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By: joealaska , 4:12 AM GMT on October 07, 2012

I keep hearing we are slowing down, just do not see that actually happening. Many of the big fishing boats are gone, but NOAA, the Coast Guard, and Shell are all picking up the slack.

This weekend we only got a cuppla containers. And the vessel was pretty much on time for a change. But 5 boats arrived in town and they were all hungry. What looked like an easy Friday was actually another busy day. Around 7 PM we were actually walking out the door and the phone rang. I knew who it was before I answered. One of our customers waits until the last minute, places a nice order, and needs it soon.

Good thing there was no Shell tug taking multiple orders north this week.

So we stuck around and filled another order, getting out around 9 PM. One of our new guys stayed as a delivery was scheduled for 10 PM. 19 pallets of food. It would be a long night. There were deliveries at 1 AM, 2 AM, and 6 AM. The driver who did the 2 AM delivery was at work at 7 AM.

I anticipate a big weekend coming up. A Shell tug will be here taking food northbound. to any and (most likely) ALL boats. We sent food up 2 weeks ago and it has still not been delivered. Weather and other issues. We stay up late to unload the fresh produce, then pull the order for an 8 AM delivery. Now I hear it is still not there. What is the point? Yet we will do it all again in a few days.

Foggy here tonight. Raining almost every day. Windy at night. Not really light until 9 AM now. It is dark at 8:30 PM or so. It was in the upper 40's today, but feels colder. We still get the occasional great day, but it changes quickly. I tried to take off this past Tuesday and the weather looked awesome, bright and sunny early. But I was stuck on the phone a lot and was unable to get out for a ride. Later in the day it turned dark and cloudy.

A week from tomorrow I am outta here. Many plans, but I am flexible if anything causes a change.
Weather in Nevada is shaky. Just ask the STOLPAS.

I plan on documenting the trip more than ever via camera.

UK has seen more of the runway construction than me. I will take a ride over there and see what is happening. The northern side of Ballyhoo is EROSION CITY, the whole mountain is dirt and sod falling into The Bering Sea. Obviously it is a victim to the winds from the north and west. That side is only visible from boat or plane. The other side, visible to all of us here, is nice and rounded with thick vegetation. In the big scheme, I would guess the days of Mt. Ballyhoo are numbered.

When we were unloading a truck this weekend the driver for some reason pulled away too soon. A big double pallet of produce fell to the ground. Cantaloupe were scurrying away in all directions. One melon made it about 60 feet away before re-capture.

As if on cue, it is now pouring outside.

And Dutchie wants out.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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9. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
5:44 AM GMT on October 11, 2012
joealaska has created a new entry.
8. DHaupt
10:27 AM GMT on October 10, 2012
OK, dotmom:

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7. dotmom
2:07 AM GMT on October 10, 2012
5? Tomorrow is "hump" day! Go Joe!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
6. bearpaints
3:10 PM GMT on October 09, 2012
I love reading your blogs as long as my old, old computer will pull up this site, lately not so much. Everybody has working days, mine is mostly answering phones, dealing with people, sitting on the butt working numbers, etc. Not so exciting, but Joe you put the words together and it's so exciting to read. Not to say keeps you laughing and thanking GOD it's not you who is up there. I am getting chilly now when it gets to be a low of 65.

I hear the DC guys are up there. Wish I was, would really like to meet them for some reason. I'm sure they don't feel the same, after all I am in the upper 50's not so exciting any more.

Good house hunting, sure is alot out there and the temps up north should be to your liking. Seems we are getting alot of rain up there this year. I can smell the pine.
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5. DHaupt
2:17 PM GMT on October 09, 2012
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. cholla
7:42 PM GMT on October 07, 2012
osdianna wrote:

"Joe, what can I say...except hang in there. I hope you get out of that job; surely you can find something to do in Arizona! I am sure you are motivated to move on to something not quite so stressful, in "golf country"."

Amen to that! Hopefully GNU, GNU-R, and GNU-EST have learned the ropes by now!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. osdianna
4:32 PM GMT on October 07, 2012
My favorite medical procedure from the past is the way they felt everyone needed to be bled first...to rid the body of the "ill humours". No wonder so many died! Stick a knife in one, bleed a pint or two, then into the next, with no cleaning of the blade, etc. I hope the rest of your tests declare you good for another decade or two, Haupty!

Joe, what can I say...except hang in there. I hope you get out of that job; surely you can find something to do in Arizona! I am sure you are motivated to move on to something not quite so stressful, in "golf country".

