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By: joealaska , 5:50 AM GMT on November 15, 2012

Veterans Day

We worked a long hard day as usual, but were outta there around 6:30. I came home hoping to have a nice night watching war movies in honor of Veterans Day. I saw THE ENEMY BELOW was on and was happy to see it again.

NO SIREE BOB. Soon after the movie began the sound dropped out. Two hours later it is spotty at best.

The disturbance is probably because of a gale moving through. Hard driving rain from the west. But temps are fine, as all snow from last weekend is just a memory. I want to see if the PASS is still possibly open. Will check in the next couple days.

Weather has been brutal lately. Heavy rain, strong winds. But mild temps. The local snow has been melted.

Today (WEDNESDAY) was mild, calm, brutal, sunny (for a minute), and GALIC (not Gaelic) in regards to a GALE. It has been a gale since I returned. Mostly. Landed in one...

High wind was 74 mph. I watched as winds crossed over the bay, and there was evidence of water spouts trying to be so. Lines of wind coming over the water, and water and mist rising.

Sorry about the trial, maybe should not have brought it up. I can not give details, until I quit and write the next book. But I am just now finishing the first book. There is a lot of interesting stuff I have to dance around. And I am not a dancer.

The wind is pounding the duplex right now. Dutchie was out in it, but just returned.

Already thinking about my next vacation. April? I may not have a day off until then. The schedule looks like that may happen.

I can only be Superman for so long.

CASA last lived on Lois Lane!

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10. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
6:33 AM GMT on November 17, 2012
joealaska has created a new entry.
9. hanfyh
10:47 PM GMT on November 16, 2012
Im with bearpaints. I too will miss your insights into life in Alaska Joe. There are a lot of us lurkers who enjoy getting your thoughts on stuff. Thanks again Joe.
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8. osdianna
4:45 PM GMT on November 16, 2012
That can't be right...it's not even daybreak yet...silly WU! 7:42a.m. Dutch time.
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7. osdianna
4:42 PM GMT on November 16, 2012
My parents were meteorologists for three years on St. Paul Island (Pribilof Islands), and my mom regularly fed a few of their Arctic Foxes. They weren't red pelted in the summer but more of what is called a "blue" color...sort of a midnight blue-gray. In the winter they were white. Mom's particular favorite was a male she named Rolly. I have photos of her crouched down with him eating out of her open hand.

If I remember correctly, that was in the 1970's.

I am looking at the weather for Dutch; it shows sunshine and 33 degrees.
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6. dotmom
2:55 PM GMT on November 16, 2012
I sure would like to be a fox around UK's property on a snowy/stormy night to watch all the antics. Might make good movies!
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5. DHaupt
8:23 AM GMT on November 16, 2012
Joe, that little fox was a charmer even though we couldn't see it. What really struck me was that metallic little buzz in its bark; it really reminded me of blowing on a strip of cellophane when I was a kid. You got close to the sound, but you, and I don't think any human, could not quite capture it.

I too am thinking that the foxes of Unalaska may have evolved into a sub-species. They are so tame and seem to have unique habits. Research by the Russians has shown that foxes can evolve very rapidly towards domestication. The way they seem to communicate with cats is also remarkable. I'd love to own one except for their sharp little teeth.
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4. bearpaints
2:10 AM GMT on November 16, 2012
Working that much will make the time fly.That's one way of looking at it. Looking forward to more pictures of the boats but what are going to do when you move back to AZ?
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3. osdianna
5:11 PM GMT on November 15, 2012
No days off until April? That's brutal. It will "make you old before your time..." Joe, as those CSN&Y lyrics go. You do want to live long enough to retire to Payson, right?

Good to hear from you, UK.
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2. insideuk
10:40 AM GMT on November 15, 2012
Yeah, I'll bet that 74mph galic stuff is playing havoc with your Superman costume.

My satellite TV service drops out much more frequently than it used to. In the good old days I would only lose the signal if the dish got covered in snow – which left me with 3 options.

1. Abandon whatever I was watching and find something else to do (sleep). But then I risk losing all chance of recording late night shows on the PVR – and I get very miffed if it fails to record my favourite shows on series link. I can't miss Homeland or I'd die.

2. Get some outdoorsy winter clothing on and trudge around the side of the house to try and knock the snow off the dish with a broom. Rarely bothered with that one after once knocking several pounds of snow down the back of my neck one dark winters night.

3. Dangle out of a bedroom window and try to snap the snow off the dish with a flip of a large bath towel. This is my current preferred method since my neighbours are now trained to throw my bath towels back over the fence without asking too many difficult questions.

But lately my satellite signal drops out if it RAINS heavily, even if the rain hasn't yet reached my location. A thunderstorm several miles to the south east will act like an impenetrable buffer shield between me and outer space.

My towel whipping method is impracticable in these circumstances, my aim is good, but even my finest Egyptian cotton king size bedsheets can't shift distant thunderclouds.

Maybe what I need is a big red superhero cape?
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1. Ylee
10:31 AM GMT on November 15, 2012
I take it the boats will be needing supplies on Christmas? :(

At least the winds at Dutch are forecast to start easing off over the next day or so!
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