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By: joealaska , 4:31 PM GMT on April 27, 2014

Yes, I was tired after yesterday. Went to bed early but could not sleep.

I hate moving. And I almost always have done it by myself. I had to clean out the apartment, which was not that bad, but it took time and I wanted my damage deposit back. I still have a bad taste in my mouth after leaving Dutch. That landlord stood me up at the last minute for an inspection of the place. Then after I was gone they sent me a note saying they were keeping my $300 because of some damages and the place being left dirty. I spent three or four days cleaning it, I knew he was coming. But he did not show and it was his word against mine.

So I got that done on Saturday just as Dotmom and Yella came by to help me take a bed back that I was using. That was taken care of. Now Dotmom was going to help me out and drive me over to New Albany, Indiana to pick up the restless and waiting LEGGS. Then I was surprised to hear BIG JOE was going to come along. He normally likes to stay close to the house nowadays. But he had yet to visit LEGGS in person, plus now they would follow me out to Taylorsville and see my new hood.

We got out here with no problems. The girl at the front gate here was a little confused, and I thought there was a last minute problem with the campsite. But that was not the case. So I am now camped among the horses. As I type they are saddling one up in the next campsite over, about 50 feet away. It is all good with the horses, nice to see them riding around. Lots of horse sounds. One guy just drove by and he had a trailer with a few horses. One of them was screaming at the other horses tied up nearby, who all had wide eyes and perked ears. Horse talkin’.

The only problem are the kids around here. I know, I know. This is kid country. I am in THEIR territory. I am in a campsite that is a few hundred feet from a kids play area. It is a state park. I glanced at the rules they have out here, and there is a supposedly a QUIET TIME starting at 10 or 11 PM. Not sure. Normally that is no problem as I tend to stay up a bit later. Not last night. I laid down and had the windows open. Th evening was cooling down, but the RV was still warm from the day. I had my generator running for a while, but turned it off late, around 10. That is when I tried to go to sleep, but the kids were playing still. I figured the noise would stop soon as everyone started getting ready for bed. WRONG Dogface. I mean they were SCREAMING and HOLLERING. I was wondering what kind of parents they had, then it hit me...SMART. Smart parents. Send those screamers off to the playground until they were all screamed out and ready for bed. Then, and only then, should you come back Johnny. I bet it was a lot quieter at the parents campsite than it was at mine. It went on and on, and I just put up with it. It was so bad that I thought CERTAINLY this can’t be a common thing out here. Night #2 approacheth...

It is a nice area, scenic, and right now...quiet.

I took an hour to assemble my new BBQ grill after I was set up at the site. A basic device that was made way to complicated. I bought it because it was cheap and on sale. But this one has a hinged lid, as well as a rack inside that serves a warmer tray.. The warmer moves as you open and close the damn thing. Hell, all I needed was a bucket and a lid.

I left the cats back at the apartment while I brought the RV to Taylorsville. I actually went back to Louisville and picked then up, about 75 extra miles. I put them in cat carriers. I knew it was coming, but you are never really ready. The yowl fest. Fluff does it for a while, then calms down. Dutchie is unreal. It was worse then ever this time. I was timing it, one intense MEOW / YOWL every second One per second. Never stopping. The best way I handle it is mock everything she does. It surprises her, sometimes she loses her concentration. But only for a bit. She is relentless. But I watched her, and as she screamed and cried, she was rolling around on her back and waving her paws staring at me, like she was almost having a good time. Maybe she was just messing with me. I stopped for some food at the local store 8 miles away, then went camping.

The cats immediately hid under the blankets on the bed, but it was quiet. Eventually Fluff was out sniffing around, Dutchie was hiding until after dark. But they were out and checking out the window views. They did not want to go out in any way. Too early for that. Fine.

After I finish this, I move the RV to my permanent location for the next month. This place is full, and they were unable to keep me in the same spot the entire period. One day off. But now I set up for good. The space is one spot over. 50 feet closer to that playground.

The refrigerator is not working, but I believe I know what is wrong and it will be fixed tomorrow, hopefully. Steve and Becky, previous owners, had just bought the RV when Steve passed away. Becky was only able to show me general info regarding the vehicle, a lot based on her knowledge of the RV they owned before this one. So I knew there would be hiccups, no big deal. Frankly the refrigerator may be an easy fix.

Hope to post pics later. Move the RV. Cook out lunch. I got stuff to do.

Buying the tow dolly tomorrow.

Tornado chance the next couple days. A nice breeze just came through...

