wait with baited breath whilst before your very eyes the image opens up, showing you just how it will look once you have posted.

If you don't see the image in the preview section then something got cocked up and you can close that tab and start over again. It won't actually show up in the blog to the rest of the world until you click POST COMMENT. So using the preview comment allows you to check if your select, copy and pasting has worked as expected.

Now, if you wish to keep these instructions handy you can use your mouse to select (highlight in blue) all this text en block, right click and copy it. Then paste it onto an open blank word processing document and either print of file it for later use!

OK Pudden Head?
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16. insideuk
5:54 AM GMT on May 13, 2014

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
15. joealaska
2:10 AM GMT on May 13, 2014
I wanted to post an inside pic of LEGGS but was unable. Can you still make an attachment to comments, or add a link?

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
13. joealaska
11:56 PM GMT on May 12, 2014
It only took four days of trying to get those photos posted. Part of the problem I feel is the site, which has not looked right for those same days. But my internet here sucks, and that could be the issue too.
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12. insideuk
9:33 PM GMT on May 12, 2014
New photos available at Joes latest photos (recommended link available to the right side of the screen)


There is also a new photo of the rear end of Dutchie but it won't show in the photo pages, it can only currently be viewed in thumbnail size on Joes Classic WU blog page.

WU knows why.

I don't.
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11. Ylee
2:03 AM GMT on May 12, 2014
Dotmom, I hope you and all the other moms that come by here had a good Mothers Day!
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10. iaotter
1:14 AM GMT on May 12, 2014
Happy Mothers' Day to all.
Wild weather in southern Iowa. Tornadoes and heavy rain and other high winds.
Seems like our weather goes in streaks across the state. This time it was south of interstate 80 and just rain for us 'northerners'. More stuff moving in from the west, but with any luck it will skim north before it gets too much further east.
Took dog up to the cemetery on the top of the hill for her run. One of the more beautiful spots around here. Can look out over the river bottom and see the sunset. Saw a turkey vulture flying just a little over head high. They fly low over the top of the hill and pick up the thermals from the fields that are just down the wooded slope. It is fun to watch them. They are so ugly and clumsy on the ground, but they sure are beautiful in the air. They are about the same size as an eagle but have ragged wing edges instead of smooth flight feathers. From a distance they look a lot like juvenile eagles before they get the white head and tail feathers.
Spring violets, wild phlox, Solomon's seal, Dutchman's britches and the lilac and early iris are all up and blooming.
Iowa is wonderful in the spring. Maybe our best season other than early fall with all the leaves turning. Or maybe winter when everything is clean and white and waiting for the next growing season. Or maybe summer with all the garden veggies and summer ball games and little town festivals. Guess I just like living where there are four seasons. Sure keeps things from being boring.
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9. Arbie
11:56 AM GMT on May 11, 2014
Happy Mothers Day to all. I'm in a spring cleaning mood so that is probably how I'll spend my day.

We had a good rain Friday but nothing extraordinary. We needed the rain so it was good.

We have had an extraordinarily cool and pleasant spring but I think that is over. On to hot and humid!

We went to a Bruce Springsteen concert this past week. He's still giving those 3-hour concerts. I hope I'm as strong as Bruce when I get to be that age. He sets a good example.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
8. Rotty3
2:15 AM GMT on May 11, 2014
Grateful here in the northern part of FL that we dodged the bullet so to speak for a change. I know Pensacola got hammered again. At least we "only" were slammed with 6+ inches, their most recent event was 22-24" (around 60 cm), some areas even more in 24 hours. That's the type of precip we usually get with 'canes. Thankfully, haven't had many of those lately.
By Thursday we're supposed to be hit by 70%. Keeping fingers crossed it will be a non-event. A bit tired of the dousings.

Today was super windy though. The other day a huge piece of mistletoe crashed out of one of the ol' live oak trees. Too bad it's not closer to Christmas lol. Hard to preserve that stuff till then. Oh well ....

Hope all Mom's out there are having a great special day (or, if in the UK, it was celebrated a while ago, then happy belated Mum's Day).

Dotmom: you didn't have to endure any lines today, right? ;)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
7. dotmom
12:06 PM GMT on May 10, 2014
OSDiana, DHaupt and InsideUK - thank you for the Mother's Day wishes! We are getting rained on here in Louisville, KY . That's okay - we need some moisture. I think later today it is going to clear up. From what I read in the morning paper, there was a nice storm downtown (13 miles away) last night around 8 p.m. We had a teeny shower, but certainly no storm. Must have been isolated, but there were trees down, so it also must have been rather strong.

Keep the umbrellas handy and your sunny side up!!! :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
6. insideuk
11:05 AM GMT on May 10, 2014
Yup, Taylorsville is looking distinctly damp for several days. You will need to make the most of the dry weather late on Sunday evening if you are planning on a cook out. Though any day of the week will bring a gentle rinse cycle to any salad vegetables you choose to munch upon.

Attach the leaves to Dutchie for a quick spin cycle.

Though you may have to spend time with that flashlight retrieving tossed particles from the forest. It's a shame your newly departed friend Larry left or you could have had company for the shady salad sortie.

He could have talked you through the whole mixed bag.

Mothers day was several weeks ago here, but I'll wish Dotmom and others a happy Sunday/ Saturday lunch for those with sharp elbows that hate waiting in line...



