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By: joealaska , 6:33 AM GMT on November 17, 2012

We have had a LOT of rain. Forget the snow here a week or more ago. Gone sir.

We have had a lot of wind too. It was calm a cuppla hours ago, now it is “breezy”.

Nice sunset tonight.

Well the home in Payson fell apart. The appraisal came in a bit low. When I sold real estate 15 years ago (15 years???!!) an appraisal that was close usually came in as OK. Not so now PLUTO. Appraisals are very strictly monitored, too bad they did not do that a few years ago.

We were very close, yet the seller did not want to sell at the APPRAISED VALUE. They wanted to sell above that. Who doesn’t? Want to buy a penny roll for 70 cents? I would have to come up with the difference in cash, and I went negative. I spent hundreds for that appraisal and a home inspection, and I spent a lot of time coming up with all the mortgage paperwork. I sold stock to come up with the big down payment, and I paid to wire the funds back and forth. DONE.

The same thing happened when I tried to buy my duplex.

Last nigh a couple of foxes stopped by for a snack and aperitif. I was only able to supply the former.
Kibble on the chow porch. It is that time of year. They were both very friendly and not very chatty.
They even cooperated amongst themselves on eating. One ate, the other flattened down to the ground and patiently waited.

The barking fox of a couple nights ago was barking at Dutchie on the porch. Dutchie had a WHATEVER expression during the barkfest. Bored. Then I laid out a fox feast on the porch and there was silence for a while. After that WHILE it began again. I turned on the light and BENGAL BETTY, the neighbor cat, was chowing on the fox fest. And the fox was barking from a safe distance at another cat. The tone was set.

Kentucky lost to Duke in basketball (EVERYONE loves basketball). They showed that last second DUKE shot a couple times during the broadcast from many years ago. Let it go! Like the guys blue
shirt said, sitting in the crowd, I STILL HATE LAETTNER.

Holidays? No day off in 2 weeks since I returned.

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24. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
6:05 AM GMT on November 21, 2012
joealaska has created a new entry.
23. cybersuze
3:47 PM GMT on November 19, 2012
Hey whitewabit, I was with you but it now looks like it's safe to come back! :) Look out those foxes are watching us!
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22. Arbie
1:26 PM GMT on November 19, 2012
We used to call the rice/beef mixture "hash", growing up in NE Ohio. My favorite version was with a leftover gravy base. Habanero sauce sounds good too. I assume Hamburger Helper was fashioned after this stuff. Sometimes the rice was replaced with chopped potatoes. Not noodles though--that would have made it a proper casserole. :)

That is neat about the falcons. We get to watch lots of vultures circling, here in E/SE Texas.
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21. cholla
11:14 PM GMT on November 18, 2012
If you want some REALLY HOT sauce, look for Salsa de Chiltepin. Chiltepins are those little red chilis that are about the size of a green pea. Or you can look for a little bag of chiltepins. You can crush them with your fingers-- but don't touch any part of your body afterwards. They are very picante!
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20. hanfyh
10:31 PM GMT on November 18, 2012
Its good to see the place is back to normal.
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19. dotmom
10:16 PM GMT on November 18, 2012
Dave, it is good to see you feeling better albeit with the pharmacy assist. Some times that is the only answer. Not feeling up to par makes one cranky but it seems today you are feeling better and I am happy you are back writing. I enjoy your comments. Hope the "manipulator" can bring more relief.
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18. DHaupt
8:13 PM GMT on November 18, 2012
Osdianna and Ylee, the crossword puzzle formula is 1 Norco, 1 Baclofen and 1 Etolodac every 8 hours. Usually amounts to 2 ea. per day. I'll try to crowd three of the Etolodac in each day without having to wake up to do it. Monday, I'm going to try to see a chiropractor. Kaiser/Medicare provide pretty decent chiropractic coverage through an outfit called American Specialty Health Care. Treatment is restricted to "manipulation of the spine and ...." which is what needs manipulated. It will be an all new experience for me. I am already using cold treatment via a much abused bag of frozen peas. Btw, I find that the peas work much better if I dump about a half of a big package into a one gallon Ziploc so that they have lots more freedom to shift about and mold to my shape.

