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By: joealaska , 2:59 AM GMT on February 14, 2014

Well there is certainly a lot going on, mostly bad. Weather... Bad. Then the health issues with family members. With UK, it is both. Now that we are aware of the situation, I hope UK and Dave keep us up to date as things improve. If UK gets our storms a few days after they head out to sea, well there is soon gonna be more TRUBBA. They even postponed the Louisville / Temple basketball game in Philadelphia. I figure Philly can handle snow. They are only getting a foot tonight during the scheduled game time.

We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow / Friday. But later next week they are talking 65 degrees!

So I got a notice from my apartment complex saying my lease is up in a couple months, and they need a 60 day notice of what my plans are. They want to renew for 13 months at the same rate, or go month to month at a premium rate. Decision time. I am not crazy about any of theirs. It has been a good place for the cats, no doubt. But the apartment is just OK. I have a neighbor above me who has odd hours, and walks around very heavy footed. There have been times the cats have jumped up with the noises. For me, no huge deal. If I had a job at 7 AM, maybe different.

I do not like apartments, and I did this as a temporary solution. So I want to opt out. And today I looked into an option I have considered for many years. New chapter? Maybe. I looked at a 31 foot RV. It is an unusual situation for me, as I am dealing with a friend. And unusual beyond that, I choose to discuss the rest if and when I buy. The RV is 9 years old and in good condition. I would live in it with the cats. I am not shopping around, this is the one or none. It is at a good price, and I trust the seller. It offers me the chance to move around as I want, maximum flexibility. I am reading the Owners Manual and we will all get together in a few days for a test drive.

I am liking this opportunity. Park the RV, use it as a base camp. Drag the Camry behind. I was checking random RV parks USA and the first one I saw was in Death Valley. Within walking distance of the lowest altitude golf course in the world, Furnace Creek. Played it. -82 feet.

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11. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
4:23 AM GMT on February 19, 2014
joealaska has created a new entry.
10. dotmom
2:53 AM GMT on February 19, 2014
This was a note posted on FB regarding Dave's granddaughter. Dave, I hope you don't mind me reposting. dot-


Miranda Star

We. Are. Home. Thank goodness! We are so excited to be sleeping in our own beds tonight and every night until round 2 of chemo begins on Feb 26th. Her spirits are high but gets worn out pretty easily. Again we ask if you would like to visit, all we ask is that you are healthy and even then we have hand wipes, hand sanitizer and masks at the front door. Thank you again for the support! Round 1 done...13 more to go...
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9. dotmom
2:26 AM GMT on February 19, 2014
Some folks in this blog are faced with some real serious issues. Dave's Miranda I fear has a long row of treatment ahead of her. We can only hope and pray it works. I think it is all in the hands of God at this point. I hope she responds. The treatment itself sounds pretty tough for a youngster - or any one. The best to her. Thinking of you too Dave and what must be a pretty helpless feeling.

And England is having such horrible problems, you don't know where to begin. They have our sympathy with something they have no control over. Just when they think it can't get worse, it does. What do people do when faced with these insurmountable problems. Makes you want to just run - but you just really can't do that. This too is in God's hands and prayers won't hurt. Let's remember them too.
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8. osdianna
5:10 PM GMT on February 18, 2014
Looks as though we are stalled, just like some of the weather systems, each dealing with our own issues. I spoke with a store clerk yesterday who said he and his wife could really use a day off! They are hosting family for an extended stay, so there are 6 children, 3 adults, 4 dogs, and two cats...non-stop, 24/7.

I will quit complaining about my single dog and two cats, wanting to go outside at the most inopportune moments. I am going to get a doggie door into the fenced back yard before next winter...that's all there is to it. It might as well be a human door too, so we can all enjoy another exit from this house.

Meanwhile we are quickly making up for the deficit in moisture, both with snow in the mountains and with rain down here in the lowlands. We had a break yesterday afternoon, so Maggie and I had a nice walk on the beach at high tide; lots of logs rolling around in the surf and foam, had a storm surge going too, so it was exciting to be out there. It is just a wonderful sound to hear that overwhelming roar of the very active ocean.
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7. insideuk
12:19 PM GMT on February 15, 2014
Last nights winds were strong, even here they were waking me through the night as the gustiest stuff did its worst.

All along the south of England there is new damage, more flooding and 2 more deaths to add to the human tally.

Those shipping containers, filled with rocks and locked together along the Dawlish seafront to act as a temporary barrier to wave action, they failed last night. SQUISHED. The ingenuity/ straw grasping/ last gasp act of the civil engineers was no match for 80mph winds gathering the high tide, vacuum packing it with the beach and throwing it around with wild abandon on Valentines night.

Which was predictable.

Which in turn begs to question the motives of those 16 couples who chose to turn out to a south coast BEACHFRONT restaurant for a romantic meal last night, only to have to be rescued after the windows blew out and the beach fell in on them.

When the candle lights are snuffed out by the tide and suddenly replaced with flashing blue lights you know the romance has all but gone from the evening. I did feel sorry for the ladies, dressed up for the occasion, being manhandled into the back of an army truck…

….for all of about 30 seconds….

Then the jealousy kicked in.

One good news story to come out of Somerset, which has been under water for longer than Atlantis by now, is that there has been a real sense of goodwill towards the many farmers who have seen their businesses devastated by the flooding. Some were left with no option but to sell every last animal at the cattle markets last week – many have now lost even their highest ground where their barns and cattle sheds are situated. The cattle market was attended by farmers from all over the UK, they came and quite deliberately placed bids well over normal prices to buy up that stock. And they brought with them tons of animal feed, lorry loads of baled hay etc as a gift to those affected by the floods who are still battling on as best they can. Plus there were cards and letters, sent in to the local auction house, from those who have seen their plight on the TV and sent in personal cheques - made out to the farmers - who they had seen the names of on their screens.