It might seem a little odd to be doing this from thousands of miles away, but if Muriel is heading into Sacramento this weekend then please let her know that she may find many road closures due to a cuppla hundred skinny men on bicycles whizzing through the city and surrounding areas for the start of the Tour of California. The first stage is on Sunday May 11th, starting at 10.50am from State Capital, L Street, Sacramento, heading north out the city hugging the east bank of the Sacramento River, to Pleasant Grove, Lincoln, Auburn and Hwy 49 to COOL (by which time it will be 75f). Then they come south and west back into Sacramento city centre for 3 laps amongst the gathered crowds.

They manage to create traffic trubba wherever they go and Muriel should attempt to avoid getting caught up in the hullaballoo. I'll provide you with a nice map of the route – just to be sure...

But if she happens to find a discarded TEAM SKY water bottle just laying around in a ditch somewhere then can I have first dibs on bidding for it please?

Go WIGGO!!!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. DHaupt
8:57 AM GMT on May 10, 2014
A Happy Mother's Day, Dot and everyone else. We don't have big plans, but will certainly hear for all the kids, might even see them. Actually, Muriel is headed for Sacramento tomorrow morning to see Kathy, our daughter. I am staying home to make a large batch of ground, meaty critters for our carnivores.

Cats are obligate carnivores and occasional pets. You just have to respect their cathood. We have tried confining them in the totally unnatural environment in the house, but once they get a taste of freedom, they will come and go as they please. Out of the nearly 30 cats that we have had over the years, only two vanished in the night. We have had a couple of serious injuries, but not due to evil forces.

I remember a NOVA program on cats some years ago that showed how the domestic house cat has virtually identical behavior as a Bengal tiger. If they weighed 600 lbs., our lives wouldn't be worth a cent; we would be unground, meaty cat food. So we feed them well, tend to their abscesses and let them pile on top of us if and when they so choose.

Cool weather is about over. It's supposed to hit 84 on Mother's Day and be up to the mid-upper-90s by Wednesday. Our hills barely got green this winter and the mustard grass was pretty feeble as well. The hills are already mostly brown and lifeless appearing. We may not have a serious fire season this year because, dry as it is, there isn't much fuel. We are now under a mandatory 25% water use reduction. We are allowed only enough water to keep lawns alive. "He causeth his rain to fall upon the just and upon the unjust." Of course, in our case, "He causeth his rain not to fall upon the just nor upon the unjust." How nice! AND how are we to know who is which?
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. osdianna
6:26 AM GMT on May 10, 2014
Happy Mother's Day early Dotmom...and best wishes to all the mothers out there for Sunday too.

Dutchie is as independent as a cat can be and still be attached to a human; she is who she is. That's what makes cats such interesting creatures.

I drove four of us to the Tulalip (Indian) Museum north of Seattle on Thursday; left Maggie the dog (yellow lab) outside, knowing it would be raining, but not expecting the 1.12 inches we got. She has a spot against the protected back of the house, under a dense lilac bush. She was wet, but not soaked through to her undercoat, despite it being a 13-hour trip with all the traffic on the return and dinner out, etc. A doggie door is not an option with all the wild things in the neighborhood, so I will be getting a big dog house on sturdy legs and hoping she uses it. Have to figure a way to keep the slugs out...eeeuuuwww...probably a ring of salt around the legs, the doghouse not the dog's. The two cats elected to stay inside...wise choice.

The museum, called the Hibulb Cultural Center, is new...opened in 2011...made of beautiful natural materials, is beautifully made and tastefully furnished, and was a really interesting experience. It is a celebration of their relationship with the cedar and salmon. The main exhibit featured their art...just gorgeous weaving and carvings.

Lots to see and do in this part of the country; too bad it all seems to involve driving through Seattle. While I love to see things, I really dislike going through the center of the city; only good thing was we got to use the HOV lanes most of the time. Can't seem to avoid rush hour, though, and it's a real bear. Not enough people traveling together or taking mass transit...so many of those cars contain just one person. I think it is their only chance to be alone, in their own space.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. dotmom
6:08 PM GMT on May 09, 2014
Thanks Rotty for the Mother's Day wishes. We will be going out for lunch tomorrow as this mother hates waiting in line on special days. It will be nice to be with at least two of my kidlets! And the very best of wishes to all those who are Mothers and share in the commentary of this blog. Have a peaceful and blessed day.

PS: Kozy, please don't worry. JoeA is a good mother and is very watchful over them. They are animals and like to act like animals as much as they can. (That would be Dutchie and Fluff - not JoeA!) :)
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2. Rotty3
5:31 PM GMT on May 09, 2014
Happy Early Mom's Day to Dotmom!

As for the felines, they will be fine kozy. But of course, it's your choice. After the adventures with Hoppy and Co. as well as Farfle and Crew, I doubt much fazes these two. Though it seems, Fluffy is the wiser one lol.

Hope everyone stays safe. We're looking at more wet in the Deep South. Just what we need... NOT!

How did everyone in TX fare? Saw Dallas resembled Pensacola... Time to go and build an ark. Sigh.
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1. kozycolorado
5:13 PM GMT on May 09, 2014
I am terrified for your cats. I feel a tragedy is inevitable. You are their guardian. You need to guard them. I really wish you would rethink this journey with them.

I have to stop reading your blog because I don't want to know what happens. Safe travels, Joe!
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