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By: joealaska , 6:05 AM GMT on November 21, 2012


While I was on vacation my landlord /neighbor fixed my west-facing window, that dual pane which broke a seal and became fogged. Now I will be able to clearly see white out conditions this coming winter. OH, yesterday...

I am not sure if it counts, but I will take what I can get. I did not go in today, but I was on the phone a good hour- off and on. Day off? I say no, but I likee. One of our recent hirees is being trained as someone who can fill in for me when I am gone, should that ever happen. He took charge today and did pretty well. Smart guy and educated. Single and motivated. NUMBER 2.

Someone is calling us and hanging up. We have a hint who it is, but no proof. “Unidentified caller.” I got two calls just after 5 AM (really, the calls NEVER end...) and my office assistant said she got 50 calls today. Why do all the nuts have a lot of time? I got one tonight.

The Shell boats continue to pass through. NOBLE DISCOVERER, one of the drill rigs, has been here a couple weeks. They were supposed to leave today, but were still here last I looked. NOBODY knows what they are doing, or they are not talking. Looks like DISCO is heading to Seward for a few weeks, then south for maintenance. AIVIQ (EYE-VICK) is towing KULLUK here for winter storage. UK will be glad to hear that big XMAS TREE will return to that custom conical dock Shell spent a LOT of money on. (Gas went up a penny that day...) AIVIQ / KULLUK are do here tomorrow or Thanksgiving Day. I am sure when it strikes midnight and becomes Thanksgiving the boats will stop and take the day off.

Right now we have a couple boats arriving on Thanksgiving, but delivery of orders will not happen until Friday. Usually SOMEONE needs something on Holidays. Right now we are on call...

I have a 15 LB turkey for Thursday. Small for my standards. I figure I get another in a couple weeks.

Thanks to DOT MOM for a care package recently received. I made a huge batch of chili yesterday
with pasta. But the best was the cinnamon almonds...

Watching old westerns again. Love them. John Wayne, seen them all. Going through JIMMY STEWART now. Last night it was THE MAN FROM LARAMIE. OK, but just 3 stars out of 5. DAVE would like it for all the New Mexico scenery, just like me.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

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13. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
12:33 AM GMT on November 23, 2012
joealaska has created a new entry.
12. dix608greys
7:33 PM GMT on November 22, 2012
Been lurking for a long time. It's our first Thanksgiving in central FL. We moved from far western SC the end of September. Not our first time in FL. We lived in S. FL for 8 years during the 90s. This time we're in a fairly large senior community with lots of amenities and activities. Moving gets harder the older you get.

I'm guessing Jason Downard has found that karma is a b----. As Joe said, enjoy that turkey in the "big house", Jason. You've undoubtedly ruined some woman's life.

Happy anniversary Muriel and Dave. My husband turned 69 yesterday. We were talking about how, 49 years ago when we first met, we never could have predicted we would be celebrating his 69th in central FL. Life is always interesting.

Sorry about the house, Joe. I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason. I guess that house was just not for you and there must be a much better one in your future.

No fried turkey here. For the first time in many, many years I am not cooking. We will be enjoying our meal at the club house with 150 of our closest new friends.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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11. osdianna
5:00 PM GMT on November 22, 2012
The justice system is really screwed up, in my humble opinion, with lawyers who are really well-paid actors doing their best to convince 12 people that their client is really just misunderstood and probably mistreated as a child. Wouldn't it be cool if some smart scientists could actually build a truth machine?

That will never happen...think of the political ramifications!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Happy 37th Dave and Muriel!
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10. Arbie
3:33 PM GMT on November 22, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I am busy cooking, as I am sure most of us US people are. We are spending Thanksgiving Day with the family here in the area, then off to an overnight trip to Dallas to visit other family.

I wish everyone a nice holiday, whatever the circumstances. I'm just happy to be able to step out of the rat race for a few days and let things stand relatively still.

I'm glad to hear that guy got what was coming to him.
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9. DHaupt
8:58 AM GMT on November 22, 2012
Best Thanksgiving Wishes to everyone. It turns out that this year, Thanksgiving is also Muriel and my 37th anniversary, Just so that we don't celebrate it by sitting in our respective lift chairs, threatening each other with our ear trumpets, our daughter Kathy and her husband Rick are coming down from Sacramento bringing most of the feast with them. Rick has been a professional chef in an earlier incarnation and still loves to cook.

I did undertake to provide some sort of fowl for the occasion. The buggered neck was not good today, so I was a little late on my errands; and, I had to make a trip to the Kaiser pharmacy to get a refill before the 4 day holiday. It was a mess. The line went out the main entrance into the parking lot. It is a corollary of living in the most populous state that whatever you think you need to do will also be what 20,000 other Californians also they think they need to do at the very same moment.

I had determined to do as much of my shopping as I could at Trader Joe's. It's a really nice store, has excellent products and is small and compact and easy to shop in. Our local Safeway store, in contrast, is huge. It has everything. It is one of just a handful of Safeway superstores (their corporate headquarters is just a few miles away in Pleasanton). I swung by it just to give it consideration. A parade of cars, rather resembling a gymkhana rally was swarming around the parking lot. There were duels being fought over parking spaces-- No, Trader Joe's, definitely.

Shortly before I made it to Trader Joe's, the last free-range, organic, kosher, halal, consecrated turkey went out the door. I had to settle for it's equivalent in a chicken. Not a bad swap at all. This was a big, strapping healthy 6 pound chicken, living the good life, listening to piped in Mozart right up to them moment that the lights went out, not some genetically warped shmoo destined to die by Christmas if someone didn't mercifully eat it first. It also won't take $12 worth of electricity to roast. In fact, I can probably cook it while Rick is finishing up his various dishes. It'll take a couple of hours.

