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By: joealaska , 4:36 AM GMT on January 22, 2014

Yesterday it was 50 degrees, calm and sunny. Golf weather. But I did not play, and it does not look good for the near future.

35 degrees in Dutch, 19 degrees in Williston, North Dakota, 10 degrees in Louisville. Today we got 4-6 inches of snow, and there was a breeze. Took a walk around the apartment while it was happening. I noticed there were still special dumpsters here and there, used to load up the carpet and drywall that maintenance has been ripping out of those water-damaged apartments. When the water pipes froze and broke a few weeks ago? We have the same warnings now. Hope I remain lucky.

Tonight the sun was down and it was almost dark at 6 PM. But there was a bit of light to see still. I was at the computer and the cats were looking outside, as they often do. Dutchie has been scared inside with the cold. She still goes out, but is wanting back in after a few minutes.

Then I noticed they were not looking. They were STARING bug eyed. If just one was staring, it could have just been a bug on the patio. But when they both were transfixed, now I had to see what was going on. I looked in the same direction and saw nothing, yet they seemed to get a bit more excited than before. They were staring into the trees, across the creek. Finally I saw, three deer coming through the trees. They were hard to see clearly, only as they moved slowly through did that motion give them away. And they were out of sight pretty quickly.

I tried to get a photo, waited until one was at least a bit visible. It is not very good.

That is the second time I saw deer back there. It is a bit surprising with the freeway nearby, as well as some other busy roads. But obviously they are using the creek as a pathway.

Throwing out bread to birds recently. Chow porch II? Getting all sorts of birds, but at times I get a dozen or so red Louisville Cardinals at a time. As soon as I try to get a picture they are GONE. So I just sit back and watch. They walk right up to Dutchie sitting on the other side of the patio door. Just a pane of glass between them.

She HATES that.

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24. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
11:02 PM GMT on January 27, 2014
joealaska has created a new entry.
23. Rotty3
4:27 PM GMT on January 27, 2014
N. FL is having a predicted 1-3 inches of snow this week. Yea, right, sure, whatever. I believe it. NOT!

In the unlikely event it DOES happen, you can bet I won't be on the roads.

Hope the rest of the country stays toasty warm.

(not too far from me, Panama City FL is setting repeated record lows - also posted on the front page of WU).

There is hope... yesterday the fatso robins have returned, although I heard the crows calling in more cold (must be short term).

Thanks for the link on the cat food making, Dave. The main issue with kitties is that ppl don't add enough taurine. That can cause a lot of issues in the long run.

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22. DHaupt
8:57 AM GMT on January 27, 2014
Rise and shine, Joebloggers! Livermore has an 80% POP for this coming Thursday. I was moved to consult the GSL model -- indeed, we have an 80% chance of maybe 0.02" of rain. I just hope we get enough to trip my virginal new rain gauge by one click. If not, I will lower it and place it in the front yard the next time we give it a 5 minute watering.

Livermore received honors today in the Weather Events listing for having the highest January 26th on record. It was a beautiful day much of which I missed for sleeping in and having to do work in the kitchen. Days are noticeably longer now, so I can stay out longer.
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21. DHaupt
4:33 AM GMT on January 26, 2014
Arbie, We've had a similar experience with some of our cats concerning dry food. Our two big males, Sniffles and Louie, eat it mostly and have perfect teeth. Skeeter, whom we should have named "Urpie", has had several teeth extracted including the big molars on one side; he eats mostly canned food.

For the past several years, we have fed all the cats a "Premium" kibble. I think we are on a bag of Iams now. Sometimes we buy a quite expensive one from the local feed store. It costs around $32/20 lb. bag; if it cost much more, I would feel obliged to eat it myself. I think much of the bacterial contamination comes from the feed dish itself. I'll confess that we use a hopper feed type which is a chore to really clean well. The ceramic dishes get washed in hot water with detergent frequently, even run through the dishwasher, space available.

We used to go to a really top-notch vet from UC Davis. Unfortunately, she moved to Anguilla with her husband where they opened a B&B and bar. She once told us that she could never understand why some enterprising pet food maker hadn't developed a product for cats featuring plump mice packed sardine-like in little pop-open tins; that that was exactly what nature intended cats to eat.

The really premium canned cat food such as Evo 95% Duck cost $2.79/can. That figures out to above $8/lb. I could feed the cats Dungeness crab for that.