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14. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
3:22 PM GMT on May 02, 2014
joealaska has created a new entry.
13. dotmom
3:42 PM GMT on May 01, 2014
Rabbit, Rabbit!!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
12. Ylee
2:09 PM GMT on May 01, 2014
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy May!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
11. dotmom
5:59 PM GMT on April 29, 2014
I say thanks also Arbie. (for the link)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
10. miyuki
2:38 PM GMT on April 29, 2014
Thanks for the link Arbie, you're a peach!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
9. Arbie
11:57 AM GMT on April 29, 2014
In case anybody needs it, this is a link you can use to get to Joe's wunderground pictures. Click on the link, then bookmark/favorite the page on your browser when it opens up. http://www.wunderground.com/wximage/joealaska
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
8. Arbie
2:17 AM GMT on April 29, 2014
I don't think I ever developed parent ears LOL. My ears used to ring for hours after my sons' birthday parties when they were young. All their male bonding activities involved yelling in each others faces or jumping on each other or both. I grew up in a family of 4 daughters so it was quite a new experience. When they were in preschool their class was almost all boys and their teacher commented that it was a little noisier than normal. I didn't know what she meant really until the birthday parties started up.

It is heating up in Texas. It looks like midsummer in Ohio
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
7. cybersuze
1:41 AM GMT on April 29, 2014
Thanks for the photo insideuk! I am confused about where to find photos with this new format! Wow, that's a big RV! hope to see it up close and personal later this month. Are you there now? :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
6. insideuk
9:17 PM GMT on April 28, 2014

Room to stretch your Leggs.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. Rotty3
6:06 PM GMT on April 28, 2014
Joe, with all the technology, it might be wise for future situations to do a walk through and take videos of the place...

Hoping everyone is safe. These storms are starting up pretty rough already. Sounds like we may be in for a tough storm season.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. cybersuze
3:15 PM GMT on April 28, 2014
Do hope its only rain. That should keep those cats in! And good thing the moving is done! Enjoy the event!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. dotmom
12:26 PM GMT on April 28, 2014
When I first came to this sight, it told me the blog had been removed - voila! it is back again. Whatever!

We got the rain and lots of it and it isn't over yet. So far, we haven't been hit like some folks out west where there are deaths from tornados. Please Lord,. just let it be a calm rain.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. insideuk
9:15 AM GMT on April 28, 2014
I have this theory that when humans become parents something happens within their cochlea that prevents the normal function of the ears. I noticed this when my sister became mother to 2 sons – suddenly the chaos surrounding her could be happening at a thousand decibels and yet she didn't seem to notice the deafening din. It invariably was emanating from the boys themselves – there is definitely an age at which they find it impossible to speak without shouting.

And if they think you aren't listening then they find it within their half pint lung capacity to take it up a notch.

Or 7.

This theory has recently been backed up by Jack, my near neighbour's boy. He has now reached the age where he is given the freedom to play outside without the awful handicap of a parent watching. As have all of Jacks school friends. They have, during this dry and mild Easter break, learned to congregate outside my house to play football and ride their bikes. Both activities involve them being a long distance from each other but equidistant from ME. And they never stop yelling at each other. EVER.

If adult neighbours were causing this much racket there would be uproar and unfettered exasperation*....

*Well, uproar and unfettered exasperation by British standards, which is tantamount to a barely audible tut-tut and a rolling of the eyes. Often disapproval would be duly noted in a strongly worded, entirely anonymous, letter to the local councils noise pollution team. Such local government departments are legally entitled to confiscate the stereo system or amplifiers of annoying neighbours, but as far as I know they will not sequestrate noisy children.

It is with huge relief that I noticed the children solemnly trudging past the house as school reopened after the holidays this morning. They are still half asleep at 8.40am on account of having been up still bouncing off the kerb stones until past MY bedtime last night. Come mid morning playtime I shall be able to hear them coming to life again.

I'd really like to learn how to develop 'parent ears'.

Obviously just being a cat parent isn't enough, or Joe would have switched off to Dutchies travel yowling within yards of leaving the apartment.

I think the best thing Joe can do to attain peace and quiet so close to the play area is to accidentally on purpose confuse it for a dump station. Being a novice RV'er I think you could get away with it at least once...per state park...

Though you may lose your good housekeeping deposit?
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. joealaska
1:38 AM GMT on April 28, 2014
Just about to the fire the grill up when I heard distant thunder. A wave of thunderstorms came thru, nice rain, thunder and lightening. After about an hour, it subsided. Now a new wave has arrived, straight from the south. Better than ever. Radar puts us in line for more.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:

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