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By: joealaska , 1:30 PM GMT on June 12, 2013

I know, I know. Nothing about Dutch Harbor. BORING.

I am very aware the blog is in jeopardy. It is more up to you than me. I am motivated by comments. Not a lotta comments means not a lotta blog motivation. I am up if you are. But it is clear to me that ALL of you are reading here because you are interested in DUTCH or ALASKA.

Not a lot of interest in golf course pictures...

But I can only write about what I am doing.

Many of you have been kind enough to indicate you will follow me to the next chapter. Wherever. I will do my best, but the next chapter may take a while to open.

Meanwhile, not a lot of change here. OK, maybe the temps. It has finally hit here, 90 degrees and humid. After 15 years in Arid-Zona and 20 plus years in Kentucky, I am no longer loving that heat.
Getting older may be part of it. But it has been mild here until just recently. It makes a big difference.

It was a bright sunny day today, with the SUPER HEAT. Not my favorite golf day, after the last few days have been overcast and NICE. But I needed to get out and PLAY today. My putting still sucks, and I want to work on it. So I left early in search for new golf courses. So I headed northeast out of town on I-71 toward Cincinnati. I turned on the GPS and searched for new venues.

Well within an hour I saw new names popping up. You know how I like the back roads... Well Kentucky has a LOT of them. It is a maze. In fields of maize. Roads that pop out in the sun after leading me through a TUNNEL of trees for the last couple miles. DARK at 3 PM. The Kentucky foliage is currently maxed out right now. Can you say THICKET?

I went by 3 courses, and they were all full. One was a resort course in downtown OWENTON, KY.
A huge hotel and golf course in the rural Kentucky Hills that I had never heard of. It was packed, with all those vactioners. I moved on. Eventually I ended up in Carrollton, Kentucky. Hard on The Ohio River. A course I should have played sometime in the last 35 years. But it just never happened.

I did not expect much when I drove up, but what I could see looked good. And most importantly, nobody around. (Compared with the crowds I just saw over the last hour...)

RIDING 18 holes for $23.75? SOLD.

The course was only 9 holes, which I played twice. But half of them were pretty decent. Severe up and down shots, extremely narrow landing areas. LOVED IT! My game was still a disappointment. Several GREAT shots. Several very bad ones. Still had fun, and put another notch in my belt with #53 in the state of Kentucky.

I returned to Louisville via Rt 42, which used to be th old route to Cincinnnati and further north. Before the interstate I-71 came through. Nice Ohio River views. Congestion. Hard to believe we drove 100 miles of it to Cincinnati as a family, then going further north to Cleveland, Ohio. JoeKentucky showed me how to cruise the big time...

I have been in touch with Dutch, a little. It has been very slow, but that first wave of big boats hits Unalaska at any minute. And “B” Season commences. My opinion is that this summer it will be not quite as busy as last year, since the Shell boats will not be around. But Kulluk and the whole gang will return in 2014. And Conoco-Phillips will supposedly also attend. Could be a huge year next year.

I got a note from Dutch saying they are having the contest again for the photo to be featured on the official Dutch Harbor Visitors Guide. After knowing what photos I entered last time and seeing what photo was chosen as a winner, I am not sure what to send in. But I will give them a couple options.

Could be the final legacy for joealaska.

Kinda quiet on the book sales right now. Perhaps I have spiked.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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12:06 AM GMT on June 16, 2013
joealaska has created a new entry.
24. Ylee
7:47 PM GMT on June 15, 2013
Joe, here's an idea, since you asked....

Perhaps you and uk? :' )
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23. joealaska
7:21 PM GMT on June 15, 2013
Long time HTBR... Good to hear from you.

I would like to figure out how to make some money ON THE ROAD.