There used to be a very cheap cat food called "Puss 'N Boots". My mother's fussy Siamese liked it. Alas, it was too obviously macrobiotic. Mother opened a tin can of it and found herself being stared at by a large fish eye. She was horrified and poor kitty had its diet changed. I used to pick it apart to see what I could identify, usually not much. But it was evident that it was the result of dumping truck loads of ripe fish into a 50 horsepower meat grinder. That's about what I propose to do but on a much smaller scale -- I will naturally include the scales and guts as in the original.

I'll be darned! Puss 'N Boots has been relaunched!

The computer models are showing a serious possibility of rain this coming week, several days with POPs of 40-50%. Our local weather readers are trying to not hype it for fear of jinxing it. I have left our fairy light snowman on the front porch. With his arms uplifted, he looks like he's praying for rain -- that is the reason I'm giving out at any rate. Where to store the silly thing 'til next Christmas is only a minor factor.
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20. dotmom
12:51 AM GMT on January 26, 2014
Brrrrrrrrr - it is cold here! Snow, more blowing snow and then some dandy cold. Where is summer or even spring! Doesn't look much better this coming week. Oh yah, like JoeA said - we had several inches overnight. It is a bear trying to feed the birds with all the snow blowing around.
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19. miyuki
10:41 PM GMT on January 25, 2014
It's been so cold, and so snowy, and so windy here, I swear I saw a couple of penguins go flying by the window! I've been waiting for them to show up at the bird feeder.

(yes I know, penguins do not fly)
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18. Ylee
5:30 PM GMT on January 25, 2014
Same here too, Joe! :P
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17. joealaska
4:49 PM GMT on January 25, 2014
1 or 2 inches here too, Ylee. Up to 43 tomorrow, then more cold.
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16. Ylee
3:19 PM GMT on January 25, 2014
You Louivillians get any more snow last night? We got about 1 1/2" here, which was a lot more than forecast!
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15. Arbie
3:11 PM GMT on January 25, 2014
Dave, that's really interesting about the homemade cat food. I'm not ready to start making my own yet but the article gave me some ideas on how I can improve my cat's diet. Several years ago I had a light bulb moment and realized that maybe it wasn't natural for cats to be spitting up a lot, that maybe it was something in the commercial cat foods. We researched it a little and scrutinized labels and have gotten it to where our cat only spits up every once in a great while. I imagine this diet would clinch it. I don't agree about sticking to all canned food if you have to go commercial though. We tried that even longer ago and both our cats developed all kinds of teeth problems. The vet said it was from all canned or soft food.
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14. DHaupt
10:30 AM GMT on January 25, 2014
Osdianna, you're on to something. It's just not clear enough yet how this is all going to work out. I expect our 600 square feet of grass is going to look pretty sad by year's end. I'm just hoping that the superfluous two dozen golf courses that lie within an hours drive of here cut back accordingly. I don't mind having a few good courses out here, but for the past dozen years, they have been outgrowing Starbucks!

Any gardening in Livermore would have to be with drip irrigation and it means that people would have to stay home and tend things well into Autumn. My August vacations used to be the end of our Summer gardens. The neighbor kid, or whoever didn't manage to keep it going for us. Now that I'm retired, that isn't a problem.

I do nearly all my grocery shopping at a Mexican market and most of the produce comes from --- Mexico. But, actually, most of the stuff at Safeway and Raley's does too this time of year.

Happily, stashed in the garage is a flour mill and a giant 50 qt+ canning pressure cooker. I may just have to get fired up -- literally.

I am about to go into the cat food business. I pressure cooked some tough beef that was just over-the-hill for us to consume, made a thin gravy in the process shredded it up and the cats really went for it, especially when they remembered how to chew! And, I've been reading up on raw food preparation for cats. Ordered a grinder from Amazon that can handle bones, skin and hair; not hooves, horns and cow bones though. So, here goes.

Here's a really good link: Making Cat Food
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13. miyuki
7:47 PM GMT on January 24, 2014
I doubt if many of the insects survive these winter temps into next year. It is brutal out here in NW Ohio. 9 degrees with -10 wind chill, wind is howling 30 mph, and the snow is blowing, almost blizzard conditions. More snow predicted for tonight now too.

We heat with propane, and they are rationing it now, and the price has sky rocketed too. Needless to say, our thermostats are turned down and the woolies are piled on.

