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By: joealaska , 1:17 AM GMT on March 17, 2014

I currently sit in Breezewood, Pennsylvania. Tomorrow should be easier, at least shorter. I am headed to Long Island New York to see my cousin and his family. He has tickets to a hockey game (Islanders) for Tuesday night, and he wants to take me to Bethpage Park where there are many golf courses, including the famous Black Course. We will be doing the tourist gig, and that is just fine.

Today I ran into weather in West Virginia. Wet snow. It was hard to see, as the traffic was raising a cloud. I assumed the road would get slick, so I slowed down. But it never seemed too bad, just the visibility. Suddenly I popped out into clear weather and dry roads. There is no snow here yet, but I think it is coming tonight.

I listened to a few mintes of radio in West Virginia and they played DOWN IN THE BOONDOCKS.

Tomorrow I enter at Verrazano Narrows Bridge, go by JFK, then out to Smithtown. It is the roundabout way to come into the area, but less traffic. When I leave, I am going to go straight down town. Traffic or not.

Last week I was taking care of the LEGGS work. I found an acceptable place to get a tow dolly to drag RED ROVER around the USA. Tow dolly means the front two wheels are off the ground, the rear wheels are turning. I also got RV insurance. Finally, I talked to a nice lady at Taylorsville Lake State Park Looks like that is where I will be spending May. They are OK with an extended stay, and give a nice discount.

Just need to pick the specific site. The campground is full the weekend I want to arrive for an event. But it clears out after that. Working on getting in there somehow, even just dry camping for the first couple days. This particular park has no WIFI so I need to take care of that. Probably Direct TV.

One day I will be sitting outside that pig having a cold one watching the sun go down. Seems like a long time away...

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19. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
2:16 PM GMT on March 25, 2014
joealaska has created a new entry.
18. iaotter
1:13 AM GMT on March 25, 2014
Joe, great tour of NY. I like looking at the photos but don't think I would like being there in person. Too many buildings and people. Small town Iowa is more my speed.
I wish our weather would make up its mind. Nice yesterday, but cooler than it should have been for the beginning of spring. Last night it snowed. Woke up to about a quarter inch on the ground and more snow coming down. Then it quit for a while and then a very short snowshower later in the afternoon. Then just about dusk it snowed so hard I couldn't even see to the end of the block.
Next week end they are talking about 60 degree weather.
The guys came to work on the siding today. The first thing they did was get their big truck out of the yard. Good thing if it ever warms up it was going to turn into a mud pit. They ripped off siding while it snowed. I don't envy them that job in this weather.
Dog is plum tuckered out. At the point I left she was running back and forth between rooms trying to figure out where all the noise was coming from. When I got home about 5 she wanted out pronto so she could check on where the guys went. Now she is sound asleep on the sofa. She tries so hard to be a big bad watch dog, and she sounds like a 150 pound rottie, but she is really a marshmallow.
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17. osdianna
5:29 AM GMT on March 24, 2014
Waaaah...Zags lost! Go Cards!

Thanks for the tour of NYC...I will probably never get there...don't really want to spend much time in cities any more; had enough of that in L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, and now Seattle.
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16. dotmom
2:02 AM GMT on March 24, 2014
Ylee: I hate to see that matchup. I was so hoping UL would be playing WS. UKs guys are so tall for our guys

Oh well. I just hope ours are rested and healed by Friday night. There will be a ton of fans for both sides in Indy. It'll be a free-for-all!
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15. Ylee
10:59 PM GMT on March 23, 2014
Well, let the Bluegrass Madness begin again! Friday, in Indy, Kentucky vs. Louisville!
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14. dotmom
1:44 AM GMT on March 22, 2014
Ylee: That game was a dogfight to the end. The game was the last four minutes. It was wild. They did not play their usual game. They finally did what they had to just to win. Very tense. I don't think I can handle many more of these wild games. My blood pressure goes up - bananas or no bananas!
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13. Ylee
3:38 PM GMT on March 21, 2014
I went to bed during the first half, and I'm glad I did! I would've been worthless here today! Pitino said he didn't want this game against Manhattan in the first round, because of the history between he and Masiello. Whether that influenced the outcome, who's to say?
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12. dotmom
3:21 PM GMT on March 21, 2014
Well, some people seem to think we have to stick to the weather when we comment on the WU site. Well I can tell you one thing, last night at about 12:45, we didn't know "weather or not" the Cards were going to be able to win their tournament game. It was dicey. I think they made 4 three-point shots the whole game and 3 of them came with 3 minutes to play - just in the nick of time. UL has been winning games lately by 20 or more points. They won by 7 last night against Manhattan and it was much closer than the score shows.

Interesting scenario as the coaches have a long lasting relationship. Masiello was Pitino's ball boy when he coached the Knicks. Masiello played for Pitino at UK and worked for him here at UL. So there were some deep-seated emotions involved. Interesting.

Weather or not - everyone have a great weekend.
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11. lotis2
2:13 PM GMT on March 21, 2014

Hope you took pictures of the lighthouse. Which one was it? I collect lighthouse items. Took forever to find a 2014 calendar of them.

Did you get to see the 911 memorial sight?

Once you get Leggs, Dollie & Red Rover hooked up together, don't try to back up! If Dollie's hips swivel (most of them do), then Red Rover is going to go the other direction.

A friend learned the hard way trying to back a car up that was on a dollie hooked to his truck. Thought it would back up just like a trailer. WRONG!! Had to replace a couple of tires after they popped.
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10. dotmom
7:27 PM GMT on March 20, 2014
Okay Ylee, we are BIG basketball fans - I admit I may take a cat nap at half time, but I plan to be up and cheering the rest of the time. Of course if it is a runaway, I may give in a little earlier. I've been known to stay up past midnight. I just hope and pray those Cards can pull it off. These first games are probably the worst. As the Boy Scouts say - Be Prepared! No, that doesn't mean with a ham sandwich and a cold one - but you can if you want.