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22. happytoberetired
2:09 PM GMT on June 15, 2013
Joe, I am feeling very guilty for not following you more. It appears you have moved to the lower 48...either that, or you are taking on heck of an extended vacation.
However briefly you write, please continue to entertain us.
Summer is in full swing on the East Coast of Florida. Today I have Lake Atlantic at my door. The ocean is so flat that every once in a while I can see a pod of bait fish even if it is half way to the horizon. There are plenty of fishermen but I don't see much activity.
That's news that is fit to print. My next lifetime, I plan to take all the JoeAlaska back roads. It sure beats the heck out of I 95 and who knows, you may become the next "on The Road" star! MJ
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21. Rotty3
4:21 PM GMT on June 14, 2013
Yea, UK... you ARE pointing fingers, but that's okay. :-D
I know I've been pretty quiet lately.. no need for evasive behavior (like reading and posting to blog), but rather, work, work, work. And, gasp, some is even enjoyable.
With school in full swing, I'm busy over both ears. But that doesn't mean, I don't enjoy the blog.
But, I take the virtual, distant slap and move on. Still coming back up for air every so often.

JOE: PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP the blog going. Even when we're not as chatty as we have been in the past, please keep going. It's always a lovely place to come to read and to hang out, even if I don't always get to say much these days.

Haupty: an early Happy Bday! Hope your health problems improve. And come to think, you're not even an Aries (sign most associated w/ impatience I hear).

I agree w/ Ylee. So many people here don't have their own blogs and we know how badly we missed Joe when he did delete the blog in a brief moment of (hmmm... what do we call it....?).

I try to be back more often I promise. Even when WU tends to cut part of my entries nilly-willy.

Right now I'm dealing w/ summer classes (shorter but same work as regular classes) and in a spur of insanity, added 10 chickies to the family - they're a big mess. Alas. Hope they grow up fast (see my own blog for more info and pictures).
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20. insideuk
11:15 AM GMT on June 14, 2013
So did you find your ball yet Joe? I’ve heard of multi-tasking but if you can truly combine putting practice with bread making I’d be well impressed…

Love the photo.

OSDianna – talking of keeping dog walkers on their feet, I once met a woman who had a large dog which didn’t much like meeting other dogs whilst out for a walk. It would pull like mad to the point that she had no hope of holding on, so she had developed her own coping method, not one the professionals would approve of I’m sure. Essentially, once she saw another dog approaching, she would make aim for the nearest fence post or lamppost to wrap the dogs lead around several times, then stay there until they had the all clear.

It kind of worked, but it severely limited the routes she could take and I think she was starting to develop her own fear of open spaces. At one point the council were replacing all the lampposts in the area and had removed all but the lower 3 foot of each post across several streets at a time. I swear I saw this lady on one of those mornings crouched on the floor trying to keep the wrapped lead on what was left of the base whilst her dog leapt about doing its best to get free!

Yesterdays thunderstorms came and went slightly to the south of me, which meant the festival campsite took the brunt of it, it knocked out the sites communications systems for a while. Apparently some lads, of the now close to 100,000 campers on site, were so keen to grab a frontline pitch nearer the stage areas that they ignored all advice from stewards and erected their tents in a grassy hollow. Once the storm had passed by a total of 27 tents had submerged into a newly formed lake.

Some said the lake was close to 6% alcohol by volume, slightly fizzy even.

Kids eh - they just never listen. Fortunately the organisers took pity on them and loaned out some dry accommodation – which I assume was from tents abandoned last year.

According to reports, one fan, carrying a backpack and two additional bags of food and drink, grimaced as he passed by and said: “I hope it doesn’t get as bad as last year because I broke my ankle in the mud.”


I’d be happy to pay out close to $500 for such a privilege.

Had I entirely lost my mind.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
19. osdianna
6:22 AM GMT on June 14, 2013
Ladyhomer...I have a friend (90 yrs young) who spent her summers in Eagle until the year before the big ice jam there wiped out some of downtown Eagle (photos from Katy99780 (?) out of Tok were just amazing), so I have been printing off the Alaskadaily.com reporting of the events in Galena for Jean to read. It happened so fast...they had no time so they lost everything. Rotting meat from freezers had to be helicoptered to the dump to avoid bears.

