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By: joealaska , 2:29 AM GMT on March 29, 2014

Watching the game before the UK - UL game (Tenn versus Mich). So far it is all Michigan. And that is good for DotMom. She is in a basketball pool and is LEADING at this point. After tonight it could change. There are 35 entrants, not bad. She usually does pretty good in these brackets. She says she is going to be on her computer for a while, and I know she is back there crunching algorithms regarding team performances...

OH, BY THE WAY, JoeKentucky turns 91 tomorrow. It seems like it was only a year or so ago that he turned 90. We may have to wait until Sunday to celebrate, when we can go out to dinner based around the time Louisville plays in the next round. That is correct, I pick Louisville.

Talked with Taylorsville State Park, a nice lady there. They have some CAMPER-IFFIC weekend on the weekend I want to pull in. The place is booked. But there is that EQUINE AREA. This park has an interesting specialty... serving campers with horses. I guess people come through with a trailer and a horse and need a place to graze. OK with me. Now I can arrive when I need to, and I get a deal until early June.

Got a call from Dutch tonight. Just a catch up call, and talking NCAA basketball. Typical FRIDAY. The container vessel is arriving late. They will be there until midnight or later, starting early, maybe 8:30 AM. I really miss that fun!!

Watching the BIG game now. Louisville is having their way with UK.

Good to be in Kentucky right now.

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18. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
4:49 PM GMT on April 03, 2014
joealaska has created a new entry.
17. Rotty3
3:44 PM GMT on April 03, 2014
Happy (super belated) Bday to JoeKY (aka OJ).
Days are a bit crazy here, but soon slowing down again. The usual this time of the year, so not unexpected.

Hope everyone is enjoying nice spring weather. We've been nicely toasty in the upper 70s/low 80s F (25-28C). Though we have been soggy for a while. Alas.

iaotter: hope that pup gets some nap. One of mine just got diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Could use a few good thoughts for improvement.

All is well here, just coming up for a breath of air. Not much time, but it will get better come end of the month :)
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16. insideuk
11:50 AM GMT on April 03, 2014
I am currently living under a thick blanket of smog. The MET office has taken over responsibility for informing the British public when there is dangerously high air pollution – literally it became their job on Monday this week. On that very day I could have given the forecast myself, so could anyone else, as we had this huge cloud of reddish dust arrive from a southerly airflow. Since then we have had little wind to blow it away.

Just enough of a breeze to shuffle it around really.

Effectively it has dumped a quantity of the Saharan desert onto every surface, and with every light shower of rain the film of dust increases. Betti looks like she has the chicken pox.

They measure the pollution on a scale of 1 to 10, and in Derby we are currently wavering between 8 and 9. I think in comparison to somewhere like Beijing what we have is one-point-something. In comparison to what we used to get in the 1950's it barely rates. We got wussy.

And yet it is unpleasant.

Yesterday I took a short drive up the motorway in the East Midlands and in that already traffic polluted corridor the smog sits like a thick fog all day long. At night it picks up the reflected city lights and has the appearance of an orange glowing mist.

It's not good news for anyone with pre-existing respiratory problems like asthma, they have been advised to stay indoors and not exert themselves. The schools have locked the kids indoors during break time for fear of them running around and breathing deeply.

Or possibly they just don't want to have to keep cleaning red footprints off the hall floors?

I am fortunate, in that I don't have any such health issues and the hall floor is already covered in mucky paw prints, but even I can feel the dust in my eyes. It is very similar to when the pollen count goes way off the top of the scale – as only when we reach record levels do I recognise anything close to hayfever type symptoms.

So at this juncture I am having to regularly turn myself upside down to force soothing drops into my eyes. I have explained this palaver before on the blog, suffice to say that I have a phobia of having STUFF put into my eyes. It has taken me many years to find a method of getting drops near my eyeballs and it essentially involves contortions normally only witnessed in the circus ring.

My spine shall be grateful for the change in wind direction due tomorrow.
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15. dotmom
12:07 AM GMT on April 02, 2014
OSdianna: I have done quite a bit of walking throughout the years. You know, it is a habit. I walked anywhere from a mile to 2 miles each day and often in the winter. But when we had those drought summers, I got out of the habit because it was so darn hot and never really got back into it. I think the age was another good excuse and then JoeKY used to walk a lot too and we did it together and now he just can't cover much territory any more. The last good walk he took was on his 90th birthday last year and we walked the new walking bridge over the Ohio. There are many benches located on it - we took our time and he got lots of breaks - and he made it with no problem.