I've never gotten to see a peregrine hunt other in nature films. What we do have here in our neighborhood is a resident Cooper's Hawk. It can't match the speed of a peregrine, but I think he may actually be more agile and crafty. He can actually fly at top speed THROUGH a fully leafed-out tree and seize a bird off a branch without touching a leaf. It can also mimic the flight style and other behaviors of a blissfully ignorant morning dove allowing it to sneak up of a small flock in flight and knock off the hindmost. He also has a taste for Eurasian Ringed Doves. They are bigger and plumper than the more common morning doves. The ringed doves moved up here from Southern California about five years ago and seem to be breeding and established here now. Unfortunately for them, they draw attention to themselves: not a good thing to do with a Cooper's Hawk about.

Mommy Glop is the name the kids gave Hamburger Helpless. And, it sometimes was made with pasta shells or any other starch that needed used up. I would sometimes make my own, more elaborate version with mushrooms, red/green peppers, cheese, .... But, the original Mommy's was carefully composed so that there were no suspicious ingredients to be picked out or unsuccessfully strained through one's teeth. I've always liked my food more highly seasoned hence the Yucateca Habanero Sauce. I keep a well stocked bar of sauces on hand.
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17. Ylee
5:20 PM GMT on November 18, 2012
Dave, I hope you get your wryneck under control without having to rely on so many drugs. Living life in a fog(solved crossword puzzles or not) is no fun at all.

My mom makes something similar to your Mommy glop, only she uses macaroni instead of rice!

I saw a PBS special once where they attached a camera to a peregrine falcon, and taped it as it dived on a bird. Amazing stuff!
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16. osdianna
4:43 PM GMT on November 18, 2012
Thanks for the explanation of your totally off-the-wall outburst, Dave. That was so out of character I was trying to get up enough nerve to contact you directly to ask Muriel if you were OK. It was like some terrible god was channeling you, and I am sure I am not the only one who was concerned. Welcome back!

Now, as one who tries to command crossword puzzles, can you give me the exact dosage you took to manage all those wins?

We are in the midst of a series of true winter storms, and as such we get breaks in the action where many of us rush to the beach with our dogs to frantically exercise them and ourselves. Such a break occured yesterday about an hour before high tide...higher than normal anyway thanks to the storm surge...so out we went, chuck-it in hand to dash madly (Maggie dashes, not me) up and down in the grassy dunes, chasing the ball. The waves were running right up almost to the base of the dunes, a sure indication to be REALLY alert for so-called "sneaker waves" that run up even higher and grab you by the legs and drag you in. Not kidding.

Anyway, there were only four others who ventured out and only two other dogs, but the beach was covered with feeding shorebirds, so I was not surprised to get to watch as three Peregrine Falcons also took advantage of the break in the action to try and feed themselves. They don't generally fly in winds over 15 mph...hard to maneuver...and can't fly when coated with wet sand, and with this many storms stacked up, and all the wind that comes with our storms, this was a prime hunting opportunity.

For those of you who have never watched a falcon hunting, think of Top Gun, but much faster and a lot more aerodynamic; tight turns, fast and powerful wingbeats...they own the sky. It was awesome to watch.

The next squall was coming in and the wind started to pick up, and the pair I was watching paused a bit in their hunt, and just hung above me, riding that wind.
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15. DHaupt
10:10 AM GMT on November 18, 2012
Livermore is having the best rain so far this season. We have now had 0.59" with a little more to come. Like a lot of our storms (an overly dramatic term) the first 48 hours were quite piddling. Great blobs of radar-rain would come charging across the Peninsula at us only to disintegrate against some invisible barrier.

Finally, the storm tracks swung around to pretty much SW-NE allowing the rain clouds to sneak our way between the mountain ranges. Local terrain rules.