UK...great description of the upcoming music festival; shades of Woodstock, without the women. The mind boggles at the thought of all that leftover trash.

Dave...you know that old saying, "getting old ain't for sissies". I don't think science is working nearly fast enough on ways to prevent aging. I just try to keep moving, even if it is slower. You have my sympathies.

We began the day with a few showers that cleared to huge piles of cumulus in a beautiful blue sky, with a nice breeze to keep the bugs down, as they say. I was about an hour inland with two other women and one of the women's two hyper dogs. Two of us were there to learn how to help prevent the dogs from yanking their aging person off her feet. The professional dog trainer admitted their person was being trained as much as the dogs. I was just glad they are not my dogs, and glad too to be outdoors.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
18. GracieO
9:20 PM GMT on June 13, 2013
Like I've said before, his photos of Dutch brought me into Joe's blog. But it was his laid back manner in his adventures or misadventures, at work or when he traveled/cruised back down in the lower 48 that has kept me coming back to read it. It beats watching "Honey Booboo". Just kidding ya'll! Joe's blog is Reality!
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17. calpoppy
8:53 PM GMT on June 13, 2013
The people have spoken. Blog stays, Joe!!
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16. ladyhomer
5:06 PM GMT on June 13, 2013
I too would miss the blog I came across it when my hubby got stuck in Dutch for 3 days on his way to Atka while there he did a lot of exploring like Joe!!!!
I read this blog every morning it is the only one I'm on besides Face Book which consumes much of my retired days!!

UK I would really enjoy that rock concert but for one I would not want to be sitting out in the rain or rolling around in the mud!!

before I ever got married my mom & dad took me golfing a cuple times it is not as easy as I thought it would be never cared that much for it we called it FLOGING that is golfing spelled backwards.
It was a little foggy here this morning but Alaska has been having a heatwave since the end of May sure hope it hangs around all summer for us we could sure use it. Hubby might have to go to Galena to help with some of the cleanup there from the floods lots of people lost everything there. well sun is coming out now time to go water the greenhouse & the flowers
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15. cholla
2:06 PM GMT on June 13, 2013
I'm late for putting in my two cents worth, but both Maggie and I support Joe in whatever new endeavor he comes up with. I admit that I was attracted to this blog by "Hoppy" - but I've learned much more than just about foxes. I can't say that I miss cold weather, but the 108 that southern Arizona has had this week is a bit too much. It's been that hot up where Bearpaints lives, in the northern part of the state. We are avid birders, like osdianna... and this time of year we head up to the top of Mount Lemmon, just an hour from our house. Osdianna, we watched a whole flock of Red-faced Warblers atop the mountain last week. They are beautiful! A bit over an hour south of us is a Buff-collared Nightjar-- which we have not yet gone down to see. That won't mean much to most of you, but osdianna will recognize these birds as barely getting north of our border with Mexico. I'm not an avid reader of blogs, but I have opened some of yours. Ylee, I also like webcams; and I've checked out many of those you link to. And, insideuk, I really enjoy the photos on your blogsite. And your wit and humour (note the British spelling) really spice up Joe's blog. Even though I rarely post, I'm on here daily reading what the rest of you have to say. As they would say here in southern Arizona: Viva la blog!
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14. insideuk
10:46 AM GMT on June 13, 2013
The KUCB reporter has posted some pictures of the fire damaged vessel – which I hope are still on this link to Lauren Rosenthals photo page. The damage looks pretty severe to me, can't imagine that the Blue Pacific will be out fishing the new season. Bad news for the crew, but thank God that didn't occur out at sea.


I couldn't deal with daily temperatures like those that bearpaints is getting, and Kentucky's high humidity alongside hot weather is when I get really bad tempered. I am a cool climate girl – CLEARLY! Our summer has gotten under way of late, with very pleasant low 70's and lots of dry and sunny weather. As of today that has ended (summer lasted a fortnight) – with the arrival of what I think might be an ex-named storm system. Derbyshire is under a weather alert today with a line of thunderstorms crossing west to east, bringing potential for sudden flash flood causing downpours, 60mph tree shifting gusts and what is being described as 'large' hail stones. They haven't gotten into your system of giving descriptive size comparisons for hail yet – but I'm thinking 'large' must mean almond sized, maybe not up to walnut standard?

