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By: joealaska , 5:03 AM GMT on January 10, 2013

Weather is typical here. We got a nice base coat of snow to build on, only to revert to the melt cycle. 40 mph winds and 42 degrees. That will do it.

I was driving down Haystack yesterday and the road was a plate of ice soaking wet. Sure, the maintenance guys had come through and scattered some cinders, but the traction was token. I was going down the hill, which is steep with sharp turns. Suddenly I was in Slo-Mo-Out-Of-Contro.

SMOOC. LOL. OMG. WTF. ( I have NEVER tweeted, I have NEVER texted.. Does it show?)

So I tapped the brakes, still sliding. I lay off the brakes and let gravity take control. I made a gradual turn and hoped I would stay on the road. I did. It was close to ditching.

TODAY was worse. I was off yesterday, pretty much. Today I was hoping to put in a couple hours and BOLT. Went in, worked through lunch and stayed late. I was leaving, the only person still around. Walking to my car I was suddenly on a ICE PLATE O’ DOOM in the parking area. A thick plate of ice in mid-melt, wet as possible. 1% traction. The legs went up and I went down. No warning. I remember watching the bumper of the Tahoe coming up to greet my head. It was pretty close, but not close enough. I was splayed. Yet conscious. I painfully landed on my hip.

It was so slick it was hard to get up.

If I hit my head I might have gotten my first good night of sleep in a long time. Bummer.

My manuscript is back for final approval. Just looking for mis-spells. SHAT?

One of my old grade school teachers has been in touch with me. 5th or 6th grade. Mrs S. Her family is a group of very interesting people, and they became friends of our family as they lived nearby
back then. She is getting up there in years (WHO AIN’T?). And she wants to know how to see my blog. I told her. Hope to see some participation.

We have another FAT order tomorrow. One of the vessels we use had mechanical issues coming up from Seattle (can you spell KULLUK?). Then weather kicked in. A big order on board is heading back, and we are the ones to feed the people. While early in the season, we are very busy.

2013 is a big year for the Kentuckians. 60th anniversary for JK and Dot. JK turns 90. Maybe I can finally kick his ass in golf... Maybe not.

Change is constant.

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20. iaotter
12:48 AM GMT on January 14, 2013
Dutch Harbor Alaska 37
North Central Iowa 12
windy here too.
It is supposed to be near zero tonight, and 46 by Wednesday. The weather no longer makes sense. It is like a yo-yo. When parts of the last snow melted in the back yard the grass was still green underneath. Never did have cold enough weather to freeze it brown before it snowed.
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19. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
12:47 AM GMT on January 14, 2013
joealaska has created a new entry.
18. osdianna
6:33 AM GMT on January 13, 2013
We here in the Pacific NW are having very cold temps (for us) in the high 20's/low 30's and very bright sunlight, but no discernable heat coming off that big orb in the sky...unless I go walking on the beach with the dog, then I warm up. That is what I have been doing.

Looking forward to The Book, by JoeA. When did you have the time to write? I remember waaayy back when you did have some slack time, but not so much lately.

I just looked at the temp in Golden, Co...2.6 degrees, oh brrrr! My daughter and her family live there, transfers from SoCal; they like Colorado but the cold and snow is a bit much sometimes.

Go Seahawks!
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17. Ylee
7:14 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
I know how you feel, iaotter! By the time I'm JoeKy's age(hopefully I'll make it that long!), I'll be seeing black bears trundling along the field behind my house!
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16. Bogon
4:28 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
After reading Joe's title I stopped by to opine that, with his hilltop location and personal weather station, Joe is surely becoming something of an expert in passing wind.

But now I see that this entry has been up for a while. Doubtless UK already beat me to it.
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15. iaotter
3:06 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
Hey Dave,
check out soap carving. no sharp tools needed and there is tons of info on google. That was the project of choice for one of the art teachers when I was in grade school. No sharp items needed. I think we used plastic knives or old table knives from the hot lunch room. no little fingers harmed in the making of those turtles and unidentifiable lumps.
No excitement in Iowa either. We kind of like to keep it that way. Excitement now-a-days always seems like it is bad news.
There are mountain lions roaming around Iowa. One sighted around here. Lots of river bottom and trees where the Boone and Des Moines rivers meet and plenty of deer and farmer's livestock for them to eat. More over on the east side of the state near my brother and cousin's places. Tracks sighted there since around Thanksgiving. About the same time of year one was there last year.
Dog and I are being careful on our walks. She would go bark at it, try to chase it, and then when it chased her would run right back to me to hide behind my knees. Not the bravest doggie in the world. I could do without that sort of excitement, although I would like to see one from the safety of the car as I am driving through.