We too are drier than normal, with a nice string of sunny days; though not exactly hot, we have been in the high 60's...warm enough to open windows and let the air move through. I actually had to water outdoor plants twice in the last month, though what I laughingly call my lawn is brown and dry. Winter predictions are for drier and colder days.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. insideuk
11:00 AM GMT on October 07, 2012
Have you spotted how the “WunderAlertBot” RED ADMIN creatures draw a big red line under the old blog when you produce a new one now?

It acts like a new kind of punctuation, only with a certain menace behind it's finality – 'don't even think of putting another comment here...move on....or else the big red typeface people will get you and shove you into a dark cupboard under the stairs...'


Just me then...

I used to lock my brother in the cupboard under the stairs when he got on my nerves. He was fine. It had a louvred door. It wasn't pitch black.

Until I covered the door with thermal curtain linings...


I kind of like the idea of all those Shell people gnawing on a raw pasta shell for sustenance whilst awaiting their tug boat delivery. It would seem the whole smooth Joealaska boat feeding operation goes belly up the minute it leaves his command post. If their last order is still bouncing around the innards of a tug (I'm assuming those boats are lined with tyres on the inside too?) some fortnight after the scheduled delivery I'd suggest their cucumbers will fairly floppy by now. Mushy even, since they left Seattle a month ago.

So the big hairy oil workers will have to cross the crustless cucumber sandwiches off their afternoon tea menu. One can only hope the porcelain tea service survived the journey intact. Standards must be kept. The highly engineered oil spill containment bell may have crumpled at first sight of an ice floe but a Wedgwood sugar bowl shall never let one down.

Your medical services seem to be giving you a very thorough going over Haupty, I'd suggest the 2012 testing procedures are much more pleasant than the Jonathan Swift era versions. Back in those days they had some very peculiar ideas for medical intervention. All along the banks of the River Thames in London in the 1780's you would find 'resuscitation kits' for victims of drowning. Patients were treated to a rectal infusion of tobacco smoke, known as a tobacco smoke enema. After this procedure helped revive an apparently drowned woman (having been suggested by a passing sailor who offered up his own pipe for the treatment) it came to be considered as important as artificial respiration.

Tobacco was used as a treatment for all sorts of ailments and diseases well into the 20th Century until it was claimed that 'smoking dried out the humours, that snuff made the brain sooty, and that old people should not smoke as they were naturally dried up anyway'.

Just so long as your oncologist doesn't think you've dried up Haupty...
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. DHaupt
7:43 AM GMT on October 07, 2012
Well Joe, it was 103F Monday and 73F today. I think the hot weather is now over and we should see increasingly Autumnal days from here out. By the time you get out this way, the golfing weather should be stunning. Rains won't really kick in until December.

I've been through a lengthy Kaiser Permanente spin cycle this past week. It began by stepping "funny" on my right foot one night while unloading groceries. Something went "KRUNCH". I think that was Tuesday night. It is now Saturday, the foot is better, at times, but really stiff and sore to the point that I can't usually drive safely because of pain and stiffness.

But, Wednesday afternoon, I had a nearly "full body", spiral CT scan looking for any signs that that damned tumor on my ear had any relations or prior family that it came from. I am happy to report that nothing of that nature was found. That is the good news.

Now, we've all seen the ads to bring your car into Midas for an absolutely free 499 point inspection. Yeah sure, sign me up. $3118.41 later you've got your much-better-than-before car out the shop door.

Well, that isn't exactly what happened, but all sorts of interesting things were spotted of which I was blissfully ignorant. I have a 7mm non-obstructive kidney stone in my left kidney. I have a couple of weird blobs on my left lung, probably, PROBABLY left over from an early pleurisy ( yes, I did have that when I was a 2nd grader and simply toughed it out under a pile of comforters).

The most comforting statement on the entire radiology report was that, for a 70 year-old male the scan was mostly unremarkable. Oh, I feel so much better now!

I will meet with my oncologist this next Wednesday for a much more enlightening discussion of the whole scene. She has already told me that a bone marrow biopsy doesn't seem warranted AT THIS TIME!

Now that life is settling down, I need to get back to the dermatologist about that squamous cell carcinoma in situ that she sliced off my left arm. It's almost healed; that means it's time to do something to anger it even further. BTW, I am treating it with Bag Balm to help it heal.

But, not to complain: I need to get all this stuff done just in case Romney/Ryan should win and I would be declared a bad investment, redundant or an unworthy leech upon the golden treasury.

BTW UK I am currently reading Jonathan Swift's "Journal to Stella". Simply fascinating. I can really relate to his and his friends' lives. I've had a touch of gout, can now claim to have a stone and the gravels. I may even have a dropsy. If this were 1712, I'd be long gone! Please pass the laudanum!
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