Betti is stopping indoors. She's cute enough, without the need for dimples...

Yesterday I drove by the DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL. It is a big thing, and this year it is bigger still because it is the only heavy rock/ thrash metal music festival in the country. HUGE. As I drive through the area regularly I have seen the build up to the event. They even built a new footbridge over the main road from the car parking (fields). It's a large hillside racetrack in it's normal life, but the entire site is transformed into a multi stage outdoor music venue and campsite for 3 days of MAYHEM.

The roadies were busy over on the restricted access side of the park, bringing in all the bands bits and bobs, Iron Maiden don't travel light. On the other side, a full 3 days in advance of any music being played the car parks had opened for the arrival of the happy campers. I drove by at 10.15am, the car parks had opened at 9am, the camp sites were blocked off until noon, and there was already a 15 mile tailback of traffic.

I forgot to mention this all takes place half a mile from East Midlands International Airport, if you had a flight booked yesterday you should have known better...

Because I was largely travelling in the opposite direction to the long haired hoards of young men I could observe without getting delayed. The Download festival attracts a heavily male dominated audience, I'd say perhaps 85% male. Mostly aged 18-30, though I did spot a couple of white haired old rockers in amongst the crowds (that might have been Iron Maiden...). I sat and waited whilst a large group were escorted across the junction nearest the campsite. The new footbridge was seemingly underutilised because these guys were dragging MAHOOSIVE quantities of STUFF with them. They obviously all had tents, some had chairs, many had guitars, one or two pallet loads of beer each and some sandwiches and a roll of toilet paper thrown in for good measure (probably by their alarmed mothers on departure).

Absolutely none of them had packed their stuff well enough to survive the trip. It is obviously not the done thing to arrive at a rock festival with a set of formal luggage, a backpack only goes so far, and so what was mostly being transported were vast cardboard boxes with small amounts of plastic wrapping to keep out the weather on makeshift trolleys made from bits and pieces strung together from their Dads shed. The cars waiting patiently in line from the distant town of Loughborough northwards were exceedingly overloaded, some were barely off the floor. Every one of them packed with excited and eager young men awaiting 6 days of brain cell carnage. Some had roof racks with ripped cardboard boxes and shredded plastic blowing in the light breeze.

It is anyone's guess what they had on the roof when they left home, and where it fell off enroute. I hope it wasn't the essentials of life. Or close friends.

And so now the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire border has itself around 35,000 happy campers sliding around in the mud getting soaked by each and every heavy shower that has hit since noon yesterday. Within a few hours they will likely be hit by that more severe weather I mentioned, and the forecast for the next 5 days is WET with a few steamy sunny spells in between the DOWNPOURS.

They will doubtless be happy as pigs in mud, joined by 100,000+ more daily revellers to mosh about as only they can.

I can't hear them from my house.

Though by the final day I can usually pick up a faint odour in the breeze.
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13. DHaupt
6:33 AM GMT on June 13, 2013
Dear Joe,
Yeah, keep on blogging. I, like everyone, else am interested in how your transitioning progresses. I can only relate to golf through my dad's experiences, some of which I have spun into pretty good yarns over the decades. So, by all means, write about golf.

But, I have a suggestion to make: I would love to have you go back over many of your older blogs and fill in with more detail and more local color as you recall it many years later; it would also be a very good writing exercise for your next book. For example, you could write a good chapter just on that most famous fox, Hoppy. There are probably some people following you that came after Hoppy. Go into more depth and with more drama.

I'd like to hear more of the chit-chat and rumors; the atmosphere of working in Dutch; interesting people that you encountered; stuff that you didn't include in any blog at the time, but which you can recall, thinking back; crimes, local issues, weird people, normal people (they may actually seem to be the weird ones).