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14. MissNadia
12:32 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
Better bundle up Dave!!!
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13. DHaupt
5:37 AM GMT on January 12, 2013
Lawdy Lawdy! Out of a clear black sky, Livermore just got 0.10" of un-forecast rain! It came out of a completely isolated little clump on the nexrad perched right on top of us. And, it is like 44 degrees outside right now -- so much for the freeze warning too. WU has wisely amended their forecast to show a 10% POP for this evening. That's cheating!

But, it is the most exciting thing that has happened all day. Maybe I should take up whittling again after 63 years. Oops, I forgot that I'm on coumadin now so, no sharp playthings.
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12. dotmom
4:05 AM GMT on January 12, 2013
Rather boring here in old KY. Watching sports a lot and we have discovered TCM for uninterrupted movies. Have seen a lot of old ones - and I mean OLD. Tonight we watched "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World." It was crazy. Saw so many old and gone actors and actresses making cameo appearances. Kind of fun to see them popping up. I wanted to watch "The Inglorious Basterds" but we watched for awhile and the big guy was not happy with it. We are taping it and FranKY and I will watch it at a time when he is busy elsewhere (sleeping!) It is a satire, but rather brutal. We were laughing in spots and he couldn't understand the dark humor.

Tomorrow we have sports again, so movies may be out. I can only sit still so long with these things.

Thanks again to all who noted our special days coming up. We have to stay healthy so that we can observe them. The anniversary isn't until October - but we have known each other now for over 60 years! Yikes!
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11. cybersuze
2:15 AM GMT on January 12, 2013
I'm still here -- waiting to hear some news! High here in Boise tomorrow and through the next week low 20s. Snow's on the ground -- winter wonderland!

Still wondering about the proposals!
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10. DHaupt
1:51 AM GMT on January 12, 2013
Where'd everybody go? This is like playing tennis all by yourself.

We need excitement. I'm afraid I can't supply much with Livermore's weather. The big freeze warning of 2013 didn't happen last night, The warning said 23F, we didn't get below 33F. A piddling 0.01" of rain the night before, or was that a passing bird? Would almost have to have been an owl considering it was in the dark.

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9. iaotter
3:56 PM GMT on January 11, 2013
should you get into the fox shipping business, send one or more my way too. They can be nice pets. As affectionate as a dog and mannerisms of a cross between a dog and cat. They are funny characters.
The ones we had when I was a kid loved to steal gloves out of pockets or off you hands. They were very careful about fingers and would work and work to pull each finger tip free til they could snatch the whole thing. Then they would dash off and bury it under the tree. They dug like little fiends and then used their noses to shove their pize in the hole. They pushed the dirt back with their noses too. Guess feet were only for excavation, not for refill.
So after you have filled the fox quota for Muriel you can send a pair to Iowa. We have them here, but they aren't nearly as fluffy or as varied in color as yours. Ours look downright scrawny in comparison.
Early Congratulations to Dotmom and JoeKy!
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8. DHaupt
1:21 PM GMT on January 11, 2013
Rotty and other humans,
I highly recommend "KWAN LOONG OIL", a Chinese liniment, technically an embrocation, that I was introduced to decades ago by a body-building enthusiast and sports trainer. It has 35% methyl salicylate plus 16% menthol as its active ingredients, is deep penetrating and easily applied. You can order it from Prince of Peace Enterprises . These are the same people who import all the "Tiger Balm" products. They are headquartered just over the hill from me in Castro Valley, CA. A great product. POP indicates their evangelical Christian origins.

Methyl Salicylate is the naturally occurring form of aspirin. It is sufficiently absorbed and potent that I have to compensate for it in my daily warfarin dosage.
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7. beell
12:52 AM GMT on January 11, 2013
Nice title, Joe.
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6. DHaupt
3:41 PM GMT on January 10, 2013
In the US, one cannot be prosecuted for one's musings, only for one's actions. I think it is the same in the UK. As the great barrister, Horace Rumpole, observed about Judge Bullingham: "A filthy mind is a perpetual delight." Otherwise, we'd all be locked up with no one to guard the outer gate.

So Joe, plant your flag, stand your ground in Dutch Harbor, safe behind 5000 miles of icy, raging water from the UK. Otherwise, that character doing his thing up in the arctic wilderness might need some company.

Forty some years ago, I found myself horizontal in the air some 3 feet above a frozen pond in Laramie, Wyoming. First ice-skating experience. Parts of me haven't worked quite right since.
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5. cybersuze
2:59 PM GMT on January 10, 2013
I see! I hope I get an invite to the wedding!
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4. JJDavenport
2:55 PM GMT on January 10, 2013
Hi Joe,

I'm contacting you from A UK based television company. I'm keen to have a quick chat with you about the possibility of using some video footage you have taken of the Kulluk in a documentary I am working on. If you can email me the best telephone number to reach you on that would be very helpful.