55 more days til spring !!
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12. osdianna
5:09 PM GMT on January 24, 2014
When those who doubt this is human-caused are faced with their angry constituents back home next election over higher food, stock, heating prices, not to mention rising insurance rates to pay the damages caused by all the freezing and flooding....well, I hope they begin to understand the scope of the issue.

Someone said, "Hope springs eternal."

As a master gardener, we now focus more on setting aside some of our water-gulping lawn area for gardens to feed ourselves and our neighbors; we even show how to put in a feeding garden amongst the flowers. There are even books to tell us how to do companion gardening, "Carrots Love Tomatoes", and vertical gardening to take up less space (and not worry so much about standing water), "Vertical Gardening". I guess creative means of growing food will become the norm...or, as UK suggested, we can learn to like insects.
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11. ladyhomer
4:34 PM GMT on January 24, 2014
Hey Baby it is warm outside!!!!! It is 7:30 in the morning here in Homer, Alaska & it is 47*!!! I don't know about Mother nature but she has us all messed up!!
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10. Rotty3
1:51 PM GMT on January 24, 2014
North FL is about as warm as Dutch Harbor this morning. 2C / 36F in N. FL, 1C / 34F in DH. KY? well in the negative territory on the Celsius scale (some areas even dipping below zero on the Fahrenheit level).

Talk about crazy weather patterns?

With the drought in CA and the bad weather in the north, the US will certainly see increases in food prices, too. Heck, I remember when we complained that a gallon of milk went from $0.98 to $1.25. Now? Around here it's $4.10 or more.

Could be worse here though. At least it's dry right now. Brief warm up on Sat/Sun, rain Mon/Tue, then dropping nighttime temps back to the low 20Fs (-6C) by Wed night. Ah, I forgot... it's riding lesson night ha ha ha.

Stay warm and as dry as possible everyone!

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9. insideuk
9:35 AM GMT on January 24, 2014
Having too much water ruins the harvest too, it washes away the nutrients in the soil or prevents the crop ever getting into the ground in the first place.

We can't win.

Large sections of fields are still underwater in my area (rivers still high) and the situation is much worse further south with MUCH more heavy rain forecast.

Vegetable prices have already risen dramatically, especially potatoes. Meat prices were affected (amongst other things) by the very late freeze/ snow we had last year and this month the price of a portion of fish and chips at the chippy has risen by 10% purely because of the heavy seas!

That was at the same time as people were finding sea fish on golf courses miles inland. There is a gag in there somewhere about chip shots/ chip shops...

Is there a mushy pea element to golfing terminology? Probably too rude for mention.

If we all switched to eating insects for protein they would probably become in short supply due to sunburn or foot rot or something.

Speaking of which, how are your pipes Pudden Head?
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8. DHaupt
8:09 AM GMT on January 23, 2014
Livermore appears to have broken the record for high temperature on this date by quite a bit. He hit 75F this afternoon; the old record is 72F set back in 1968! This would have been a warm day in mid-April.

The weather forecasters don't see anything in the long-range models that suggests a break in this pattern until mid-February. Those long-range forecasts are not to be believed at this point.

A dendrochronologist at UC Berkeley who has studied centuries of California climate says that ARID is the expected climate here. She went on to say that 2013 appears to be the driest year in the past 500. Moreover, since all of the settling and development of California occurred during the 19th and 20th centuries, which were abnormally wet, we maybe didn't realize that we weren't living in the Garden of Eden after all.

All of you living where it rains and snows had better plant your victory gardens once again because CA is the source of nearly half the nations fruits and vegetables.
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7. iaotter
4:34 AM GMT on January 23, 2014
-6F here now and headed toward -11 overnight, but that is going to get better tomorrow. All the way up to 5F for a high.
I am getting a bit tired of this cold stuff. Windchill is about -27F. That is too #$@Q cold!

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6. miyuki
11:03 PM GMT on January 22, 2014
Dotmom, too funny !!!!
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5. Rotty3
1:43 PM GMT on January 22, 2014
osdianna: my barn kitties and the horses have a similar relationship.

UK: at least you found out what caused the ruckus.