You would certainly have no difficulty keeping it weather related because, at some level, weather pretty much drives everything that happens in Dutch. You spent five full years there and are a treasure trove of knowledge about the place. You need to mine that experience.

So, think of everything you wrote at the time in this blog as a rough draft. Let's revisit the past and also keep up on the present.

As for me, I've been dealing with a lot of health issues for several months. Nothing dire or life-threatening, just damned aggravating! And debilitating. First there is some sort of arthritis/gout, the medical practicers don't seem to know what, that is affecting the very top of my neck, C1 and C2. They are now talking about sending me to a chronic pain class -- whoopity-do -- it's all in my head.

Interesting: I've learned that the joint between your neck and your skull is pretty much the same as a plumber uses to attach your toilet to the sewer pipe: slather on a layer of tough sticky stuff at the top of the spine and slap the sucker on. Intelligent design? I don't think so.

Unlike with the toilet, the stick stuff is supposed to be self healing. My sticky stuff has gotten gritty and inflamed and hurts. The cortisone injections don't seem to have helped much. Besides the chronic pain class, there is still acupuncture; several of my neighbors are urging me to try one of nature's remedies, a California product.

The next problem is advancing neuropathy in both legs and feet which is affecting my walking. But, it is also creeping into my fingers which is affecting my typing. We are trying to get it stabilized in which case, I will adapt and shuffle on. Perhaps I will evolve into a Dalek! Old age sucks and I'm not a good patient.

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12. bearpaints
3:18 AM GMT on June 13, 2013
My life is really boring right now. With just doing chores, work, chores, sleep nothing new inbetween. I finished Joe's book and left me wanting to read more. So Joe if you find yourself with nothing to do get writing. I really enjoyed it.

I'm slowly melting. It hit 108 north of Phoenix, AZ today. Being outside after working all day for a couple of hours during the hotest part of the day is no fun. And there is still 4 more months of this heat? I want to head to Dutch, anywhere but here right now. But KY temps of 90 and high humidity I'll stay here I guess. Good to see everyone "talking." Much as I would like to add more my eyes are closing and it's off to bed to start again.

I'm here to stay!
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11. joealaska
2:35 AM GMT on June 13, 2013
I agree with UK.

Anyone with something interesting should let us all in on it. Lets have a party of stories.

BLUE PACIFIC? I know the captain and first mate, as well as the cook and a few of the crew. It is not THAT cold in Dutch... Space heater?

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
10. edguthrie
12:09 AM GMT on June 13, 2013

Keep it up!!!!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
9. insideuk
11:19 PM GMT on June 12, 2013
F/V Blue Pacific had a fire at the Coastal Transportation dock this morning OSDianna! The story is already on KUCB news. The boom is just in case any fluids leak, no contaminents have been seen so far. Nobody was hurt.


The fire was caused by a space heater in the hold, where 10,000 pounds of waxed cardboard boxes were stored. It took 2 hours to put the fire out!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
8. osdianna
10:14 PM GMT on June 12, 2013
I just checked out the dock cams in Dutch...something is going on; there is a containment boom in the water, a fire truck, firemen, etc. Looks like there was a spill?
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
7. Ylee
7:47 PM GMT on June 12, 2013
I look at those who posted above, and with the exception of osdianna(who has her own blog), and 99% of the time, you never see these folks post anywhere else on WU. This is a unique collection of people, bound together not only by the experiences of mainly one person, but also each other as well. I like having Joe in Kentucky; it's like having a neighbor! :' ) I hope this blog continues for a long time to come, as not only do I like hearing the stories of Joe, Dotmom, and the rest of the JoeKin, but also of uk, Haupty, cholla, and the rest of the Followers of Joe that hang out here!

I heard this in the news, and I immediately thought of Joe. Joe, how'd you like to own your own golf course? Link
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
6. osdianna
7:20 PM GMT on June 12, 2013
Here, here, UK...I totally agree. The neat thing is all of us have lives that go every which way...and we may think they are boring, but they are different from one another, and that adds up to a pretty interesting mix of personalities.