I am also happy to report that my wryneck is noticeably better today though at cost to my alertness. I certainly couldn't drive and Muriel has locked up the sharp knives. Between Norco, Baclofen and Etodolac, I have spent most of the day in a transcendental state. I cannot call it recreational. Weirdly enough, I finished 6 crossword puzzles in my state of altered consciousness.

Our daughter and hubby gave us a surprise visit. They had driven down to Stockton from Sacramento to attend a surprise birthday party for a friend. The surprise was that the party was canceled but the word didn't get to everyone. It seemed a shame to waste $50 in gasoline, so they drove another 40 miles to see us. It was fun; just what I needed: to have a stick pocked into my blue funk nest and given a good stir. So, while I stayed home eating lotus blossoms, they went out and got me a neck pillow.

For dinner, we had a very nostalgic comfort dish affectionately remembered as "Mommy Glop". Kathy hadn't had it for years. You all know it by another name, perhaps -- hamburger, rice, chopped tomatoes, onion and whatever else lurks in the fridge. I poured El Yucateca habanero sauce on it for added interest.
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14. preacherskidd
7:36 AM GMT on November 18, 2012
my boss did really well in Phoenix area. his father in law found two houses for him. the first one was to take over the balance of 80000 from an older couple. its rented. the second one he retired to. both way below market value. he called himself luckiest man in the world.
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13. osdianna
6:36 AM GMT on November 18, 2012
I'm so sorry the house in Payson fell through; I would think the owners would just be glad someone made them a decent offer and could actually qualify! I mean, real estate isn't the hotest item selling right now...although I guess it has improved some.
Hopefully UK is right...the third time will be the charm.

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12. whitewabit
4:39 AM GMT on November 18, 2012
Whoa ... Tip toeing back out the door .. will visit again when things are a bit quieter ...
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11. DHaupt
3:45 AM GMT on November 18, 2012
My sincere apologies to one and all, especially to you, UK. And, to you, Joe. I've just had a bad day. I'll get up on the right side of the bed in the morning.
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10. dotmom
1:44 AM GMT on November 18, 2012
As the mom, please let me just say, he hinted at it to me (after some pressure) and it seemed pretty mundane (right word?). Really doesn't change anything with the company as far as their current operation. It will just continue in the same way albeit somewhat inconvenient until everything is resolved.

Please let's not have a falling out over this. Believe me, Joe has been working some horrendous hours and I think he may not always think through something as to how it will sound to others when he is so fatigued.

Let's give each other a break and let it go at that.
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9. Ylee
1:27 AM GMT on November 18, 2012
All I can say is when you've put in megahours, sometimes your judgement and your thought processes aren't too good.

I think the particulars need to be discussed by the parties above off-blog.
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8. DHaupt
5:01 PM GMT on November 17, 2012
Arbie, thank you. I too have been very selective in using private email outside the blog; I have endeavored to restricted it to very specific details or communications about, for example, Joe's arrival time in the Bay Area. I have not used it to make myself a more informed "insider".

But, the business about the court case: I'm sure it is probably mundane to the point of banality. But, having brought it up at all, to leave it in such an unsatisfactory state of suspense is beyond annoying; it is inconsiderate, because I cannot assume that I will be around for the eventual clarification. Moreover, it is an obvious detail about goings-on in DH, involving Joe and therefore germain to the blog. Presumably, if I could navigate my way through the arcane web of Alaska's court calendar, I could learn all about it -- so what is the big secret?
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7. Arbie
4:32 PM GMT on November 17, 2012
That all said... Joe's experience with the two houses is why I am stuck in my difficult situation driving about 50 miles (one-way!) to work. I can't afford to move, and I can't find a new job closer to home.

But, Joe, third times a charm, right?
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
6. Arbie
4:23 PM GMT on November 17, 2012
Oh, come now, you all will make me very sad if you have a falling out and we lose one or both of you.