Oh how we like a good excuse!
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14. osdianna
9:15 PM GMT on April 01, 2014
Dotmom...walking is so good for you, and it keeps me pretty healthy. I don't have a lot of aches and pains, unless I walk too much! I want to get a long-sleeved t-shirt or sweatshirt that just says, "KEEP MOVING" on the front.

We had sunshine yesterday...lots of extra people on the beach with spring break plus there were 5 days of razor clam digging, both north of us and south...just not here. Still, a lot of people stayed here in our motels; we have more than our share of them (motels).
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13. dotmom
9:01 PM GMT on April 01, 2014
Iaotter: That poor puppy - I can just see it racing around and barking. That is it's job you know!

Also, about this cold, ice pellets, etc., I hope you are not encouraging them to move on into KY - are you? The weatherman says we are going to get some storms on Thursday and the temps are dropping. It has been 40 years since the big tornado here in KY and Louisville. I still remember that afternoon like it was last week. We had lots of devastation, but few deaths here in the city (Brandenburg a bit south had 18 or 19 - if I remember correctly) I never want to experience anything like that again.

Today is beautiful and I took a 20 minute walk. A person who might know said that if you walk 20 minutes (continuously) 3 or 4 times a week, you can change your metabolism. I need to work on that!!!
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12. iaotter
3:30 PM GMT on April 01, 2014
Well, spring seems to be over in Iowa. Rain and wintry mix followed by snow and more wintry mix with ice pellets. That is the forecast for the next three days. Spring was nice while it lasted. Yesterday we had winds that created dust flurries and in places almost brown outs. At least it was warm, like in shorts and t-shirts weather warm.
Poor dog is still trying to supervise the siding guys. It will be nice to have the siding put on so the Tyvek stops crackling and snapping in the wind.
Right now the house is all white with the bold tyvek logo printed all over it.
Dog got a break yesterday as we were out of town, but this morning she is back on the job circling the windows trying to see who is pounding and sawing where. With three of them working she is in constant motion trying to see what they are all up to. Poor thing will be exhausted when I get back tonight. Or, I may take pity on her and just take her along. She doesn't mind staying in the car while I do errands and it is cold enough that I don't have to worry about her getting overheated. It might be the only place she can nap in peace today.
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11. dotmom
1:40 AM GMT on March 31, 2014
Hi Everyone: I am a little behind on the blog. I had no idea JoeA had composed a new one and there were so many "comments." Thanks to all who wished JoeKY a Happy Birthday! Let's say there was not as much hoopla as we usually drum up for him. No kids came in from out of town. They say that this year they are going to make a big deal out of Dotmom's 80th at the end of May. They know we old timers can only handle one of these a year.

The weekend has been wild with the Cards game on Friday night. What a game and it looked like UL could pull it off until 4 minutes before the end and yes, they did run out of gas and beat themselves on poor free-throwing. It's history. We enjoyed the entire season so much and we are thankful for that. As someone mentioned - wait till next year - and we here in Louisville have used that phrase - more than once.

You wouldn't believe, but we had two funerals to attend on Saturday. Ladies in their mid-90s who lived long lives and were really ready to "go." So after the funerals, we still have games to watch and a birthday to celebrate. We decided to go out for dinner and we did. We watched games (but not as late as 1:30 like Friday night). Had to be up and ready for mass at 8:30 today. Needless to say - it has been a whirlwind of a weekend for a couple of super seniors.

Yes, Dotmom was leading in the bracket pool (about 35 people) for a day or two. I think I was ahead before the whole thing started. Now I'm down to 6th and dropping. It is over!

I'm just going to enjoy the games here on out. I do not care for the UK coach but that doesn't mean I won't root for the boys. I believe they will take it all!
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10. joealaska
10:07 PM GMT on March 30, 2014
Well the Kentucky Michigan game is tied at half time...

It will not end that way.
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9. insideuk
3:01 PM GMT on March 30, 2014
The NCAA basketball hasn't gained a mention on any branch of the British media.....until today, when the story was focused on the trubba in Tucson!

It does strike me as odd that a 'riot' is the phrase being used when all the footage shows is a bunch of drunken students lining a street holding their camera phones aloft whilst the cops went in for a spot of Pamplona style bull running.

They 'riot' in a remarkably relaxed and orderly manner in comparison to the British standard, post critical sporting eventages.

And with a far greater use of open toe sandals during the month of March.

I note the wildcats take on the wolverines in a few hours time. I hope all those in the great state of Kentucky behave themselves later. Apparently the computer prediction (Odds Shark) is a 73-73 dead heat.

But given it's a cool night forecast in those parts I'd say the cops hot pepper spray will come as welcome relief for any unclad toes.

Everyone's a winner.

