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By: joealaska , 1:40 AM GMT on April 09, 2013

It has been a great weekend with celebrating Dad’s 90th.

Friday night dinner at a local German restaurant. Everyone but Dad enjoyed the food.

Saturday we all went downtown to THE BIG FOUR BRIDGE. A double railroad bridge from Indiana to Kentucky over The Ohio River. Long outdated, it is being converted into a pedestrian bridge (and bikes). The Indiana side has no way down yet, so we walked across, then back. About two miles total, plus the ramps. No big deal. But the views are great. Many people wearing LOUISVILLE shirts. Some die-hard Kentucky shirts also. Many dogs. LOTS of people. And everyone was having a great time. Perfect weather. Benches to sit on when you get tired.

We went home and watched Louisville MEN come from way behind in the second half, after some of us had said OH OH TRUBBA, and take the game late and move on to the finals.

Sunday we watched the Louisville WOMEN kick California ass and also move to the finals. Getting complicated? Brats and sauerkraut that night

Today they started leaving. CYBER leaving at GOD KNOWS WHEN to catch a 5:30 AM flight. My cousins from Long Island leaving this morning at a more reasonable time.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am am heading to SOMEWHERE. Probably west. Probably south. I get a late start and will be looking for a golf course soon after that. A storm front is moving in, amybe a day away. Winter storm. I say GO FOR IT and head west. I can always hang a hard left if needed.

Right now I have no clue where I stay tomorrow night.


Louisville Men 76-72.

And the women also win....

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8. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
12:16 PM GMT on April 10, 2013
joealaska has created a new entry.
7. insideuk
9:17 AM GMT on April 10, 2013
Dianna – the big snow drifts are shrinking but are still very much in evidence wherever they formed their bizarre shapes. I uploaded a few 'drive by' snaps of the drifts onto my WU photos page last week. I know of a few local (low priority) roads which are still completely blocked by snow. Pretty much what is shown there is still in place because daytime temperatures in rural areas haven't yet lifted much above freezing. In the burbs we have gotten to mid 40's and all our snow was gone by the end of last week – but we are promised MUCH warmer stuff for next week. Maybe even mid 60's with a waft of warm air from the south? But that comes with rain attached.

Wellington boots are a year round fashion essential. Shocking pink ones for 2013 are de rigueur (I know Joe takes notes on such matters...)

Once the snow plows had been to work on the main roads I took Betti on a couple of leisure cruises (just to be nosey) – BIG DRIFT tourism has become quite the thing this past fortnight. Normally you have to negotiate overtaking big packs of MAD keen cyclists, but the drifts have in places narrowed the lanes to make that particular sporting activity a downright suicidal one. Trying to spot oncoming traffic hidden behind 6 foot high drifts, plus the lycra clad demons on 2 wheels, all hurtling at speed towards the narrowing points in the road made driving interesting. Add in the areas where you still had icy patches stretching the width of the road and you have yourself an accident waiting to happen.

Or a Youtube moment, as they are now known.

I enjoy the challenge all this presented but I could have done without chancing upon a VAST wide load truck inching its way towards me (a brand new quarry monster dumper truck). He had a police escort but he was a lane and a half width on a narrow 2 way road with high snow drifts on one side. He was also very tall and had to dodge around every tree branch way up above him. Betti and I pulled over as far as possible leaving him some tree dodging space but the police, seeing another wider vehicle coming up behind me, asked me to move forward. That meant I had to stop level with a big tree on the opposite side. It actually went DARK when the monster load inched past alarmingly close. I prayed that the grassy ground beneath the hedge I was parked IN was still frozen enough to allow me to gain traction to hit the tarmac again. Bettis extra wide tyres have come in very handy on more than one occasion now – I promise I shall not complain when it comes to having to pay several hundred pounds to replace her big old wellie boots.

Though I shan't be paying extra for high fashion colours...
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6. dotmom
8:17 PM GMT on April 09, 2013
UK: Those "Hoosiers" are in the process of making an exit/entrance to their side of the bridge. It is all pretty neat.
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5. osdianna
3:37 PM GMT on April 09, 2013
Glad you got out and about, UK; I have been wondering how you and your part of the country have been holding up. Have you had Betti fitted yet with ice skates or skis? Or are you back down to bare pavement?

What I always wonder is how people find their buried cars in the snow drifts...giving new meaning to "I know I left it somewhere near a street sign"...which is also buried.

Meanwhile we had a bit of weak sun here yesterday, but at least it was dry.

Dutchie and Fluff slept curled up together in a chair last night. Dutchie runs from the visitors room to under my bed to upstairs...runs low to the ground. But both are very affectionate, and enjoy the attention and petting I give them several times a day. And they both enjoy playing.

Stay safe everyone...especially the intrepid wanderer; looks as though spring is about to throw a curve right down the lower middle of the country.

Dotmom...empty nest syndrome all over again. Glad you all had a great time, especially nice of the Cards and the Lady Cards (?) to win for you.
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4. dotmom
3:13 PM GMT on April 09, 2013
Took JoeA to the "Car Rental" a bit ago. He was very anxious to get under way to find a golf course (even though we overlook one out our back door). He expects to be gone a couple of weeks. It sure is quiet around here right now - just JoeKY and me. This is a first in about a week. Quiet!

Hope everyone is having a good day and I hope JoeA finds fun in his trip. xo
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3. insideuk
10:35 AM GMT on April 09, 2013
Do the Indiananians wish to keep the Kentuckians at bay then?

Is that why they failed to give you a way to get off the bridge on that side? One would assume they weren't so fussy with the trains that arrived in years gone by or I'm sure I would have heard about all the free falling locomotives.

Maybe they just don't care for your partisan attire? I'm guessing there were dogs showing their support for certain basketball teams by way of neckerchiefs too? Sounds like the whole town is nuts...

Went nuts.

Amounts to same thing. Many loons.

One less loon from Tuesday onwards. The storm front dodging golfist is ready steady go to somewhere.

There will be no holding him back. A TWO MONTH ROAD TRIP.

It almost makes me feel sorry for the inanimate objects that will have to endure the trip with him – the poor little Canon Rebel camera may become positively mutinous over time. The doubtless soon to be hospitalised set of golf clubs, with a zillion air miles to its name, will be looking forlornly at passing semi-retired versions settled happily into familiar clubhouses across the land. The unknowing rental car that is about to be battered and bruised along dirt roads until its odometer is dizzy and its paintwork pulverised.

And we get to go with him...

I need a lie down.

I spent this weekend with family celebrating my Grandmothers 93rd birthday. She was bright and breezy and thoroughly enjoyed her big day, helped out with the present and card opening ceremony by a great grand-daughter just over 90 years her junior. If you saw the photo of them together you would NEVER even guess at that great age gap. A TRULY remarkable lady beyond compare.

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2. OGal
9:38 AM GMT on April 09, 2013

What a great time you had Joe. Safe travels to your next stop. Lville proved once again who rules the college basketball world. On to next year for the rest of us. Your mom and dad need to rest. .
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1. osdianna
5:18 AM GMT on April 09, 2013
What a great game! And for Joe, exit stage left, and on to the big trip. I hope you have a wonderful time...with many golf courses in out-of-the-way places.

The girls are doing good...my cats noses are a bit out of joint, but they will adapt. Maggie continues to try to make friends...just takes time.
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