As is my way, I can see both sides, although we really shouldn't be talking about sides. I just don't know how else to put it.

I'm as curious as the next guy and wouldn't mind knowing more about what Joe is up to regarding the move to Arizona and the court case. A couple of thoughts come to mind. First of all, I'm sure Joe is not allowed to say anything about the court case. But he mentioned it anyway because it was a big part of his life that day and this blog is about his life in Unalaska.

As far as the house business goes, not knowing who all is reading the blog, as no one does, I can see why Joe might want to be discreet.

Although I am very curious, I tend not to bother Joe with personal email, since, like what I think Dave is saying, I think it is nice to share with the whole group.

But that is me. I can see others might want to contact Joe privately to talk more.

Nothing deep here--no fighting!
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5. DHaupt
3:55 PM GMT on November 17, 2012
No I won't ease up! And, who do you think you are to even tell me to? If Joe was going to answer your query, it would have cost him nothing to have included the rest of us. I'm sure we were all equally interested. Furthermore, there is no reason why you shouldn't have asked him within the context of the blog. If you two have some deal going on outside the blog, you should at least be discrete enough not to flaunt it to the rest of us.
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4. insideuk
3:44 PM GMT on November 17, 2012
Ease up there a minute.

I got to see the house details because I'm nosey and ASKED HIM NICELY.
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3. DHaupt
3:15 PM GMT on November 17, 2012
As one who was not privileged to be shown any of the details of the house in Payson, I am feeling somewhat shat upon. Especially since I have been quite active and loyal in this blog for five years and have labored thusly under the impression that I was at least equal among many. I have never expected to be "privileged".

This business about the "trial" is another case in point. Joe, you are absolutely right: you shouldn't have mentioned it, Certainly not if we common-herd followers are cut off at the knees and basically told that further details are none of our bloody business and to wait for the next book. I may not be around for the next book. So, why should I care and why did you even bring it up since you won't tell me anything about it?

I have also noticed that as your life has been increasingly dominated by a KILLING JOB, I really learn less and less about what goes on in Dutch Harbor. When we followers of your blog have questions about something you mention, we seldom get answers anymore.

Sorry, but UK's smug commentary just got up my nose!
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2. insideuk
2:00 PM GMT on November 17, 2012
I am disappointed about the house. I’d been privileged enough to be allowed to view all the details and I had already planned where to put Joes current furniture and belongings….which still left 99.9% of the floor space empty. But I had ideas for that too.

Though the property listing did mention that horses weren’t allowed.

Just the haystack then…

It is deeply depressing that the valuation officer didn’t recognise any of the potential for sparkly earrings buried in the front yard. It’s the complete lack of imagination that holds some people back.

Never mind.

Third time lucky Pud.

I think the way to go might be to offer a crisp $10 bill and hold out your hand for some small change.

I was under the impression that foxes only make all that racket with the squawkly barking whilst they are seeking out a mate for some canoodling time? If this is the case I think maybe you should leave the porch light off and offer some flattering candle light for the late night trysts. Maybe a single red rose wrapped in cellophane next to the kibble. Some nice romantic music playing softly?

‘Supper’s Ready’ on the Genesis Foxtrot album maybe?

I see the Noble Discoverer drill rig had a spot more bother yesterday with an engine explosion that left smoke rising off the landing pad. Though the ‘blast’ was big enough to be ‘felt’ 200 yards away, in the Port Directors office, the Shell boat didn’t call for help.

The Port Department did.

The vessel didn’t.

Nothing to see here.

Move along now ladies and gentlemen please.

Absolutely nothing of interest going on.

All is completely contained and under control. Just a small flame that was dealt with, almost immediately, by our fully trained ‘candle snuffer’ crew team members.

Didn’t you just know that faulty oil spill containment bell would come in handy one day?
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1. CarolAnn53
10:40 AM GMT on November 17, 2012
I hear ya Joe. My husband & I tried to buy a small farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland this spring. Same thing happened to us. It's very discouraging.
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