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By: joealaska , 9:29 PM GMT on October 15, 2012

That flight from Anchorage to Portland was a killer. I got a little sleep, but we arrived at 4 AM Dutch Time and I was out of it.

But I had to kill a few hours. I was not really hungry, but got some coffee and sat and watched the people. I was really impressed with that airport. Easy to get around, clean, well designed.

Then there is LAX. What a zoo. Terrible layout, bad signage, confusing to find anything. There are various terminals with shuttles that drive amongst the taxiing planes. Bad food. I stopped at a sports bar for a sandwich. The waitress simply went to the back room and pulled a pre-packaged sandwich off the stack made last week.

I am taking American Eagle, a smaller plane, to Albuquerque. The terminal for EAGLE is out in the middle of the tarmac. It is decent sized, but way too small for the number of flights. It is PACKED, with everyone playing musical chairs. Someone gets up and there is a battle for the chair. It is very noisy with the planes taking off outside and the announcing of flights at HIGH VOLUME. Half the toilets in the bathroom do not work. There are only a few plugs for your electronic devices.

PORTLAND had plugs EVERYWHERE, more than I have ever seen. Rows of chairs with each one having a plug underneath.

But I sit here at LAX with an hour still to go before takeoff.

Hope the lighting is good as we fly over the desert.

The phone is OFF, but a big boat is in Dutch one last time for the season, and I got a bunch of emails from them on my computer today which I had to forward to work.

It never ends.

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12. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
1:50 AM GMT on October 17, 2012
joealaska has created a new entry.
11. cybersuze
11:44 PM GMT on October 16, 2012
So, who's buying the whiskey?
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10. hanfyh
9:30 PM GMT on October 16, 2012
I know what your saying Joe. We have to go through LAX twice every time we visit the States. It not a highlight of the trip. We have to go through customs and immigration there. Its a mess. Its lucky the wife is a US citizen. We always wear matching shirts there. They then put me through in the US lines (shorter) with the wife. Planes from here are full of us foreigners and its good to get the jump on them in the que. We do the same thing coming home in Brisbane. The plane is usually full of New Zealanders and the Aussie lines are shorter. Most of the planes from here land at LAX at about 6 am. I’ve never got a plane to the next stop, Chicago, before about 2 pm. It makes a long day of it. Now we usually have a night in a hotel in LA between the 2 runways before we move on. It helps fight off the jetlag.
Enjoy the holiday Joe.
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9. dotmom
5:02 PM GMT on October 16, 2012
Osdianna: Who knew!!! :)

And we're here! Come on Joe - room for more!
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8. osdianna
3:31 PM GMT on October 16, 2012
One more thing...Best Places to Retire list just came out...Louisville, Ky. is #3!
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7. osdianna
3:24 PM GMT on October 16, 2012
While LAX is definately indicative of the SoCal experience, Albuquerque is not really what New Mexico is all about. First, it's the main corridor for people passing through on their way to somewhere else, so it only represents a small percentage of the state and the people. The real NM is endless blue sky and lots of colorful sandstone, deep green pines in the northern elevations, and many other sights to make you sigh. Did I mention room to breathe?

Same idea with Arizona; so many have moved there from colder climates (half the state of Washington is either there or on its way!) that the cities of the middle part of the state are reaching out to merge into one big mega-city...but there are still some parts of the state where you can breathe, again in the northern tier, away from the east-west corridor between SoCal and Florida.

Too hot, too crowded, too civilized...for me at least. But I'm getting old and grouchy, and more intolerant of city life as I age. Humans are social creatures...most of us.
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6. insideuk
1:28 PM GMT on October 16, 2012
I can only think of one reason why an airport might need a plug UNDER every seat. Someone in Portland is making a fortune selling ‘lost’ electronic devices on Ebay.

Albuquerque. I thought I’d do a spot of not at all detailed research in case it takes your fancy as a place in which to live/ work/ retire/ curl up your toes – delete as applicable, anything’s possible.

Nothing will surprise me.

Though it’s probably moot since CASA has almost certainly taken out an injunction to prevent it. Nothing to lower the tone and all that.

Or scuff up the bunkers.

It’s a bit relentlessly sunny there though isn’t it? The TV weather presenters must get very bored waiting for something to change:

For the next 7 days:- Clear skies, winds less than 5mph, daytime highs 79-82f.

They must be excited at the prospect of that RISK OF A CLOUD passing by next Tuesday. If turns out to be a low cloud they might have to rip out 200 trees and street lights to let it squeeze past like they did for the space shuttle in California at the weekend.

But it probably will just stay CLEAR.

The WU weather page for Albuquerque has been ever so helpful in my research for this comment. In the ‘Current Conditions’ box it states that the WIND is 0mph. WIND GUSTS are 0mph and the CLOUD is clear - ABOVE GROUND LEVEL

Would it be safe to assume the local Albuquerque ants are currently struggling to get to work in thick fog?

I’ve no idea how you’re going to play golf in such conditions.

But BADLY would be my first guess.
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5. Arbie
11:47 AM GMT on October 16, 2012
Joe seems a little young to be thinking of retirement to me, but Cholla should know...
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4. Dodabear
10:09 AM GMT on October 16, 2012
Just an observation based on your description of the facilities at LAX.

LAX: the first 3 letters of LAXATIVE.

Just sayin'.
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3. dotmom
10:06 PM GMT on October 15, 2012
Portland wants you to visit again. LAX - doesn't give a darn - they know you have to go through there again - some time.

ABQ soon and it is small and friendly. Talk to you soon.
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2. cholla
10:01 PM GMT on October 15, 2012
Joe, you may fly over Payson enroute from LAX to ABQ. Maybe you can spot a retirement home from the air.....
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. miyuki
9:38 PM GMT on October 15, 2012
Ok Joe, relax if you can remember how to. You are almost to your destination and then its nothing but blue skies and golfing!!
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