Don’t such thoughtful gestures just gladden the heart?

Last nights storm, which is still blowing itself out as I type, may just be the last of the BIG ONES on the conveyor belt for the foreseeable. Next week looks less windy, still wet, but closer to normal wet. Of course that won’t help much given the ground water and river level situation, but it will hopefully allow some repairs to power and rail infrastructure.

I will leave you with this tweet, issued rather dramatically by one of the UK’s mainline railway companies around lunchtime last Wednesday, to all its thousands of passengers that were at that time travelling on the west coast railway line, one which stretches the full length of the country:

Virgin Trains on Twitter – All customers, ABANDON ALL TRAVEL, your train journey will terminate at the nearest station.

The cows had it relatively easy.
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6. DHaupt
8:42 AM GMT on February 15, 2014
Lotis and everyone, here's a link to Miranda's facebook page:

Miranda Star

and another one to a fund for her support:

To Victory

Treatments are underway at last. There was a lot of initial diagnostic work including, I've lost count, all kinds of scans. She looks so frail, but she is a fighter. She didn't want any pain medications after her surgery Wednesday. Her mom told the nurse last night to go ahead and slip it too her. She slept much better.

She will be sent home tomorrow evening to spend a couple of weeks before the next round of chemo. Bringing her home entails a lot of preparation. She is significantly immunosuppressed. So, hand sanitizer all over the place; no sickly visitors; and BeeDee the bearded dragon lizard exuding salmonella has to have a new home (for the time being).

She has also been told that it's time to grow up about injections. Mom and Dad are going to give her a shot of antibiotic and a white cell promoter everyday -- so get used to it!

The next round of chemo will involve a five days hospital stay. Sometime soon, she will also be undergoing radiation. Sadly, there are multiple metastases.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern.

In other news, more drizzle is forecast for the Bay Area later today into Sunday morning. TV weatherheads aren't ballyhooing it much, so I hope we get at least a millimeter. That would help keep the car clean.The East Bay hills are showing a little green now. That mostly holds the promise of a modest wildfire season next summer. Ranchers are all having to buy alfalfa for their cattle; they are losing money. But, they are still luckier than those poor farmers in UK's area. You can still sell a scrawny cow, but you can't get anything for a drowned one!
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5. lotis2
5:27 PM GMT on February 14, 2014

Getting freezing rain, drizzle, sleet & snow mix here right now. They say 1-3 but I don't think it will make it.

My dad and step-mom, if they were still around, were planning on getting an RV when they retired and travel around to the different RV camp sites, working at them as they went.

UK: Watched the GB vs. Canada match yesterday. Was a real nail biter. Came down to the last end. Canada up by two, they missed a couple of shots to knock GB's two rocks out of the house. GB had the choice of putting the rock in the center, tying it up and going into extra ends or trying to knock Canada's three rocks out of the side and winning by one.
They failed at knocking them out. Being the current world champs, I would have thought they would have played it safe. Both teams had some excellent shots during the match.

To me it's like watching a ballet on ice. Trying to stay upright while sliding down the ice ahead of the rock, sweeping the ice and trying to avoid the other rocks already at the other end. AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Dave: Have tried to go on the Miranda Star sight you mentioned before but can't find it. Keep getting all kinds of other stuff popping up. Any ideas to try?

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4. osdianna
5:05 PM GMT on February 14, 2014
I like it! When the Arizona job didn't pan out, and housing was one of the reasons, I bet you thought of this solution....although you do realize Dutchie's comings and goings may rule your departure times? I'm sure you will handle it.

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3. preacherskidd
4:47 PM GMT on February 14, 2014
Check out Mike Wendland at roadtreking.com. He is a tech geek for national television. Buy a class B and sell the Camry. You can park it and drive it anywhere. Many state parks which are MUCH cheaper where you can't take a large one. Even if you don't get a class B, Mike will put you on to a TON of resources. AIRSTREAM makes the top if the line class B. you can get up to 24mpg with the Sprinter chassis.
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2. insideuk
2:23 PM GMT on February 14, 2014
Is the famous ‘Breaking Bad’ RV about the same size as the one you are looking at? You know, room to lay out at least a couple of drug dealers that you assume are dead?

I’m not sure I can get past the images of life in an RV that Breaking Bad created in my mind, most especially the violence. And the TIGHTY WHITIES. But then again you will have no trouble finding a place to hang your pants out to dry.

But I’ll bet that owners manual doesn’t cover getting the battery up and running with quite the ingenuity of Walter White. If you think you can settle for life in one then you would probably only need to worry if you got woken by heavy footsteps on the roof…

It would certainly be an adventure, as well as, I suspect, a very steep learning curve!

So how long would it take to drive to Death Valley with the Camry hooked to the rear and a Dutchie yowling in your ear? Maybe if she was in the Camry behind…

Are the cats coming out for the test drive?
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1. Ylee
3:15 AM GMT on February 14, 2014
They're calling for 1-3 inches of snow here tomorrow. same ol', same ol'....

I'd do a lot of research before I'd jump into fulltiming, Joe. A lot of things can go wrong with a class A, not to mention fuel, maintenance, and RV park costs.

Having said all that, if I had the opportunity, I'd do it in a heartbeat! :' )
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