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8. miyuki
12:50 AM GMT on March 30, 2014
Enjoy your special day, eat lots of cake and I hope they shower you with lots of pressies !
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7. DHaupt
11:55 PM GMT on March 29, 2014
You'd all be advised to bet in favor of UK. I suffer from mild vertigo and always sit or lean against a door frame when I change my undershirt. In other words, I'd probably topple before she even threw a punch. But, if I landed on her, it would be all over! Only if wrestling rules were suddenly invoked though. What a droll scene that would be!

Our most recent Storm of the Century (I so deem it based on the TV hoopla) has deluged us with 0.14" of rain. There is another big block still to come off shore and more out in the deep dark ocean scheduled for Monday. I'm optimistic tht we'll get our half-inch before it's done.

Miranda is feeling pretty good and is really enjoying a few days out of the hospital. Her best friend Zoe was able to visit her. Mostly, though, she is sleeping and EATING! Those are the two things that SHE can do to fight this evil cancer. Chemo Round 4 starts Tuesday and runs for five days. Its back to the Ifosfamide/Etopomide cocktail again. It's very difficult for her to keep up her nutrition during these sessions; even with medical help, it is so hard to keep anything down; plus, these drugs just whack her immune system. It usually takes a transfusion and several days of GCSF to pump her back up. I hope that this time they keep her until they know she is stable and in range.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEKY! Sad about Louisville. Next year!
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6. insideuk
2:12 PM GMT on March 29, 2014
Happy Birthday JoeKY!

I would call on the blogmaster to act as referee in any forthcoming boxing match between myself and HAUPTYALI.

In my heart I'd like to think that Joseph would say something along the lines of “nobody puts UK in a corner” in a dramatic and emotional replay of a famous Lord Patrick of the Swayze movie quote...

But my head tells me he'd be too busy placing his bet and thinking how he'd invest his winnings.

I'm a pacifist by nature.

But a somewhat pugnaciously capricious one in practice...

Put it this way - I have very little time for this modish 'conscious uncoupling' idea.

I favour more of a 'heedless severing' to wrap things up with a nice clean break.

I think what I'm describing is handicapping...insert cheekily winking smiley face emoticon here...
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5. Ylee
12:35 PM GMT on March 29, 2014
Happy Birthday, JoeKy! Sorry to see the Cards lose, but I think they ran out of gas at the end, not to mention all those free throws they missed.

Dave, that's good news about Miranda! Rain is good, too!

I'd put five bucks on UK...... :' )
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4. DHaupt
8:22 AM GMT on March 29, 2014
I missed the cut on the previous blog by a half hour. That's what I get for taking all day to finish it. I did happen to catch the ABC7 sports report this evening. There was something about Louisville vs. Kentucky. I think I heard that Louisville lost! Is that right?

For the benefit of anyone who missed my latest epistle, I will paste it here:

Assuming there are 64 teams, the probability of a unique order is factorial 64, usually written "64!" -- roughly 1.26886...x10^89 or, in words, about one-point-two-six-eight-eight-six (and a bit more) times ten to the eighty-ninth power. I'm not sure there are that many electrons in the known universe. On another hand, mathematicians do not regard this as an especially large number. You have to speak of googols and googolplexes to get them excited.

The odds may be a little less grim. Not all the picks are utterly random. There are more likely outcomes which are decidable. I don't know much about basketball, but using a contest between 64 boxers of widely ranging abilities: the outcome of a match between Sugar Ray Leonard and me would be highly predictable; but, on the other hand, a match between me and UK, less so. I think what I am describing is handicapping. I think Mr. Buffet's money is still quite safe.

Miranda is getting to spend a few days home from the hospital before Round 4 of Chemo. Round 3 left her with an alarmingly low white cell count and she suffered from Neutropenic Fever: basically, her white cells weren't enough to protect her from her own native germs. With the help of a transfusion, lots of GCSF and food, she rallied and is enjoying feeling pretty good for a few days. Today, she got to go visit her old school and see a lot of friends. The tumors are shrinking fast and the doctors think they can wipe them out with radiation and no surgery. Very good news!

Weather-wise, for the mollification of any lurking weather trolls, Livermore got about 0.40" out of this last storm over a two day interval. Then we had a couple of days of dry mild weather with a high of 72 this afternoon. The next storm is due in later tonight and tomorrow, then another one on Monday. Slowly but surely....
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3. osdianna
4:51 AM GMT on March 29, 2014
Happy Birthday, JoeKy!
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2. osdianna
4:31 AM GMT on March 29, 2014
Heartbreak! Cards lose such a close one. I will get to watch Saturday's games on TBS...yippee!
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1. iaotter
2:44 AM GMT on March 29, 2014
Happy Birthday JoeKy. Enjoy your day and I hope you favorite teams are winning!
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