While I myself don't golf, I really enjoy watching it on TV; the sounds of the birds, the open greens, the trees and the wind...just being outdoors, plus it has to be one of the most difficult games to play well of anything we humans have learned to do. I often speculate on how it was invented. So keep on posting your golfing stories, Joe. I am always interested in your travels.

From the beginning, Joe said to keep posting about the cats, so I am trying to do so...and I just posted a bit in answer to cybersuze on my own blog, forgetting they belong to all of us for now as a part of Joe's life...so a part of this blog.

As I said in that blog, fleas were not a problem in Dutch Harbor, but they are a reality of the lower 48, so I finally applied some "natural" flea goop to poor Dutchie. I am still really hesitant to put pesticides (that's what most flea meds are) on these cats, so by natural, I mean a brand called Sentry Natural Defense. It is peppermint, clove, and lemongrass oil in a base of canola oil...so you can imagine what an oily mess it made of the back of her neck...poor baby, and the smell is just awful! She took it pretty well, but I can imagine it was pretty awful to her. If I can still smell it in the house a day later, you KNOW it is hard on a cat's sensitive nose.

So now that it has had time to soak into her skin, I washed off the back of her neck this morning, couldn't stand to see her with a spikey "punk" look with all that oil on her. I wasn't able to really love on her the way she likes...not to mention that awful smell. Way better!

We are back to typical PNW spring weather...showers and breezy. I now worry what that translates to as it moves across the rest of the country. Yesterday was such a beautiful day out here on the coast, while it rained 30 miles inland; that's opposite to the usual weather pattern, so those Master Gardeners making the trip out to Ocean Shores for the annual June meeting in our town were pleasantly surprised to be in the sunshine. In fact, it was downright muggy inside the meeting room, as all windows faced east and the breeze was out of the west.

As hosts to this first evening meeting, we provided desserts and a few each of our favorite teas. I chose to bring a Red African Bush Tea (close your eyes, UK), and one of our interns went over the top with two of her grandmother's antique deviled egg platters full of chocolate and coconut-dipped strawberries! The strawberries were so big they filled the egg depressions in the platters. They were a big hit.

Meanwhile, my daughter was having hip replacement surgery in Golden, Co. and a call from my sister-in-law informed me my (younger) brother was in the emergency room with two blood clots in his leg! Not exactly a normal day. All is well so far.

So...write on dear bloggers. Don't be afraid of boring us...you would never know anyway.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. iaotter
7:05 PM GMT on June 12, 2013
I too hope this blog continues. You have all become 'family' over the years and I would hate to lose touch with the daily adventures in all your lives.
Where I am is not particularly exciting.
Small Iowa towns are mostly of interest to those who live there and even we get bored occasionally. The biggest thing going on right now it rain. lots and lots of rain. The farmers do not have all the corn in, most of them haven't even started on planting their beans. Fields look like they have small lakes scattered through them. Some of the 'lakes' are big enough to attract passing ducks.
Our town swimming pool is going strong. I live right next door and can hear the kids laughing and talking as I type. We had a nice thunderstorm last night with about .5 inches of rain. Looks like it is clouding up again after being mostly sunny this morning.
Dog is passed out on the run in front of the deck screen door. Like I said, nothing exciting, just every day life in a small Iowa town.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. dotmom
6:45 PM GMT on June 12, 2013
UK has a lot of good points here. As for Joe, only he has the answers as to where his future will take him and whether it will carry the excitement that Dutch Harbor had for all of us. Let's face it, he is home here with his "aged" parents, 90 and 79 respectively. How exciting can that be??? He is in a state of flux an probably within the next few weeks he will know more about what he is going to do. In the meantime, we are trying to keep it to a "low roar" around here. Dancing stops at midnight.

I too am looking forward to more interaction via the blog - it has been fun. Let's hope it continues in some fashion. In the meantime....
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. insideuk
5:58 PM GMT on June 12, 2013
I'm going to be blunt.

I'm going to risk it all.

Do or be damned – the time has come for me to be BOLD.

