By: joealaska , 7:48 AM GMT on May 30, 2012

Yes, yesterday, MEMORIAL DAY , we gad a gale. There was snow and sleet and wind. Just like most days in Dutch. But it slowed down later in the day.

Today was calmer and a bit warmer. Low 40's.

I had to go into the warehouse today on my day off. ISSUES. Too bad I can not tell you about them, pretty interesting stuff. Right now all is good. And it all should make for a good second book when and if I ever leave. The first book is still in process, but I am in no hurry. Recently I cut the manuscript in half. And now I rewrite that.

This evening GNU and I took a ride to check out the roads I last checked in December. We went out Summer Bay Road. It was open past the landfill, a definite improvement. The road is hard by the bay, with steep cliffs to one side. The avalanches from that side are the issue. They clog the road and block it. The city plows it when it seems doable, but it is not plowed as of now. It is open for a mile or so past the landfill. For now.

Then we turned around and headed back. And we headed for Overland Pass. Up past the quarry, which was last blocked. But we did not get far. Drifts. It is almost June. I predict Overland Pass will be open in at least 3-4 weeks. Happy July 4th!

Long term forecasts call for tougher winters ahead.

Tonight is a great evening. Calm, mild, and sunny. Perhaps our two weeks of summer has begun!

DOTMOM has a big birthday Thursday. Happy Birthday Mom!!

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28. insideuk
7:46 AM GMT on June 06, 2016
Haupty, you are posting on the 2012 Happy Birthday to Dotmom blog! From your favourite blogs list click on "joealaska" (under the member column) rather than the blog title, then click on the "view comments" and you will see all the comments you have been missing!!!

It happens because Joe has reused a blog title and confused the WU computer brain...
Member Since: February 28, 2009 Posts: 0 Comments: 1794
27. DHaupt
7:23 AM GMT on June 06, 2016
WU shows 31 comments to this blog. I only see 26, up to and including my last one. No idea!

Just posted it and it shows as #27!
Member Since: March 28, 2006 Posts: 0 Comments: 1269
26. DHaupt
11:17 AM GMT on June 03, 2016
WU website is a time warp! It is certainly a Wunder!

Another Happy Birthday to Dotmom.

Been watching Golden State Warriors and the NBA playoffs. It's happening just 35 miles up the road from Livermore. The games have been really exciting.
Member Since: March 28, 2006 Posts: 0 Comments: 1269
25. miyuki
9:25 PM GMT on June 02, 2016
Does anyone but me notice that DHaupt is the only current comment date wise, all the others are from 2012.
Member Since: September 7, 2007 Posts: 0 Comments: 115
24. DHaupt
9:29 AM GMT on June 01, 2016
Not sure about my last post. I don't think I wrote it! I do have a birthday in 18 (now 17) days, but I will only be 74. No zeros in it! We are having a heat wave this week. supposed to hit 102º Friday or Saturday. Got to about 98º today. The AC can keep the house at a 77º average, but after the sun goes down and the thermometer drops, most of the house stays at 77º for hours. 2:00 a.m. now and still 75º.

Joe, was deeply moved by your youtube of Fluff's last days. It evoked pain from the loss of many a cat of our own, even some whose names we can no longer recall.

Member Since: March 28, 2006 Posts: 0 Comments: 1269
23. dotmom
2:34 AM GMT on June 02, 2012
Happytoberetired, OGal and Stevie - thanks to all of you for the birthday greetings. Once Stevie got around to it, he wouldn't let go. You know you have been wished a Happy Birthday when he is finished.

Welcome Home! Sounds like it was a success. Back to the real world now.

Thanks again to all of you for the birthday greetings. It is over and back to the real world for me too. That's okay - just glad to be able to keep going.

One and all -- have a great weekend.
Member Since: April 3, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 1649
22. OGal
3:51 PM GMT on June 01, 2012

Sorry Dotmom that I missed your big day. We were on the last leg of our journey home from Alaska. More on that later. Hope you had the best day ever. Yes we got fish about 50pounds of Halibut. The most expensive fish ever....Joe hope you are back into the swing of things. Had a long talk with Mrs Hillstrand Sr. at the Time Bandit shop very interesting lady. The shop has moved from the Spit back into town.

For you Dotmom:

Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19224
21. happytoberetired
2:48 PM GMT on June 01, 2012
A Very Happy Birthday to DotMom! A very important person indeed!!
Member Since: January 29, 2004 Posts: 0 Comments: 268
20. dotmom
12:50 PM GMT on June 01, 2012
Ylee, we got it too. No hail but lots and lots of rain. Still drizzling this a.m.
Member Since: April 3, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 1649
19. Ylee
7:03 AM GMT on June 01, 2012
It was our turn for storms today, as it hailed marble-sized stuff for about 15 minutes, making everything white! Pretty much trashed the garden... :(
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 130 Comments: 23190
18. dotmom
7:30 PM GMT on May 31, 2012
Thanks again for the greetings! I DID play golf. It was fun. Gorgeous day here today with storms predicted for evening. If it is not storming, we are going out for dinner - storms - we'll wait for another day.

Game wasn't bad. I surprised the girls in the league and ordered a couple pitchers of Margaritas and that made our lunch festive. Lots of cackling. It was fun.

So now, here at home, the furnace man is checking the air conditioner. We're versatile. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!
Member Since: April 3, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 1649
17. Debbie56
6:20 PM GMT on May 31, 2012
Happy Birthday Dotmom! Hope you have a great golf game!
Member Since: October 22, 2005 Posts: 0 Comments: 22
16. DHaupt
7:16 AM GMT on May 31, 2012
Happy Birthday, Dotmom. Seventy eight definitely qualifies for a big one. I've got a big one ending in a zero in just another 18 days. Aren't we both lucky just to know it?!