My email address is jonathan.davenport@dsp.tv and you can find out more about the company I work for at www.dsp.tv

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Jon Davenport
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3. Rotty3
1:07 PM GMT on January 10, 2013
An early congrats on the 60th to Dotmom and JoeKY. I won't say that other until it happens. Let's just say, that spells trubba usually for the person. Definitely don't want that.

Joe, glad you made it safely down the hill, although that knocking on the "other" noggin' is not a good thing. Hope you feel better soon. I doubt you have arnica, so a good ol' ultra BenGay may help. I prefer ThermaFlex (an equine product w/ a label "not for human use" - ummm.. there's less chemical garbage in that stuff than most ppl products lol).

Speedy Healing!

Weather here is crazy. This morning it's 21C. Supposed to reach 28C (82F) during the next few days. Did someone say JANUARY?

As for foxes... I second the mo' pix :)

And a warm welcome to Mrs. S.
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2. insideuk
12:33 PM GMT on January 10, 2013
I'm sure your former school teacher Mrs S will recognise your blog, it being the one titled 'The Passing Winds'. Some little boys don't ever change do they Mrs S?

By way of introduction Mrs S, I am the one regular contributor that will not hesitate for a moment, scarcely even a nanosecond, to pick up and run off with any old anecdotal ball you care to throw our way as regards our Joseph and his school days.

Don't worry too much about the fine details, the broadest outline will suffice. I fill in the sketchy bits with my own imaginative pencil work and out pops a hitherto fairly accurate picture of this blogs author.

At least his family and oldest friends appear to recognise him from my mostly fabricated and immeasurably prosecutable musings. I see it as my job here. It's all unpaid as yet, but once we have our day in court Joe will be a very rich man.

And then I'll have little option but to consent to our marriage.

When Joe reads that last bit his jaw will hit the floor harder than his hip did.

I hope you did no permanent damage Pudden Head. Your iphone survived the fall OK? Just heavily wetted pants and a briefly crippled street cred, yes?

Well done for not nutting the Tahoe though. Or ditching it. That poor car has suffered quite enough indignities during it's time in Dutch Harbor. Before you know it it will be dockside begging for a midwinter towage line back to the safety of Seattle. It might even be HOPING for a beach front position off Kodiak. Anything would be better than the punishment it is currently enduring.

My local forecast is set to SERIOUS SHIVER for the next 3 weeks. The old SIBERIAN COLD FRONT is set to heap the -13c/ 8f stuff here again. My Betti will stay tucked up under blankets in the garage if the snow cometh like it did a couple of years back.

I have to say though, and I may be alone in thinking this, but I'd rather endure months of -13c than a single week of that 52c/ 125f stuff that's going on in Australia.

When your national weather service has to get it's paintbox out to come up with new SHADES OF SUPERHOT and ULTRAHOT for the forecast charts, taking it up to DEEP PURPLE 54c /130f, that is when you know it's time to sleep on an ICE PLATE O' DOOM.
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1. DHaupt
9:18 AM GMT on January 10, 2013
Joe, you will know that you have reached senior citizen status when the cute little chics at the grocery store start addressing as "Sir" -- a nice way of saying "Grandpa".

Heartiest congratulations to Dotmom and Joekentucky; you've got good genes. Hard to tell in my case: on my dad's side they all made it into their 80s; on my mother's side, none of them made it past 65; I've already got that beat.

Went over to Kaiser Fremont this afternoon for an MRI scan of my neck. I won't get the results until mid-next-week. If you've never had one, an MRI scan is quite a trip. The loud pounding noises made by extremely powerful electromagnets reminds me of that scene in Close Encounters where the alien space craft does its mating call. You can actually feel your skeleton being zapped with vibrating forces. Afterwards in fact, my neck felt much better just because of the scan's deep massage and gentle microwave heating -- didn't last though.

Copy editing is an art; there is just a talent for it and most of us don't have it. If you've noticed, a lot of hoary old news mags and papers, even network news channels have all fired their copy editors. Result: a shocking number of misspellings, mangled sentences and undeleted corrections get put out to the public, Ida Mae Kittrell or Emma K. Watson, my HS English teachers, would have docked all of them at least a grade point and told them that there prospects for success in life were seriously diminished unless....

One good technic for final editing anything is to do it in small batches with plenty of time between sessions. In my scholar days, I would plan to do the writing part in three stages: rough draft, working draft, final draft. Then I would put the thing aside, out of sight, go get drunk, watch asinine TV, work on math and physics homework, get drunk. Then I would take up the essay for its final purification -- good Lord, did I write that! Of course, if the paper was due the next morning, forget about all that and better luck (grade) next time.

Muriel wants to see more foxes, In fact, she wants you to send her a fox,

Remember Joe, there is always one more typo,
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