Joe has left Long Island. Might hear from him tonight - have to wait and see. I have a feeling he'll be holed up someplace so he can watch the Cards play.

Wow, what a gorgeous day we have today. Clear blue sky - mostly and temp nearing 60. A good day for anything.
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9. Ylee
3:08 PM GMT on March 20, 2014
Louisville game is scheduled for 9:40 EDT tonight; Dotmom, think you guys can stay up to watch it? I'll probably be asleep by then! :' )
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8. miyuki
2:47 PM GMT on March 20, 2014
Have you had time to sleep yet Joe? I'm pooped reading all you've done in such short time despite the wind and rain. I hope you've gotten to eat "NY" food, nothing like it else where. Enjoy !
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7. joealaska
2:59 AM GMT on March 20, 2014
Climbed a 20 story lighthouse yesterday. 192 stairs. Very windy up top, little railing.

Went to a pro hockey game last night, New York Islanders vs Minnesota Wild. Minnesota killed them 6-2. We had great seats behind one of the goals.

Today we went downtown Manhattan, walked around a couple miles at least. Then we were our on a cruise boat and saw a lot of the island from the water.

Many photos. It was cold and windy, stayed outside most of the time.

Then we took a crazy taxi ride to the Empire State Building. Wind and rain, but still got pictures.

Posting pics in a couple days, heading west tomorrow.

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6. dotmom
11:41 PM GMT on March 18, 2014
Our snow is all melted - cloudy today, so the temps did not go as high as predicted but tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s. I'll believe it when I feel it!

Cat feeding going very well. Diana, Dutchie is very friendly and comes out right away to say hello. The first day I looked all around for Fluff and couldn't see her. Then I saw a lump in the bed under the down comforter - sure enough - there was Fluff. So there is a good size "tunnel toy" that I stuck under there to sort of raise the comforter and maybe make it more comfortable getting in and out. She has not come off the bed as yet. We usually stay about 15 or 20 minutes and Dutchie is busy being friendly - but not Fluff - maybe by the end of the week.

Joe made it to Long Island and tonight - the plan is to be at a hockey game. Saw a couple of photos and he looks like he is having a good time. I hope he doesn't run into any more snow storms when he leaves NY.
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5. osdianna
4:08 PM GMT on March 17, 2014
I looked up Taylorsville Lake SP and was really impressed with the size of their campgrounds...just stay upwind of both horse campsites and the RV dump and it should all be good. It's really a beautiful spot. Those of us on the left coast tend to think the right side of the country is nothing but city landscapes, but when I visited the Alexandria/D.C. area I was surprised at how many trees and greenbelts there are. Still too many people for my taste.

Dotmom...good luck with feeding the girls; just remember, they will eat if they get hungry enough. Tell them their Auntie Dianna said "Hi", and give them a hug from me. I think the thing that made the biggest impression on me with these two is how affectionate they are. Neither of my strays are affectionate. Neither will voluntarily jump into my lap. Joe's girls did so...in spades! As soon as I sat down, they were on me. I miss that.
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4. insideuk
10:01 AM GMT on March 17, 2014
Out of idle curiosity I ventured onto the new Google map page to see how much further you have to drive today and how long it estimates the drive will take. I entered the instructions 'Breezewood, Pennsylvania to Smithstown, Long Island' – I was using just my memory of the destination town, and so added the extra 's' in there by mistake, it should have been Smithtown, but you'd think it was close enough for the genius that is Google maps.

It was, it directed me into Smithtown, Long Island.

Given no more accurate information than that, guess what it told me Joe?

It said you were just 305 miles or 5 hours 7 minutes drive time from reaching your final destination which, as it turns out, is actually at the 'Long Island Vasectomy Center, 285 Middle Country Rd #207, Smithtown, NY 11787, United States''...

Your cousin got you tickets for all the touristy stuff huh?

Did you do something to upset the family? I fear this may be connected to your refusal to acquiesce to Dotmoms request to remove the definitive encyclopaedic entry on the benefits of bananas.

Bananas are awesome things, and yet so easily bruised.

The solution, for bananas, is a banana tree.

The solution for Joseph, post the Smithtown gig? Well, this tow dolly thing sounds just the job.

Keep the rear wheels turning Pudden Head...
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3. Ylee
2:34 AM GMT on March 17, 2014
Personally, I think the NCAA selection committee hates the Commonwealth of Kentucky! Both Louisville and Kentucky got the shaft, IMO.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody!
From Millan.Net
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2. dotmom
2:09 AM GMT on March 17, 2014
Bearpaints, JoeA is driving Red Rover (not Leggs as yet if that is what you were thinking).

Arbie: I wanted Joe to delete my epistle on the bananas, but he wouldn't. That was way too much info to post and -- nothing in it mentioned weather.

Speaking of weather - we got snow again late this afternoon and into this evening. We are so done with snow! Come on spring.

Our beloved Cardinals won the AAC conference championship. All we hear is how their strength of schedule was so weak. You would think they were playing the girls teams. I better watch it. That UConn girls team might beat them. Got my fingers crossed as they participate in "The Big Dance."

Guess who is feeding Dutchie and Fluff for the next few days? :)
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1. bearpaints
1:49 AM GMT on March 17, 2014
Wow your off on your new adventure already! Man must be great to just get up and move wherever you want to go. Can't wait to here all the exciting places and pictures!
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