We had a beautiful day here -- 88F and just a gentle, occasional breeze.

That was one fantastic cloud shot, Joe.
Member Since: March 28, 2006 Posts: 0 Comments: 1269
15. Ylee
1:53 AM GMT on May 31, 2012
Happy birthday, Dotmom! Hopefully your golf game won't be rained out; we're supposed to get some storms tomorrow!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 130 Comments: 23190
14. dix608greys
1:45 AM GMT on May 31, 2012
Happy 78th Dotmom- too young to be my mother, too old to be my daughter. Guess we will have to be cyber sisters. Have a great day!
Member Since: July 16, 2005 Posts: 0 Comments: 320
13. shoreacres
1:14 AM GMT on May 31, 2012
Dotmom - Happy Birthday to you! Personally, I'm a great believer in birthday seasons. We have Christmas and Easter seasons, for example, so why not? I think a week is good. ;)
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15292
12. Arbie
12:47 AM GMT on May 31, 2012
Happy birthday a day early, Dotmom!
Member Since: December 3, 2009 Posts: 5 Comments: 1217
11. BRLAgirl
12:10 AM GMT on May 31, 2012
Happy Birthday! I think since it's Thursday you should celebrate through Sunday! What ya think?
Member Since: August 26, 2006 Posts: 0 Comments: 27
10. iaotter
9:28 PM GMT on May 30, 2012
Happy Birthday Dot Mom. Enjoy your day whether it is golfing or just lazing around.
Member Since: March 22, 2010 Posts: 0 Comments: 272
9. cholla
8:52 PM GMT on May 30, 2012
From Cholla and Maggie.... Happy Birthday, DOTMOM !
You're trying to keep up with me, but I'm still a year ahead of you. And I've had epidurals too.
Hope you get a hole-in-one.
Member Since: July 16, 2009 Posts: 0 Comments: 190
8. dotmom
8:19 PM GMT on May 30, 2012
Osdianna asks how I will celebrate my birthday. I am scheduled to play golf, but honestly, I am feeling some back/leg/hip pain and not sure what is going on. A couple of years ago, I had epidurals for back problems so now I don't know what is happening. I do plan to be at the golf course at 9 a.m. unless weather is prohibitive. So we'll see.
Member Since: April 3, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 1649
7. osdianna
7:50 PM GMT on May 30, 2012
Happy Birthday, Dotmom...and many more. You are so right, 78 is a big one. A friend of mine said his sister told him to take good care of himself as his "parts were getting old". Ain't THAT the truth! We live in an age when our parts can sometimes be replaced, but most are irreplacable so far.

I hope you get to celebrate in your favorite way. Does it involve golf?
Member Since: March 5, 2009 Posts: 35 Comments: 750
6. miyuki
6:30 PM GMT on May 30, 2012
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOTMOM !!!! May you have many many many more. I hope JoeK spoils you rotten! :)
Member Since: September 7, 2007 Posts: 0 Comments: 115
5. dotmom
5:28 PM GMT on May 30, 2012
Thanks to all who are sending me birthday greetings. Actually, this one doesn't end in an "0" but when you get to be 78 - I am starting to believe they are all BIG! :)

LadyHomer - we must be twins! A big Happy Birthday to you tomorrow. Dotmom
Member Since: April 3, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 1649
4. ladyhomer
4:57 PM GMT on May 30, 2012
Hi everyone ---so Dotmom & I share a Birthday on Thursday as I have a Birthday Thursday also !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF US!!!!!!! I got to meet OGAL while she & her husband were visiting Homer. We went out & had a very nice dinner & visit with them. I've been watching Deadliest Catch boy it is really nasty out there this year but we also got some of the nasty weather when those storms went through here also. Watching the Hatfields & mccoys pretty interesting series. Our snow in Homer is all gone !!! We have had to mow our yard 3 times already grass growing like crazy now I have been busy getting my greenhouse ready & the flowers planted We have been having some pretty nice weather unlike Joe in Dutch.
Member Since: November 13, 2009 Posts: 0 Comments: 119
3. bearpaints
2:53 PM GMT on May 30, 2012
Happy Birthday DotMom. Gee your a lucky person. Look at all the adopted children you have now!
Have a great day.

Gee Joe, wonder if you will ever see summer this year? Maybe more winter, spring, fall and winter again? Here I'm already wondering if all we have is summer anymore?
Member Since: January 15, 2010 Posts: 0 Comments: 281
2. insideuk
1:38 PM GMT on May 30, 2012
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOTMOM!! 'BIG' birthdays are the ones with zero's in aren't they? Back down to 20 again then!! Hope you have some fun plans to celebrate your BIG day on Thursday – you deserve to be be spoiled rotten x

I worry how much damage Joe did to his computer when he 'cut his manuscript in half'. He has a habit of getting a bit trigger happy with that delete button.

I'm assuming he used the delete button – not scissors.

Or an axe.

No. Not the axe. That's still jammed in the laundry room ceiling, waiting for a big gale to release it again. Maybe if you threw the manuscript at it...

Member Since: February 28, 2009 Posts: 0 Comments: 1794
1. Dodabear
11:05 AM GMT on May 30, 2012
Say it aint so!!!!!!


Member Since: July 28, 2001 Posts: 0 Comments: 2279

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