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By: joealaska , 2:12 AM GMT on November 02, 2013

I kept watching the TV last night with way too much anticipation, waiting for some decent storms to roll through. After three days of talkin’, it was time to start chalkin’. But in the end, it was a dud. Oh sure, Texas had flooding. One or two tornadoes over that huge warning area.

We had some rain, but not so much as to make the stream leave its banks. The wind did not knock all the leaves down, either. I should have known better. Back to just opening the window and see what it looks like.

Have not been feeling very well last couple days. Cold? Flu? So I called off seeing my buddy sing Thursday night. He will be back, it is a rotation thing. So now I was stuck with no Halloween candy, as I thought I would not be home. But it was raining and tornado watches, so there was talk about calling off the holiday until Friday or Saturday. I think they made a change, just not sure what. Today I ran out and bought some extra strength Tylenol and some candy.

But there was a knock on my door last night, sure enough, TRICK OR TREAT! A little kid in a batman outfit, with a couple of lurking adults nearby. I was not sure what to say, so I just told them I thought the weather had canceled things for the night. I was candy challenged. I though about slipping him a popcicle, but thought better. No matter. I think he was more interested in showing me his costume.

So I sat here tonight and nobody came by. I was sweating it out as I only bought one bag of candy bars. If I ran out I would have to go to Blackout Mode. I am a bit out of touch on this holiday. In Anaktuvuk Pass I sat there until 10 PM and nobody showed up. I was going to bed and I looked out the window. It was a crowd of maybe 40 people coming all together. Anaktuvuk is not very big, but my house was off by itself a bit, so they had to really want it when they headed my way.

Other places I see very little knocking on doors. I say stop it. Neighborhoods can do what they want. Private parties. Too many nuts out there.

Not like the good old days. Ditch the parents, they slow you down. Just cut them in if needed. Study local maps and make a game plan. Look for cul-de-sacs with just a couple houses. SKIP ‘EM. Look for many houses jammed together. Start at 5 PM. If anyone bitches just apologize and say MOM IS SICK, WE HAVE TO GET BACK. Keep jamming until 11 or even 11:30. Cry if you have to. Forget neighborhoods, we are talking subdivisions. PLURAL.

Fan out. LETS GO!

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16. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
2:06 AM GMT on November 06, 2013
joealaska has created a new entry.
15. dotmom
12:14 AM GMT on November 05, 2013
Talked to JoeA this a.m. He is not out of the woods yet, but might be a hair better. He has been SICK! Took him soup yesterday, but no appetite - didn't eat it until this morning.
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14. Rotty3
9:26 PM GMT on November 04, 2013
Happy Belated Bday, Joe!

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13. dotmom
12:00 PM GMT on November 04, 2013
Well Dave, at least you are coping. If it ain't one thing - it's another. I am hearing lots of complaints from JoeKY these days. Most of them are centered around his memory. He knows it is failing him at times and he can't stand it. He is tending to be more reclusive. That way he doesn't have to worry about responding or making conversation. He never has been one to reach out a lot, but he is getting worse. We went to the Italian dinner on Saturday night where there was a live auction and it was all very confusing for him. He thinks this kind of activity is not for him. For me, I loved it - but I may lose out. We might have to pass next year.

Keep your chin up and your neck warm. You can do it!

Am anxious to hear from JoeA this morning to see how he is feeling. Hope it is better.
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12. DHaupt
10:08 AM GMT on November 04, 2013
Happier Unbirthday Joe! What's to celebrate as we all go marching off the end of the actuarial chart, other than to be able to say: "Hey, I outlived you, sucker!" as you peruse the obits in the local paper. There now, that ought to make you feel better.

Here's a suggestion for the cold: simmer half a habanero chile in a bowl of tomato soup. Eat the soup and then eat the pepper. It will numb a sore throat and clear the sinuses.

We are getting some of the same weather as osdianna. We had a couple of nice mid-70s days but now we are getting low-60s in the afternoons and down into the 30s at night. No rain yet. Maybe next week. We desperately need it. Those balmy nights for reading on the front deck are over with till late next spring.

But, this year I decided to fight back. I bought one of those parabolic electric heaters, one that oscillates to that I can share the warmth with a cat in the adjacent chair (or not). If I close my eyes, I can imagine myself sitting before a feeble camp fire. I've also got a "Volcano" charcoal stove that might even provide a little smokiness (as well as more heat). So far, the heater is a help; my face and shoulders are warm while my backside freezes; it all adds to the camping atmosphere.

I had steroid injections in my neck about 6 months ago. They weren't epidural, but "trigger point". They did help for a few weeks, but then sort of faded away. About that time, more urgent problems popped up and I had to have a couple of toes whittled on.

Everything seems to be on the mend now and I am awaiting the arrival of my "custom" shoes. They are supposed to look like trainers, but the doctor told me that they usually get so over-built that they will look more like cinder blocks. So, "Oh well, what the hell."