Will probably watch "the football game". I'll have to look it up to see who'se playing. It doesn't really matter. Our son Mike has been co-opted by the Filipino tribe that he married into. We often go up there for Thanksgiving, but not this year. We will probably see them over the weekend.

Thanksgiving: a great holiday much more devoted to close friends and family than is Christmas nowadays in my opinion. I'm equally glad to see that Halloween remains a holiday devoted primarily to the joys of childhood avarice. It is for the kids. We continued our tradition of passing out big, top drawer candy bars. We got a lot of "WOW", "Full Size!", "Thanks, Mister". AND, what the kids didn't get, we did. WOW!
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8. bearpaints
3:32 AM GMT on November 22, 2012
I have always heard justice will be served one way or another. It's not up to us even through we would love to kick someon's butt. The truth comes out in the end. And this just proves it.

It's another holiday that hubby is up north working. But going to the in-laws for dinner, coming home and cooking his turkey for when he comes home next week. Will have everything ready for him then. Then believe it or not my mother-in-law and I are hitting Walmart Thrusday night!!! First time for everything.
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7. dotmom
2:46 AM GMT on November 22, 2012
Hanfyh: Got it back home this afternoon after it's trip to the "fryer" and it is delicious. We all sneaked a taste. Looking forward to tomorrow. I am thankful! Have a great day.
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6. hanfyh
12:34 AM GMT on November 22, 2012
Hi Dotmom,
I was in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving a few years ago. A friend of wifey, they went to school together there, put on Thanksgiving for us. I had never even heard of deep fried turkey till them. Its really good.
Happy Thanksgiving all.
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5. joealaska
9:40 PM GMT on November 21, 2012
Nice thoughts from Osdianna.

But back to reality...

Heard some news coming home for lunch. You recall I was on that jury a couple years ago? We convicted JASON DOWNARD of an assault charge, but the jury was hung on the more serious sexual assault charge.

Then they re-called the jury a short time later to ask about post trial dialogue. Specifically, some general comments I made in this blog about the trial.

They thought the local community was no longer impartial. So they retried this guy in Kodiak. He was now found guilty of rape, and was just sentenced.

56 YEARS, possible parole in 29 years. The prosecutor had told the jury just after our trial that the guy was a real dirt bag, in trouble most of his life. But they could not bring that up during our trial.

I was stuck with REASONABLE DOUBT, even though it seemed he was probably guilty. Our jury was pretty well split males versus female.

Now I feel justice prevailed. Enjoy that prison turkey for the near and distant future Jason.
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4. osdianna
4:43 PM GMT on November 21, 2012
As my father-in-law said...enjoy the "fellowship" one and all on Thanksgiving...or even on Thursday:)

I am thankful my house (messy as it is) is still standing. I am thankful I don't have to take cover in a bomb shelter. I am thankful I am not in a nursing home or in the hospital. I am thankful I have good friends and warm cats and a big, loving dog. I am so fortunate to be able to live in this country, in these times.

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3. BRLAgirl
1:37 PM GMT on November 21, 2012
DotMom... Glad you can experience the fired turkey. We did them for years but got tired of the mess. Too much clean up. Last year one of the guys my husband works with told him about the oil-less turkey fryer and he sent me out to get one. We got the one that hooks up to a little propane tank. I have to say I was a little concerned about how it would come out but it turned out fantastic! We'll be doing it again tomorrow. No mess and bird done in about 2 hours. I just drink coffee and take a peek now and then to marvel at how it works.lol!!....Happy Thanksgiving!!
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2. insideuk
12:58 PM GMT on November 21, 2012
If NUMBER 2 is smart he should make a run for it now.

For it is a pity that whilst he was being educated no one taught him good sense...

I used to get a lot of silent callers, sometimes deep breathers, on occasion they would enquire as to the colour of my knickers. The most effective answer to such enquiries is always 'GREYING'. It was with a certain sense of disappointment that I found they hung up on me without continuing the conversation.

Now I just get callers with offers of free cavity wall insulation.

Serves me right really.

I have splashed the cash on some new outdoorsy Christmas lights this year, multi-coloured, multi-sequenced rope lights. My BIG IDEA was to use little sucker pads on the garage door to form some suitably seasonal design, reindeer antlers, maybe a Santa shape?

In preparation for 'DECS DAY' I got the 10 metres of tightly coiled plastic rope lights out of the box and thought that if I let it warm up near a radiator it might become more pliable, so that my artistic bent might be better catered for. Turns out it's made from the least flexible material in the world. I think a CHRISTMASSY SNAKE on the guttering will have to suffice.

It's all about observing age old traditions...

Enjoy your Thanksgivingly type eventages, and I shall have myself a nice Thursday, as per usual.
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1. dotmom
11:52 AM GMT on November 21, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Kentucky is having spring-like/fall-like weather - mid 60s. Should be nice for all those early shoppers! Ugh! Would not go and shop on Thanksgiving - no matter what. When do we have a day off to just reflect on our blessings. FranKy was going to be in charge of preparing the turkey when we got an e-mail from the golf club saying the chef wanted to prepare our turkey for any and all - free. We can't pass a deal like that. He will bake it or deep fry it. I have heard of the deep fry kind, but didn't know if I would ever experience it - voila' - he is going to deep fry it. We will pick it up late today. Looking forward to it. What a gift. His way of thanking the members for a great year. A blessing he is thankful for.

Bless the food in front of us, our family and friends wherever they may be and the love between us.
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