When I first moved into the Dom-E-Cile, the cold had some water freeze to ice. In the morning, when the sun warmed up the shell, small ice sheets were sliding down the side of the building. Made for some seriously WEIRD sounds. After a while, I got used to it, but the first few times, it was unnerving. Short burst of noise, then nothing. Always relatively early in the day. Finally one piece of clear ice flew past the window, shattering on the ground.

Hope everyone is staying warm. We have a hard freeze coming to N. FL tonight. Why is it always on Wed. nights that the temps fall below the freezing mark and the rest of the week they stay above(well, most of the weeks)? Seems someone is trying to kill my riding lesson nights ha ha.
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4. dotmom
1:13 PM GMT on January 22, 2014
UK: Well at least you got a good night's sleep knowing what was making the noises. Send that bird a bill! Oh, I guess he already has one! :)
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3. insideuk
12:39 PM GMT on January 22, 2014
Last Saturday evening I was sitting quietly on my bed absorbed in my book when I heard a scrabbling noise above my head, it seemed to be coming from inside the attic.

Which wasn’t good news, obviously.

The dog heard it too. We both pricked our ears up at exactly the same time.

On and off for the next couple of hours I could hear noises, shuffling, tapping and something very small, like grains of rice, being dropped repeatedly. The noise would last for a minute or so and then stop completely for up to 20 minutes before resuming.

As far as I knew there was no access to the attic from outside the house, and quite coincidentally only a couple of days earlier the area had been inspected by a surveyor who had found nothing untoward residing up there. Or at least he had made no mention of a herd of stampeding elephants or wild buffalo bathing in the water tank.

My initial concern was that a bird had fallen down the chimney. This had happened at my old house once, when a clumsy blackbird had gotten itself trapped behind the fireguard. There was only me at home at the time and though I am terrified of being at close quarters with anything remotely flapping and feathered, I feared that if I waited for help to arrive that it may not survive. And that would make me feel guilty. It turns out that even after you have opened every window as wide as possible, and blocked off all other exit routes, that panicked and dazed birds will fly repeatedly smack into the glass of the non-opening windows. Though I don’t think the screaming helped much.

So, back to last Saturday, I listened very carefully to the chimney space. So did the dog. Nothing there.

It was definitely still up high, but now it was moving all along the front of the attic, and in the bathroom the noise could be heard much more loudly. But still it would go silent for long periods of time. I figured, given my past experience, that a trapped bird would be flapping almost continually. So, not a bird then.

Okay. So the Christmas decoration boxes had been temporarily stored in the garage and something could have crawled inside and made itself at home during the holiday season. Those boxes were now back up in the attic. Had some unknown creature managed to get packed away with the tinsel, fairy lights and festive rope snake? It seemed unlikely, unless it was both very small AND adept at lifting the lid on a solid plastic 60 litre flap top storage box. Which was taped down…

Nope. David Blaine up to his tricks again? Maybe... but he usually prefers an audience.

Those boxes have been up there for the last two weeks already, and I was only just hearing it for the first time?

It was getting late and I was thinking I was going to have a disturbed night, BUT STILL I did not like the idea of getting the big step ladder out and sticking my head through the loft hatch to find out for sure.

Frankly, the thought of coming face to feet with David Blaine terrified me. Anything beyond Mr Blaine, or with a higher foot count was unconscionable.

Then I heard something hit the ground OUTSIDE.

It turned out that what I had been listening to was a giant NAUGHTY magpie, making repeat visits, to pull the cement out from underneath the edges of the roof tiles and dropping it into the guttering. It has actually broken off a couple of small pieces of roof tile.

Joe has a chow porch for birds.

I got a bird chowing down on my roof.

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2. dotmom
11:15 AM GMT on January 22, 2014
We had quite a few deer tracks around the house a couple of nights ago - and they all led to a box-like bird feeder which was cleaned - slick as a whistle. Obviously they were looking for food to come so close to the house. We used to see lots of deer here (14 at a time grazing in the cornfield across the fairway) but now we gaze at houses there - and no deer - just the occasional sighting of 2 or 3 at a time.
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1. osdianna
5:09 AM GMT on January 22, 2014
An hour later, and WU says it's 5 degrees there...I hope your pipes stay intact. Your girls used to watch the deer come into my yard too, and once Dutchie and one of my local does came nose-to-nose...wish I had a camera on hand for that. My cats seem to fascinate the deer, and they stand looking at the cats with their ears fully cocked forward. The cats pretty much ignore them now.

Amazing how deer adapt to small territories.

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