One thing I have found to be very helpful for my arthritic neck, sore muscles miscellaneous other infirmities are the new Infrared LED heating devices. I've got one set up so that it opens like a book across the back of my neck; it really takes the morning soreness away. I try to use in on the neck at least twice a day. Hammacher Schlemmer usually has them and of course, Amazon. They are much more effective and penetrating than any ordinary heating pad.

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11. dotmom
11:46 PM GMT on November 03, 2013
JoeA is definitely "under the weather." Took soup over today and he did not look very peppy. If he is not better tomorrow, I think he should see a doctor. But you know, you can't tell these grown kids too much. God knows I try! I have a feeling it is the flu. Staying my distance. Knock on the door, drop the package and run. Feels like UPS. We'll celebrate the birthday when he is better. That's a promise.
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10. cybersuze
6:54 PM GMT on November 03, 2013
Big Dud sounds like your birthday! Take a rain check!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
9. iaotter
9:59 PM GMT on November 02, 2013
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
8. Alleyoops
5:46 PM GMT on November 02, 2013
Joe, when all else fails and little kids come to your door trick or treating, do like I do, I raid the horde of pennies and toss a few into their bag. Works just as well as candy and all leaves happy.
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7. ladyhomer
4:14 PM GMT on November 02, 2013

We have had extremely warm temps here in Alaska about 15-20 degrees above normal but we have been getting storm after storm & lots of rain . Homer has had some mudslides & lots of rain. no snow yet.

In 3 weeks I'll be in Ohio just hope the weather is not worse than ours I don't want to go on vacation to snow!!

Well you have a very Happy Day & many more!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
6. osdianna
3:52 PM GMT on November 02, 2013
Happy Birthday, Joe. Hope it isn't spent being sickish. I actually got my first flu shot in years after being badgered by my immune-challenged clients. Just lay low and watch football...or not.

I loved UK's subtlety...good job, kiddo! You put a lot of thought into that message/post.

We actually had .33 inches of rain between midnight and 8am...though the rain quit before 8am...and we have 10-23mph winds out of the west. It smells so fresh out there...right off the ocean.

Don't give up yet, Dix; it may take a while to kick in.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. dotmom
3:18 PM GMT on November 02, 2013
Dix: Don't give up. I had 3 epidurals about 10 years ago and they did wonders. Hope yours work!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. cybersuze
2:34 PM GMT on November 02, 2013
Having a little halloween rant there JA? Whell, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you feel well enough to celebrate!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. dix608greys
2:28 PM GMT on November 02, 2013
Happy Birthday to our former JoeAlaska. Party sounds like big fun. Nothing like Italian goodies. I grew up in upstate NY in an Italian neighborhood (I was the only non Italian) so I sampled hundreds of yummy things over the years. Hope Joe is well enough and can taste the food.

AS for me, I had my first 2 spinal injections (of 6 before Xmas) on Tuesday. I think I was hoping for too much as the pain is not much better. Still having problems standing for more than a few minutes. Terribly frustrating.
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2. dotmom
1:06 PM GMT on November 02, 2013
Now for the big news of the day --- Ta, ta, ta dah!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEALASKA!!!

The celebration was/is going to be the Italian dinner at the church where the ladies make all kinds of homemade entrees and goodies. Waiting to hear from the birthday boy as to his medical status. I hope it is a go - without too much snorting going on.

Sorry UK, I'm not quite as subtle as you.

Halloween: They're done for another year! I sat on the front porch with some funny glasses on my face and a cup of coffee in my hands - waiting. They came. Not as many as usual - they were cute. Some more than others. The little ones are adorable no matter what. They are so eager to get that candy - it is like Christmas. This year we had quite a few "big ones." 13 - 14 year olds or 8 year olds on steroids. It was fun.

Yesterday was also Cyberspilz wedding anniversary. I have a feeling they kept it low key. She is better but is still supposed to use the walker for walking - another two weeks - then short walks.

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1. insideuk
12:41 PM GMT on November 02, 2013
A watcHed storm never boils…

I’m certAin the saying goes something like that. Very roughly.

As for sticking your head out the window to best forecast the weather, some of us will recall the imbedded door furniture imPrints in the exterior wall finish on your last home – and PossiblY think Better of It.

PeRhaps The new resident on Haystack Has managed to create a business out of the acciDental indents And protrusions?

The Unalaska Artificial Rock Wall Climbing Club are welcoming new members I hear.

Trick or Treating didn’t exist in my childhood. It’s an imported idea (from guess where) that British parents of the 1970’s seemed loath to adopt. Only in the last decade has there been this idea that shops should be selling dressing up costumes and spookY themed chocolate bars, along with a mountain of other useless on any other day of the year tat. They are all in on the idea now, and kids get very excited about it.

My impression is that there are still some Justifiable misgivings amOngst parEnts, partly due to the cost but also probably because it means they have to go out in the cold, after dark and smile apologetically at all the neighbours whilst their offspring engage in legal theft with intimidation and menace.

and Joseph


if not entirely hidden.

Get well soon Pudden Head XXX

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