This blog will survive ONLY if WE ALL learn to interact more closely. It cannot breeze along OUTSIDE of Alaska in the way it once did WITHIN. Way back when...

We used to bounce off each other, sometimes INTO each other, sometimes we had chaos, other times unity. But what was always there in the past was interaction that kept up the momentum, that fuelled the motivation.

I have felt this slip away over 18 months, maybe more. Almost imperceptible at first, the slide has perhaps been partially hidden by the location, protected by it. And now the shift is exposed.

I am not pointing fingers here. I accept that my own involvement has slackened off as I too lost motivation. It can be difficult to put the effort into writing when you appear to be talking to yourself.

Though I do that quite a bit in reality – I pretend the dog is listening but I know she is mostly asleep these days.

We have lost a common interest. A single but important element that went to make up the whole. We must endeavour to rebuild links or lose what we treasure.

I arrived with an interest in Dutch Harbor, but that cannot be the reason I remained so long. I don't believe I am alone in thinking that the writing skills and varied personalities within this blog – blog keeper and comment makers alike, are the MAIN reason for its enduring popularity. The location, Joes old job, the extreme weather events, the link to a popular TV show, the boats, the people, the animal life, the beautiful photography of a stunning landscape – ALL OF THAT STUFF - would not have been enough without the substance and textures that were provided by the human contribution.

The increasing difficulty for me was to keep 'ON TOPIC'.

This phrase has it's place within the WU blog rules. I have always considered it a rudeness to ignore the blog writers content and comment only on your own thing. That was MY personal rule – I tried my hardest to write on/ around/ underneath or within the rough boundaries of sanctioned TOPIC.

I frequently bent MY rule – but usually under request.

Now we have, perhaps for an extended period, a TOPICLESS BLOG. One brought about by the sudden loss of all - LOCATIONALLY - things JoeALASKA. Whilst we retain a loose grip on the Joe bit (or bits, plural) it is obvious we must regain our MOST COMMON INTEREST – THE ONE WE HAVE IN EACH OTHER.

That was always the molecular strength in our glue.

Perhaps most of us would feel, myself included, that our lives rarely have enough excitement to maintain an interesting blog FULL TIME. So this is my suggestion, at this crossroads in the Joealaska story – whenever we do have something to write about, a life event, a weather event, an amusing anecdote, an opinion on a news story, an observation on life around us or just something that might otherwise be overlooked – THAT WE ENDEAVOUR TO PUT IT HERE, and share it.


OK, not an entirely rudderless ship, just one that is served by whatever prevailing wind is available to us. Hoist the mainsails and see where it gets us?

With Joes blessing?

Only he can say. Speak up windy one...

The people and personalities that have come into my world via this blog have always fascinated me. I may not have always agreed with an opinion or a given viewpoint, nor necessarily shared a deep interest in certain topics, but I have remained enthralled in the personalities that lie behind the comments. I have a picture in my minds eye of many of you, most of you, I can take a snippet from your words, brief or lengthy, and from a distant land piece together a jigsaw of a life. Many pieces may be missing, but I have you all spread out on a giant table in my mind.

I have space for more.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. ladyhomer
4:15 PM GMT on June 12, 2013
Still waiting for my book to arrive. Please keep up the blog do enjoy reading about your travels!!!

You could drive into Ohio there are some golf courses in Salem, Ohio ---Flying B Golf course is one it isright where I grew up.

Boy we are really having some nice weather lately in Homer, Alaska it's about time have had temps in the 7o's since May 27th & also some in the 80's sure hope the rest of the summer is nice. Been keeping up with Deadliest Catch both the Saga & Time Bandit were tied up in the harbor the other day bot boats are homeported here.

Glad to hear both of your cats are doing well Joe !!! so when do you plan on reuniting with them again?

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1. butkuscallahan
2:05 PM GMT on June 12, 2013
Please keep up your blog! I love it! Am past medicare age and don't travel. love to know what you see and appreciate your pictures and descriptions. Am reading your book. Next one please.
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